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The Shie Hassaikai Compound (死穢八斎會事務所・邸宅 Shie Hassaikai Jimusho Teitaku?) is the secret base controlled by the Yakuza, Kai Chisaki and the Shie Hassaikai.


The Yakuza hideout belonging to the Eight Precepts of Death is a large resistance disguised as business office buildings. The upper floors and the outside of the hideout are decorated like a traditional Japanese residence controlled by the Yakuza.

The residence is completely gated off and requires someone to buzz in to gain entry. Past the gate is a large courtyard filled with trees that leads to the main entrance.[1]

The inside of the first floor for the residence is also decorated like a regular Japanese office. However, there is a hidden passageway that can only be opened using a secret switch hidden beneath a vase. The passageway is a set of stairs that leads down into a secret underground labyrinth.[2]

The underground labyrinth is massive, containing several passageways that stretch on for miles. It was purposely created with the intent of moving people in and out of the hideout in secret.[3] There are multiple routes that lead in and out of the hideout and several rooms that include an infirmary[4] and a meeting room.[3]


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