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Shinji Nishiya, Yu Takeyama & Toshinori Yagi vs. Habit Headgear is a battle fought between Pro Heroes Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady against the Villain Habit Headgear until All Might arrives and helps them.


On Wednesday morning, 7:35 AM, on his way to U.A., All Might sees several heroes taking on a villain and decides to help out.[1]


The details from the beginning of this battle are unknown.

Missouri Smash!

Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady and another hero struggle to fight Habit Headgear as he takes a family hostage. While flipping the bird, the villain threatens to kill the family if they decide to follow him. Mt. Lady states that he is under arrest for serial larceny and murder while Kamui Woods comments on how powerful their foe is. The mother begs the heroes to save her daughter at least

To taunt the heroes, Habit Headgear performs sidesteps fast enough to impress the heroes with his speed despite his size. As he is about to flee, All Might rushes through, yelling at the family to not be scared and uses Missouri Smash to knock the villain unconscious while grabbing his hostages at the same time.[1]


Bystanders cheer on All Might for his feat and the police thank him for his heroic services. Both Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady state that they are grateful for the help, but that he will put them out of work. All Might quickly leaves when he hears that a Hit-and-run has been committed.

As he moves towards the crime scene, he notices he has become slower since giving One For All to Izuku, and the amount of time he can keep the Quirk activated has decreased. In the end, because he does too much hero work on his way to U.A., he runs out of time to maintain his muscular form. He phones Thirteen and tells her that he will not be able to appear at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint and then takes a nap.[1]

Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime cuts most of Habit Headgear's interactions with the heroes, as well the comments from Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods after All Might helped them.
  • In the anime, the villain doesn't flip the bird.


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