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Shield ( (シールド) Shīrudo?)[1] was the Quirk used by Crust.


Crust activating his Quirk.

Shield allowed the user to manifest stone-like, hexagonal shields from their body that could be utilized both defensively and offensively.[1]

The shields created by this Quirk are extremely sturdy and capable of enduring a multitude of offensive Quirks. They were formed from layers of rapidly multiplying hexagons, which allowed Crust to choose the exact size of the shield he wished to utilize.[1] Crust could also detach the shields from his body, allowing him to throw them as mid to long-range weapons or provide protection for his allies. The sides of the shields were extremely sharp, giving them offensive capabilities as well.[1]


Crust extending his shields in multiple directions to protect his allies.

Crust was a proficient user of his Quirk, appropriately monikered the Shield Hero for this reason. Crust had excellent control over the size and shape of the shields generated from his Quirk. He generally manifested shields from his arm and instantly created the correct size and shape for any situation.

At close range, Crust used large shields to cut into his enemies,[1][2] and then detatch them to leave the shields pierced inside his target.[2] From a distance, he could use his Shoot Shield Ultimate Move to strike an opponent with a powerful shield toss, which was strong enough to knock a large High-End off balance.[2]

Crust at the center of battle using his shields offensively and defensively for his entire team.

On the defensive, Crust's shields were capable of blocking a variety of powerful attacks, including those produced by the extremely potent Quirks of High-End Nomu.[3] He also used his shields well with high degree of strength, allowing him to hold back enemies with a larger mass than his own.[1] Doing so could leave them open to attack from his allies, allowing Crust to play a critical role in battle.[2]

Crust's high degree of control allowed him to create long uncanny shapes from rows of hexagons that extended beyond the traditional size and shape of a shield. Doing so allowed Crust to protect all his nearby allies from a High-End's attack while guarding himself at the same time.[3] For added protection, Crust placed small layers of shields around his legs and torso.[2]

Named Super Moves

Shoot Shield.png Shoot Shield (シュートシールド Shūtoshīrudo?): A move where Crust throws a large, detached, rotating shield into his target.


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