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Shiketsu High School ( () (けつ) (こう) (こう) Shiketsu Kōkō?) is the one Hero Academy that can match up to U.A. High School in terms of prestige. It is the best school for heroes in training in the West as U.A. High is in the East.

School Traditions

Shiketsu High School teaches their students to value their obligation as heroes as well as maintain their dignity at all times. Students are required to wear their uniform hats while working because they must represent their school and always uphold Shiketsu's values.[1] Shiketsu students wear white collared shirts and dark pants along with their blue and orange uniform hats.[2] Their uniforms also include a dark jacket with the Shiketsu logo printed on the collar.[3]


Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Shiketsu students prepare for the first phase of the exam.

Five students from Shiketsu take part in the Provisional Hero License Exam following All Might's retirement. They are lead by 2nd Year Class Representative Nagamasa Mora. Including Nagamasa, four of them are second-year students. Inasa Yoarashi is the only first-year student powerful enough to be admitted to the exam. U.A. students also taking the exam recognize Inasa as the student who had the top scores in U.A's entrance exam, but declined his admission, instead chosing to attend Shiketsu.[2]

Inasa is the very first person to pass the first phase of the licensing exam. He eliminates over 100 other students to advance himself.[4] Seiji takes it upon himself to thin the herd of students and uses his Quirk to immobilize many of them. He doesn't prioritize the test and ends up failing after being defeated by three U.A. students: Denki, Eijiro and Katsuki.[5]

Seiji and his teacher observe the second phase of the exam.

All the other students manage to pass including Camie. Camie doesn't appear to be acting like herself and Nagamasa scolds her for going off on her own.[6] She leaves sometime during the second phase of the exam. Nagamasa leads his classmates during rescue exercises. Inasa makes a mistake using his Quirk to move injured people but Nagamasa corrects it. Seiji and his teacher watch from the stands and talk about how the exam has been influenced by the Hero Killer and All Might.[7]

When Gang Orca invades halfway through the second phase, Nagamasa sends Inasa after the pseudo villains. Inasa ends up getting in an argument with Shoto Todoroki from U.A. and they're both immobilized. Nagamasa joins the battle later on and helps suppress the villainous threat.[8] Nagamasa and an unnamed student are the only two known to pass the exam after it ends.[9]

Remedial Course Arc

Having failed the Provisional Licensing Exam, Inasa and Camie are subjected to a remedial training course where they hope to receive their licenses. Seiji is permitted to observe along with a teacher from Shiketsu. They work together with U.A. students Shoto and Katsuki to win the hearts of troubled children from Masegaki Primary School.[10]

After the training course concludes, Seiji and his teacher speak with All Might and Present Mic about Camie's imposter. Shiketsu and U.A. decide to work together and form a strong relationship to counter the villainous threat to their students.[11]

Tartarus Escapees Arc

Following the Paranormal Liberation War, it is revealed that Shiketsu was the first hero school to add security measures after Himiko Toga had impersonated Camie, and has also been transformed into a refuge for civilians, as well as their students families, for them to take shelter from the villains and anti-hero protestors rampaging in society. In addition, Principal Nezu also reveals that Shiketsu is connected to U.A. High School as a part of their security, and that the shelters within U.A. are capable of moving to and from different locations that can also act as safe areas, including Shiketsu and other hero schools.[12]

After Ochaco Uraraka's speech to the civilians protesting Izuku Midoriya's return to U.A., one of them questions if the boy could go to Shiketsu instead, but another person disagrees and says that the people there will probably react the same as them and deny him entry.[13]

Known Individuals

First-Year Students
Second-Year Students



  • Similarly to U.A. High School, its name in kanji is an inversion of a Japanese word for hero, in Shiketsu's case, "kesshi" (傑士?).
  • Unlike U.A., the school's teachers are instead the ones who select class representatives based on their student's overall grades and conduct.
  • The school forbids relations among its student body.[14]


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