The Internship Arc is the eleventh story arc in My Hero Academia and the eleventh story arc in the U.A Beginnings Saga. Class 1-A learn about Hero Internships, which deals with being mentored by a real Hero where real experience can be gained.


After All Mights retirement: Overhaul makes his appearance

Two weeks after the battle in the Kamino Ward and All Might's retirement, in Kanagawa Prefecture, a man looks over the streets surveying the people. The man believes the most important aspect in life is understanding yourself. The man is annoyed with the civilians' content faces and cannot stand them. However, a voice inside the man's head disagrees. Ever since the final battle between All Might and All For One ended, television networks and the internet were buzzing with chatter regarding anxiety due to All Might no longer being around. The man is listening to the news on his television which has Daikaku Miyagi speaking about studying the consequences of All Might's retirement and counter measures to be put in place against villains. The man believes that the anxiety revolves around one person; the man who became the Number One Hero after All Might's retirement, Endeavor. Because of his attitude, Endeavor is someone everyone cannot accept and everyone describes him as "coarse". From the man's perspective, Endeavor is nothing more than an ordinary person pretending to be a superhuman and he only became the Number One Hero, albeit undeserving, due to All Might's retirement. On television, Mr Miyagi speaks about Endeavor's high resolved cases tally and that his furious disposition prevents a majority of people from liking him as shown by his base of supporters consisting of males aged between twenty and forty. However, Mr Miyagi thinks that they should focus on Endeavor's strengths and how he can carry them forward. The man switches off the television and goes out.

Walking outside, the man believes that the weakening spirit of Heroes is the issue and not their power, but the voice inside the man's head believes that its all about power, to which the man tells the voice to be quiet. Suddenly, a robbery occurs and the man watches from the sidelines. Hierro is stealing a service counter as a Hero tries to stop him. However, another villains hits the Hero on the head with a crowbar. A getaway truck shows up and the villains puts the service counter in the truck. The group of villains announce themselves as Team Reservoir Dogs. The man watching the crime scene believes that with All Might gone, villains have started increasing in numbers again, with scoundrels forming their own little groups in a planned and systematic manner have begun standing out more and more.

Suddenly, the man's phone rings and he picks it up. On the phone, it is the broker for the League of Villains now known as Giran. The man and Giran ask each other how they are doing; Giran is quite happy because the black market has seen a resurgence and requests for suits and related items have doubled. Giran attributes this resurgence thanks to the League of Villains. Giran informs the man that Tomura Shigaraki wants the League of Villains to gather together. The man doesn't know about this information although the voice in his head is fully aware of this information. The man begins struggling and starts contradicting himself. Giran tells the man that the League of Villains will gather soon and not to do anything crazy until then. The phone call between the man and Giran ends.

After the battle between All Might and All For One, at the moment the League of Villains are scattered across various locations. The League of Villains scattered not only to conceal themselves from ongoing investigations but to find other like-minded individuals and expand the league. Somewhere, Dabi confronts a group of thugs in an alley. Seeing that they are trash, Dabi burns the group of thugs with his fire and the thugs fall to the ground becoming ash. Meanwhile, the man who spoke with Giran is struggling and starts splitting. However, the man resolves this issue by putting a mask over his face that allows him to stay as one. The man reveals himself to be Jin better known as Twice.

Twice starts talking about his Quirk and past. Twice's Quirk is doubling and can make one into two. In his past, Twice cloned himself over and over until he created a team of himself. Twice made the clones do everything for him. However, the clones began claiming that they were the real Twice which resulted in an argument as to who was the real Twice. The argument resulted in a fight with the clones and the real Twice; Twice suffered a injury to his head as a result of this fight which left a scar on his forehead. The maniacal situation dragged on for a week and two days and at the end of the fight, the clones killed all of each other and they vanished. Even to this day, Twice is uncertain if he is the real him. Because he is a maniac, Twice had no place to call home until he found the League of Villains who accepted him. As long as he can be useful to the league, Twice can be happy being who he is.

Twice looks back to see the crime scene. The Reservoir Dogs have been defeated by another group of villains. The leader of the group of villains, Overhaul, comments that the thugs they defeated have illnesses and illnesses must be cured. Another villains tells Overhaul that he took the money and they should leave before they Heroes arrive. While leaving, Overhaul states that everywhere he looks there are sick people. Twice comments that the maniacal Overhaul and his gang have started to make their own place where they belong. Twice wonders what he should do. Twice believes that because the Heroes and Villains have begun to undergo a change in appearance, the most important aspect is understanding who you are.

As Class 1-A are taking the Provisional Hero License Exam, the scene switches to the maximum high security prison. Inside, All For One asks the person questioning him what he seeks. The person asking the question is All Might. All Might states that he is here to settle things with him.[1]

Settling the Score: The Symbol of Peace and Evil

Inside the underground maximum security prison, All Might meets with All For One. All For One comments on the severe strictness of the prison he is being held in; the moment you try to scratch your back with the chair you are sitting in, all the weapons will be in your face and everything is being monitored at all times such as brain waves, vital signs. Even if one were to try and activate a Quirk, hands would be wrapped around your throat. All For One states that the underground maximum security prison is built for the complete and utter exclusion of the wicked. All For One believes that the underground maximum security prison was modeled after the Greek legend Tartarus, the God of Hell and finds it to be befitting. All Might assures All For One that he will never escape nor is he getting out any time soon from this prison of hell.

Moving along, All For One questions again what All Might wants. All For One questions about Gran Torino and why All Might is still wearing his costume, finding it preposterous that he is still working as a Hero. All Might comments on All For One's verbal diarrhea, to which the evil nemesis states that he hasn't had a proper conversation in a long time. All Might tells All For One the reason he is here; he wants to know the whereabouts of Tomura Shigaraki. All For One answers that he doesn't know and unlike him he has already let Tomura carry on. All Might asks what All For One was after; against all reason, he managed to keep his body alive and endured to live this long carrying out exploitation and manipulation during that time. All Might wants to know what All For One was trying to accomplish.

All For One finds this discussion topic to be unproductive because even if All Might listened he would not understand since there will always be people who don't see eye to eye. All For One makes his answer simple; both he and All Might are the same. In the same way All Might aspired to be the Hero of justice, he yearned to be the king of evil. All For One comments that he had the power to embrace and embody the ideals of evil and as long as he could live on eternally through these ideals then no effort is too great for him.

All Might asks if All For One wanted to live forever being utterly evil, then why does he need a successor. All For One finds All Might's question funny; All For One answers that All Might took everything away from him, most importantly his body; it is only thanks to the tube he is wearing that he is able to carry on living. The nemesis of evil's ideals had become limited no thanks to All Might. All For One comments that when there is an end, they entrust; everything that has been made by humans such as houses and food to be entrusted to other humans. All For One states that he is simply trying to do what everyone else has been doing which is why he has been grooming Tomura Shigaraki to become his successor.

The security inform All Might that he has three minutes left, much to All For One's disappointment as he still has much more to say. All For One had already known that the world would be shaken by All Might's retirement and wonders about the state of affairs going on in the world. The security inform All Might that All For One is completely cut off from information about the outside world and tell All Might not to give All For One any information happening right now. All For One is disappointed that All Might cannot tell him any information that is going on in the world.

All For One decides to make a hypothesis; due to the anxiety caused by All Might's retirement and the Heroes' new leader Endeavor, the media is appealing to the entirety of the Hero society. On the other spectrum, sensing the growing insecurity in the world, the outcasts who don't support Heroes will rise up and take action because they think they will able to shape the way society behaves and organize amongst themselves. All For One assumes that Tomura will continue concealing himself for a while so that he can continue to build the League of Villains and expand their influence. All For One assumes that there is dissension among villains as well. All For One thinks that if the illustration is actually unfolding in that manner, then that is how he assumed the world would turn out to be; all of this change is due to All Might's retirement and the lie of his appearance. All For One believes that All Might will spend the rest of his life powerless and stricken by his inability to save anyone, sitting idly unable to stop the villains that are rising up. All For One asks All Might how does it fell being absolutely powerless.

All Might gets up while security tell All Might to step back. All Might tells All For One not to presume everything. All Might understands that he and his successor, Izuku, are to be killed by Tomura. All Might declares that he will not die by Tomura's hands and he will never allow the future that All For One envisions to happen. All For One wonders if All Might came here to tell him that. The security inform All Might that his time is up. All Might begins walking away, telling All For One that he will smash the dark future his nemesis envisions as many times as he needs to and All For One can rot in his lowly prison cell for all eternity. The prison cell begins closing as All For One mulls over spending the rest of his life in prison.

In the car, Naomasa wonders if All Might found any useful information from All For One, to which All Might tells his friend that he didn't. Naomasa comments on the long road ahead of them and assumes that Tomura will continue staying concealed for the time being. Before Naomasa can tell All Might about his interview with Stain, All Might receives a message on his phone. All Might checks the message which is from Izuku and sees a picture of Izuku's Provisional Hero License with text saying that thanks to him he was able to take another step forward, which makes All Might happy. Naomasa and All Might continue traveling back.

In U.A at Heights Alliance inside Class 1-A's dormitory, Izuku wonders if All Might received his message. As the rest of Class 1-A comment on school starting again, Katsuki walks past Izuku and tells him that he wants to speak with him outside; Katsuki wants to speak to Izuku about his Quirk.[2]

While the rest of Class 1-A are asleep, Katsuki takes Izuku to Ground Beta, the site of the Battle Trial where he and Izuku fought for the first time. Katsuki remembers the time where Izuku was a Quirkless good for nothing and then suddenly out of thin air he manifested a Quirk and by some miracle he was accepted into U.A. Eventually, Izuku received his Provisional Hero License while he failed. Izuku tells Katsuki that he received his Provisional Hero License for performing well, but Katsuki orders him to keep quiet and let him finish. Ever since the Kamino Incident, Katsuki has been putting the pieces together and has been thinking about it the whole time; Izuku is fully aware as to what Katsuki has discovered. Katsuki states that Izuku received his Quirk from All Might. Having witnessed All For One's ability to steal Quirks and bestow them onto others as well as figuring out that All Might is an acquaintance of All For One, Katsuki hypothesized that All Might also has some form of Quirk transference because he has become weaker ever since coming to U.A and meeting with Izuku. Seeing that Izuku isn't denying anything, Katsuki knows that he is right about Izuku gaining All Might's Quirk.

Izuku knows that Katsuki is correct about him getting his Quirk from All Might and this is his punishment for trying to reveal his Quirk to Katsuki. Izuku asks Katsuki how knowing the truth about his Quirk is going to help him. Katsuki knows that he and Izuku has always looked up to All Might and seeing the person who he thought was a pebble on the side of the road being acknowledged by the person he looks up to is why Izuku is going to fight him here and now.

Izuku is shocked that they have to fight and thinks that they should fight during practice. Katsuki tells Izuku that they cannot fight in a class session as the teachers will prevent them from going all out. Katsuki wants to fight Izuku to find confirm what is great about him and why All Might would go so far to help Izuku. Katsuki wants to find out that if Izuku's aspirations are greater than his because he is beginning to doubt if his own aspirations were wrong the whole time. Katsuki charges forward, but Izuku uses One For All Full Cowl to quickly dodge Katsuki's explosion. However, Katsuki's explosion still manages to hurt Izuku's leg. Katsuki comments on Izuku's analytic skills while Izuku is surprised that they are actually going to fight.[3]

Confrontation and Doubts: The Second Round of Izuku vs. Katsuki

A security bot is secretly watching the fight between Izuku and Katsuki. The security bot alerts Shouta and tells him to come and stop them. Shouto leaves his room, but before he can proceed further someone stops him.

Katsuki has just attacked Izuku with an explosion but Izuku barely manages to evade which results in a wound on his leg. Izuku tells Katsuki that his aspirations are not wrong. Katsuki ignores him and attacks Izuku with another explosion to which Izuku successfully dodges using One For All Full Cowl. Katsuki remembers his childhood where Izuku would always trail along behind him and no matter how many times he would beat him up or scold him, Izuku would still tag along. Katsuki demands that Izuku fights him while remembering that even through they admired All Might Izuku has still managed to get ahead of him. Katsuki remembers All Might telling him during the end of term test that he understood that Katsuki's anger is due to Izuku's sudden growth and tells him that someone at level one and someone at level fifty won't grow at the same rate. Katsuki charges at Izuku with his right arm swinging forward; Izuku prepares to block Katsuki's right swing, but as they get close to each other, Katsuki instead kicks Izuku in the face with his right leg, revealing that Katsuki's right hand swing was nothing more than a diversion. Katsuki takes the opportunity to attack the defenseless Izuku, but Izuku uses One For All Full Cowl to perform a back handstand which knocks Katsuki away and onto the ground.

Izuku sees Katsuki on the ground and asks him if he is all right. Furious, Katsuki demands once again that Izuku fights him and tells him to stop worrying about him. As he gets up, Katsuki is confused as to how he ended up trailing behind someone who was always trailing behind him his entire life and is angry that the roles are now reversed. Katsuki is angry as to why he became the reason for All Might's end. Katsuki notes that if he had been stronger he wouldn't have been kidnapped and All Might would still be a Hero. Katsuki has been keeping his discovery about the truth of All Might to himself which has been causing him stain and anxiety. Izuku realizes that Katsuki has been carrying that burden of keeping All Might's secret to himself for a while.

Katsuki charges at Izuku. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl Shoot Style and manages to kick Katsuki in the face, which stops Katsuki's charge. While the fight between them may be meaningless since no matter who wins or loses, Izuku understands that the only one who can perceive Katsuki's feelings in this battle now is him and has decided to fight seriously. Izuku activates One For Full Cowl throughout his body and tells Katsuki that there is no holding back between them.[4]

As Izuku declares that he won't become his opponent's punching bag, Katsuki launches himself in the air with an explosion and propels himself to the ground with another explosion, but Izuku is able to dodge with his enhanced speed. Katsuki spins himself around and launches himself at Izuku, which creates and explosion wheel; Izuku continues dodging and sees that Katsuki will close the distance between them after he stops spinning. Izuku attempts to deflect his opponent's hand with a kick, but Katsuki maneuvers behind him and smacks him in the stomach, which sends Izuku reeling back. Not wanting to give his opponent any time to think, Katsuki immediately begins to attack again, but Izuku does a handstand on the railing which allows him to avoid Katsuki. Katsuki grabs Izuku's arm and throws him onto the ground but doing so causes to knock himself into the railing. Izuku has analyzed that Katsuki has managed to polish off his predicting movements faster than him.

Izuku admits that Katsuki has become stronger. However, an angry Katsuki launches an explosion in retaliation, which Izuku dodges. Izuku charges at Katsuki, but Katsuki uses Stun Grenade. Although Izuku blocks his eyes from the light of Stun Grenade, Katsuki is still able to get ahead of Izuku and land an explosion on him, which launches Izuku in the air. As Izuku lands down, Katsuki reveals that he has despised Izuku's attitude of always getting back up no matter how many times he is beaten down and cannot stand it, believing that Izuku always thought of himself to be superior to him. Izuku is in disbelief that Katsuki thought of him that way. Izuku understands Katsuki as to the same extend his traits such as being amazing at everything was something he was jealous of. Izuku tells Katsuki that he was an amazing inspiring person who was even closer to him than All Might.

Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and charges at Katsuki. Katsuki becomes surprised as he sees that Izuku is moving faster than before. Due to his emotions riling up, Izuku has lost some control and the power of One For All increases. Starting to realize that he can now increase the limit of One For All's power, Izuku increases One For All's power from 5% to 8%. Unable to dodge, Katsuki is forced to guard. Izuku strikes the defending Katsuki with a 8% One For All enhanced kick. Izuku states that he has finally caught up to Katsuki.[5]

The Second Round Concludes: Revelations and Consequences!

Katsuki manages to block Izuku's One For All 8% enhanced kick, but his arm is injured as a result. Izuku is surprised at his own speed and even though he knows that 8% is not much of a difference, he is glad that for a moment he managed to get ahead of Katsuki. Katsuki retaliates with an explosion, which Izuku intercepts with a One For All enhanced kick, cancelling out the attacks and blowing Izuku and Katsuki backwards. While Katsuki gets up, Izuku charges forward and taunts Katsuki, much to Katsuki's anger. Izuku dislikes the part of himself that carelessly runs his mouth whenever he desires to win and despite that, in the end, that bad personality trait is his key to victory. Izuku is in midair and Katsuki decides to engage Izuku in midair as well. While the combatants charge at each other, Izuku ponders that he is not going to play nicely and even though One For All Shoot Style is a way for him not to overuse his arms, he never said that he could not use them. Izuku prepares to use a One For All Full Cowl enhanced punch with the intend of defeating Katsuki to show All Might why he chose him. Izuku successfully punches Katsuki in the face with his enhanced might, which makes Katsuki bleed. However, Katsuki is filled with determination to not lose either and grabs Izuku. Katsuki uses his Explosion to propel himself and Izuku down to the ground. Katsuki smashes Izuku into the ground using his explosive force.

Katsuki is atop of Izuku and has grappled Izuku's arm and face. Both Katsuki and Izuku are injured badly and breathe for air. After a few moments, Katsuki declares that he is the winner and demands to know from Izuku why he still lost even though he has All Might's power. Someone tells them to stop which grabs their attention. It is none other than All Might himself who apologizes for eavesdropping on their fight. Katsuki wants to know why he chose Izuku to be his successor. All Might explains to Katsuki that on that day, Izuku was more of a Hero than anybody else and felt that it was his duty to help Izuku stand in the arena whereas Katsuki was already standing in the arena. Katsuki responds that he is weak and because of him not being able to free himself from the League of Villains, All Might is no longer a Hero and is a shadow of his former self. All Might replies that it is not his fault since that all roads have an end and he was going to land up in his pitiful state no matter what, encouraging Katsuki that he is strong and embraces him in an apologetic hug.

Katsuki breaks free from All Might's hug. All Might gives his thoughts on their ideals; Katsuki's obsession with victory and Izuku's obsession over rescuing is crude and because they are lacking in one or the other, they cannot maintain their sense of justice as Heroes. All Might knows that because they have now fought each other they know the truth due to releasing their feelings; if the two of them can recognize each other and honestly raise each other up, they can become the best Heroes who both win and rescue. Katsuki still finds it strange that even though Izuku has All Might helping him he is still losing; Izuku responds that he will become stronger so that he can beat him.

Katsuki asks who else knows about Izuku's and All Might's relationship. All Might replies that Mr Principal and Recovery Girl know the truth about them and only him. Since they have been trying to hide it, Katsuki declares that he won't tell anyone about their relationship and says that the secret of One For All stays with them.

Toshinori Yagi regrets having brought the secret of One For All upon Katsuki and apologizes. Toshinori decides to properly explain to Katsuki about everything regarding One For All. And so, Toshinori spoke to Katsuki about One For All being a transferable Quirk that is passed down from generation to generation in order to fight evil, how he became the Symbol of Peace using One For All, the injury that limited him to using One For All and how he chose Izuku as his successor. After hearing the truth about One For All from Toshinori, Katsuki chastises Izuku for blabbering about One For All. Toshinori tells Katsuki that using up all his power against All For One was his choice and he does not need to bear any responsibility. Having heard everything, Katsuki decides that he is going to rise higher than Izuku as a Hero; Izuku accepts Katsuki's challenge and will rise higher than him. As Izuku and Katsuki argue about them rising higher than one another, Toshinori is happy to see that Izuku and Katsuki have become proper, true rivals. The secret of One For All has become a secret amongst Toshinori, Izuku, and Katsuki.[6]

The Second Semester of U.A Begins!

Afterwards, Shouta Aizawa helps bandage Izuku and Katsuki's wounds and then proceeds to wrap them up using Capturing Weapon as punishment for fighting. It is revealed that Toshinori was the one who stopped Shouta from interfering with Izuku and Katsuki's fight after telling him that he would handle them and would bring them to him afterwards. After Toshinori tells Shouta that the fight was brought about due to Katsuki feeling guilty about his retirement, Shouta still refuses to let Izuku and Katsuki's transgression of fighting go by and will give an appropriate punishment after finding out who started the fight first. Katsuki says that he threw the first punch while Izuku retaliated. Shouta punishes Izuku and Katsuki by placing them under house arrest; Izuku three days and Katsuki four days. During their house arrest, Shouta states that they will be cleaning the dormitory common spaces day and night and they must write a written statement of regret. Shouta tells them that if their injuries do not heal they must go to the infirmary and they must not dare think about relying on Chiyo Shuuzenji. Having criticized them enough, Shouta tells them to go to bed.

The next day, Class 1-A learn about Izuku and Katsuki's fight. As Izuku and Katsuki clean the dormitory. Ochaoko hopes that they made up, to which Izuku replies that their reconciliation is hard to put into words; Tenya is happy that they got off the hook with house arrest only and that the rest of Class 1-A will attend the opening ceremony without them. Shouto asks Katsuki what he plans to do about the Provisional Hero License Supplementary lessons, to which Katsuki tells him that it is none of his business. As they clean, Katsuki talks to Izuku about his One For All Shoot Style, telling Izuku that his wind up motions are too big and are not useful in a slug-fest and that the style does not mix well with punches. Izuku is glad about the information.

Outside, Tenya tells Class 1-A not to break formation. While on their way, Neito Monoma criticizes Class 1-A for having two of their classmates fail. Eijirou Kirishima wonders if any of Class 1-B failed, to which Neito laughs. Neito reveals that all of Class 1-B passed and none of them failed. Class 1-B are happy that they have pulled ahead. Shouto Todoroki apologizes for letting Class 1-A down, but Eijirou tells Shouto not to let it bother him. Pony Tsunotori informs Class 1-A that according to Sekijirou Kan, during the Second Semester Classes 1-A and 1-B will be having a class together. Denki Kaminari comments on Pony being a foreigner; Pony responds in a negative way, courtesy of Neito's bad teaching, causing Itsuka to criticize Neito. Someone tells Class 1-A and 1-B to stop holding up the line; Tenya apologizes for doing so. The person is revealed to be Hitoshi Shinsou. As Hitoshi passes by, Hanta Sero comments on Hitoshi being more serious.

All of U.A arrive at Ground Beta. Nedzu introduces himself. After talking about his diet and lifestyle going out of sync, he states that the reason for his lifestyle becoming inadequate is due to the incident that took during the summer break. He talks about All Might's retirement and the negative effect it will have on society and the Department of Heroics will likely see the most striking affects. Nedzu tells the Second and Third years that the Hero Internships that they are engaged with they must have an awareness of the crisis and conduct themselves accordingly. Nedzu apologizes for bringing down the mood but the Heroes are dealing with the situation to the best of their abilities and he would like nothing more than to develop them into individuals who will take over their efforts. Nedzu ends his speech by saying that whether they are in the Departments of Heroics, Support, and General Education and even the staff of U.A, they must not forget that they are the successors to the Hero society.

After Nedzu leaves the podium, Toshinori ponders about "successors" and thinks back to when Nedzu made a suggestion to look for a successor at U.A and gave him the opportunity to look for a successor by taking up a teaching position at U.A. Toshinori looks into the crowd of U.A students while thinking about Nedzu stating that there is someone who would surely be a fitting successor amongst the U.A students.[7]

The Next Stage is Set: The Big Three Reveal Themselves!

Before the U.A. High students leave, Hounddog, U.A's lifestyle counselor, barks at them. Sekijirou Kan interprets Hounddog's words to the students; he says that there has been an incident of a fight last night and asks them to conduct themselves according to the lifestyle standards expected of them all. Nedzu asks the U.A students to head back to their classrooms starting with the third-year students. As the third-year students leave to head back to their classrooms, one of the third-years asks their peer as to whom was fighting last night.

Back in Class 1-A, Shouta Aizawa tells Class 1-A that starting from today they will resume normal class activities. Shouta warns them that the training will be tougher than last semester. Tsuyu Asui asks Shouta about the Hero Internships, which garners the interest of Fumikage Tokoyami, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Hanta Sero. Shouta decides to tell Class 1-A; the Hero Internships are Hero activities done off campus, saying that it is a more formalized version of the Field Training they did with Pro Heroes before. Ochako Uraraka wonders whether the Sports Festival had any meaning behind being scouted if they were going to get actual experience anyway. Shouta explains that the Hero Internships are an opportunity to make use of the connections they garnered at the Sports Festival. The Hero Internships are managed at the discretion of students themselves nowadays because in the past each office would conduct their own recruiting efforts which would cause them to fight over U.A students. Since most of them have Provisional Hero Licenses, Class 1-A can now participate in formal, longer term activities. Shouta tells Class 1-A that they will be expected to write about their experiences but he will explain at a later time. Shouta leaves as Hizashi Yamada takes over.

Back at Heights Alliance in Class 1-A dormitory, Izuku Midoriya is lifting weights and feels that the pain from his arms is almost gone. Izuku remembers what the doctor told him about his arms. Izuku decides to hold back his emotions when fighting so that he does not use his arms and to focus on his One For All Shoot Style instead. It is evening now. Minoru Mineta criticizes Katsuki Bakugou for the dormitory still being unclean, much to his annoyance. As Izuku leaves to take the trash out, he overhears some of Class 1-A talking about Hizashi's new grammar lessons and the Hero Internships mentioned by Shouta. Izuku feels that he has been left in the dark due to his three-day house arrest. Izuku asks Tenya Iida about the Hero Internship, but Tenya refuses to answer his question due to his misbehavior and being unable to relay any information to him.

Izuku goes to the garbage dump and is stressed that he has been left behind due to not attending class and needs to find a way to catch up before the gap furthers between him and Class 1-A. As he walks to the garbage dump, Izuku sees a face on the wall. The face tells Izuku that the garbage dump is in the direction he is pointing at. The face disappears as Izuku is left confused. Suddenly, the face appears on the ground and comments on Izuku being one of the livelier first-years. The face pops around the ground in Izuku's vicinity, to which Izuku asks what he is. The face tells Izuku that he will know about him soon enough and encourages him to keep his spirits up. As it leaves, the face tells Izuku about a rumor flying around and asks him to keep his wits about him.

Izuku's house arrest ends after three impatient days. In Class 1-A, Izuku apologizes for the inconvenience he caused and tells Tenya that he is sorry for disappointing him, to which Tenya accepts. Izuku vows to bridge the gap between them from the last three days. Shouta arrives and decides to properly talk about Hero Internships. Shouta tells them to come inside, which confuses Class 1-A. Shouta tells Class 1-A that they will hear firsthand from those with personal experience how the Hero Internships are different from Field Training. Shouta advises Class 1-A to listen carefully to what they have to say as they have made time in their busy schedules to come and talk to them all.

Shouta introduces Class 1-A to the people who will teach them about Hero Internships; the third-year students who rank among the top of all U.A students known as The Big Three. The three third-year students enter the classroom: a male with shaggy black hair, a female with beautiful long hair, and a male with the same face that Izuku saw on his way to the garbage dump.[8]

U.A's Big Three have arrived to teach Class 1-A about Hero Internships. Izuku Midoriya remembers the male with the weird face from last year's Sports Festival and notes that he did not display any notable results. Izuku also remembers that the other two did not finish in the top of the Sports Festival and wonders what Heroes the Big Three are.

Shouta Aizawa asks Tamaki Amajiki, the male U.A student with the messy black hair and pointy ears, to introduce himself. Tamaki glares at Class 1-A which sends a shiver down some of their spines. Tamaki appears to be unimpressed with Class 1-A, seeing everything but their heads (which are potatoes from his perspective) as human. Due to being unable to see them as anything but human, Tamaki places his head against the blackboard and desires to go home. Class 1-A are perplexed at Tamaki's strange behavior. The female introduces herself as Nejire Hadou and wants to talk about Hero Internships with Class 1-A. However, Nejire instead asks questions pertaining to some of Class 1-A's unique features due to her curiosity; Nejire asks about Mezou's mask, Shouto's burn, Mina's horns, Minoru's hair, Tsuyu's frog species, and Mashirao's tail. Shouta sees that U.A's Big Three lacks rationality. Mirio Toogata, the last of U.A's Big Three, tells Shouta not to worry as he is the star performer today.

Mirio yells out, "The journey ahead," which confuses Class 1-A. Mirio tells Class 1-A that they were supposed to respond with "will be full of difficulties." Some of Class 1-A find U.A's Big Three to be weird. Mirio sees that Class 1-A do not understand what is going on and tells them that he understands that feeling. Mirio comments that Class 1-A is energetic due to them receiving their Provisional Hero Licenses as first years. Seeing that his introduction has fell flat, Mirio offers Class 1-A the chance to team up together and fight him, much to Class 1-A's surprise. Mirio decided to challenge Class 1-A because having them witness their experiences personally would be better than a simple explanation. Shouta tells Mirio to do as he pleases.

At Gym Gamma, Hanta Sero asks Mirio if he really wants to fight all of Class 1-A at the same time, to which Mirio replies that he is serious. Tamaki, who is placing his head against a wall, informs Mirio not to discourage Class 1-A with his skills. While playing with Mina's horns, Nejire notes that Mirio had a rough time as a child and warns Class 1-A to think things through before attacking Mirio. Fumikage Tokoyami and Eijirou Kirishima note that they have the advantage and Eijirou asks Mirio if he sees them as nothing but small fry, to which Mirio replies he does. Mirio tells Class 1-A to attack him whenever, wherever they want and asks who wants to go first. Izuku and Eijirou decide to go first. Surprised at Izuku's determination, Eijirou lets Izuku go first.

Mirio of the Big Three: Class 1-A's Overwhelming Defeat!

Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and charges at Mirio while the rest of Class 1-A prepare their Quirks. Suddenly, Mirio's clothes fall off, which surprises some of Class 1-A. Mirio apologizes as it is difficult for him to adjust his clothing correctly. Izuku sees that Mirio is full of openings and kicks Mirio in the face with a One For All enhanced kick. However, Izuku's enhanced kick phases through Mirio. Izuku is surprised that Mirio has an intangibility Quirk. Mirio is attacked by Hanta's Tape, Mina's Acid, and Yuuga's Navel Laser, but all their attacks phase through Mirio, leaving him completely unharmed. After the attacks dissipate, Mirio has disappeared. Out of nowhere, Mirio appears behind Kyouka Jirou and prepares to attack her. Eijirou is surprised that Mirio's Quirk allows him to teleport as well. Tamaki notes that Class 1-A should not be jealous of Mirio's Quirk but rather his incredible technique; after being scouted, Mirio completely devoted himself to his internship under a certain Hero and was carefully cultivated.

Using a combination of his Quirk and technique, Mirio has defeated half of Class 1-A within a few minutes; Mezou, Denki, Kyouka, Mina, Fumikage, Momo, Tsuyu, Yuuga, Minoru, and Hanta. Shouta tells Class 1-A to take this great opportunity and learn from it because as he knows it, Mirio Togata is the closest man to becoming the Number One Hero which includes the Pro Heroes as well, which shocks the rest of Class 1-A.[9]

Shouto Todoroki is astonished and surprised at the level of great strength Mirio Toogata has displayed. Shouta Aizawa asks Shouto if he is going to join in. Shouto replies that he hasn't obtained a Provisional Hero License and feels that he doesn't have the right to engage Mirio in combat. Having dealt with the long range combatants, Mirio turns his attention to the close ranged combatants of Class 1-A. Eijirou is shocked that Mirio has a Quirk that can make him invincible, but Izuku thinks that there must be a trick behind his Quirk; Izuku analyzes that whatever he does he will use a direct attack and during that moment they should counter attack.

Mirio charges and he begins submerging into the ground. Suddenly, Mirio appears behind Izuku, to which Izuku stops his advance with a One For All Full Cowl enhanced kick which Mirio phases through. Mirio is surprised that Izuku predicted that he would appear behind him. Mirio continues phasing through and begins to poke Izuku's eye, to which Izuku closes his eyes. In actuality, Mirio fakes poking Izuku's eye by phasing his finger to act as a diversion; instead, Mirio hits Izuku in the stomach. Mirio comments that everyone counters him that way so he naturally trained to counter back. Tenya calls out to Izuku, but before he can do anything Mirio appears behind Tenya and hits him in the stomach Within a few moments, Mirio hits the rest of Class 1-A in their stomachs as well, defeating them.

As Class 1-A recovers, Mirio asks if his Quirk was too strong, which some of Class 1-A agree with, annoyed that they couldn't do anything. Mirio explains that he has one Quirk called "Permeation" and his "teleportation" is an application of his Quirk. Mirio further explains that his Permeation allows him to pass through anything, including the ground. Whenever he passes through and falls into the ground, Mirio can deactivate his Quirk which causes a mysterious phenomenon to occur; if he deactivates his Permeation while in the ground, Mirio gets shot out of the ground in an instant which is the phenomenon behind his "teleportation" and by adjusting the pose and direction of his body, he can control the angle and target where he is shot out to. Mina summarizes Mirio's teleportation as a video game glitch.

Tsuyu comments that Mirio's Quirk is very strong, to which Mirio replies that he made it strong. Mirio explains that his Permeation has drawbacks; when he activates his Quirk, no oxygen comes into his lungs since the oxygen would pass through him even if he inhaled. His eardrums do not vibrate and his retinas catch no light. Since everything passes through him, he becomes unable to feels anything, but since he has mass the only thing he feels is the sensation of falling. Mirio states that the simple usage of his Permeation requires a set of operations to be used. Mirio says that the reason he is able to use his Quirk easily is by predicting since it tricks time and allows him to be faster than his surroundings. The reason he is able to make predictions is through experience.

Mirio states that the reason he wanted to fight Class 1-A is to show the experience he gained from the Hero Internships; Mirio was able to transform his Quirk and reach the top. Class 1-A start seeing that Hero Internships are different from the Field Training they went through. Izuku is surprised that despite Mirio's Quirk having big drawbacks, he was able to overcome them with perseverance and hard work. After Class 1-A thank Mirio, the Big Three walk back to their class. While walking, Hadou is impressed that Mirio did not injure Class 1-A with his strength and she asks if there was anyone interesting. Mirio comments that Izuku caught his eye due to him analyzing and predicting his first move and responding accordingly.

Back at Heights Alliance in Class 1-A's dormitory, the females of Class 1-A are discussing the Hero Internships. Momo comments that they have the green light from Shouta to undergo Hero Internships. Izuku calls Gran Torino and asks if he is accepting any Hero Internships. Gran Torino is unable to accept Izuku through a Hero Internship since he is too busy at the moment. Gran Torino advises Izuku to seek out his master's advise, All Might. Izuku comments that he needs to use the connections he gained from the SPorts Festival, to which Gran Torino replies that its only for people who do have connections which All Might can introduce him to a number of people. Gran Torino says that one of the people All Might can introduce him to is his former sidekick.

Somewhere, a man is sitting at a computer. Suddenly, someone shows up to tell the man about the perpetrator's movements. The man asks the person to give the report. The person states that the leader of the villain organization under their investigation, Overhaul, has made contact with the League of Villains.

Overhaul and Tomura Shigaraki meet face to face due to Twice bringing Overhaul to him. Tomura is pleased with Twice for bringing in Overhaul.[10]

New Generation vs. Old Generation: Breakdown in Negotiations

Overhaul and Twice have arrived at the League of Villains' hideout and come to face Tomura Shigaraki and his fellow League of Villain members: Magne, Mr. Compress, and Himiko Toga. However, Overhaul is unimpressed with the League of Villains "hideout", calling it run down and does not like the quality of the League of Villains. Magne wonders why Overhaul is critical of them. Tomura responds that the man standing before them is Overhaul, the Yakuza and the leader of the Eight Precepts of Death. Himiko feels that Overhaul is entirely different from them; Mr. Compress explains to Himiko that Overhaul and his group come from an old era of villains where there were a number of frightening organizations that ran the underworld, but the rise of Heroes started to put an end to those underworld villain organizations and All Might's rise ended that era. However, the underworld villain organizations that were not dismantled have been treated like criminals and been under constant surveillance, living at the bottom of the barrel. Mr. Compress summarizes that Overhaul and his Eight Precepts of Death are an endangered species from that bygone era. Overhaul agrees with Mr. Compress's assessment while Magne wants to know if Overhaul and his villain organization are capitalizing on All Might's retirement.

Overhaul replies that his villain organization are focused on the fall of All For One. Overhaul and his generation refer to All For One as the Emperor of Darkness who controlled the underworld and regarded him as an urban legend that was feared. Overhaul has heard rumors of All For One's demise and his imprisonment, which means there is no longer anyone who rules over the day or night which begs the question; who will be the next one to rule. Tomura answers that he will be the next one to rule and explains to Overhaul that his organization is gathering more members and with their combined power they will bring down the current Hero society. Overhaul asks if they have a plan to achieve this objective.

Tomura is confused as he thought that Overhaul came here to become allies with them. Overhaul states that an objective without a plan is a mere delusion and is troubled that the League of Villains do not have any plan, asking what they will do when they have gathered their strength, who will pull the strings and the kind of organization they plan to build. Overhaul mentions Stain the Hero Killer, Muscular, and Moonfish, all of whom are first class pawns, and is disappointed that Tomura let them go to waste so quickly. Overhaul is not pleased that Tomura cannot control the power he gains and instead reveals that he did not come here to join the League of Villains. Overhaul states that the first step to carrying out his plan is a great amount of financial capital which will be difficult for him to get since a relic like himself is not going to have an easy time finding investors, but if he has the over hyped League of Villains on his side this finance will not be an issue. Overhaul tells the League of Villains to join him instead where he will show them true control and he will become the next ruler of the underworld.

As Tomura tells Overhaul to leave, Magne begins to charge at Overhaul, explaining that the League of Villains will not be subordinate to anybody. Magne talks about what considers a female friend who praised him for not being shackled by society and the reason he joined the League of Villains is to live a life without shackles. Magne uses his Magnetism to force Overhaul to him and Magne hits Overhaul on the head with his weapon, saying that the League of Villains will decide where they belong. Overhaul touches Magne's arm with his finger which causes Magne's upper torso to explode, killing him. Tomura, Himiko, Twice, and Mr. Compress are shocked at what Overhaul has done. Overhaul blames the League of Villains for throwing the first punch and complains about the filth. Mr. Compress jumps towards Overhaul and plans to lock him up with his Quirk. As he touches Overhaul with his left hand, Mr. Compress is shot in the arm and is unable to use his Quirk. Overhaul is enraged at Mr. Compress for touching him and explodes Mr. Compress's left arm in retaliation.

Furious, Tomura dashes at Overhaul and prepares to disintegrate him. Overhaul calls for a shield. Tomura touches Overhaul's subordinate instead which causes the subordinate to disintegrate and die. Suddenly, Overhaul's subordinates crash in, to which Tomura comments that things would be easier if they did that from the start. Overhaul is unhappy at how this meeting turned out since Tomura won't be able to make a level-headed decision anymore. Since they have a casualty on each side, Overhaul decides to end the meeting and they will talk again when the League of Villains have cooled down. Himiko and Twice are enraged at Overhaul for his actions and desire to kill him. Although he is also angry, Tomura tells Himiko and Twice to stand down. While walking away, Overhaul wishes to meet with them again and asks Tomura to think long and hard about the organization he is building. At Tomura's feet is a business card; Overhaul tells Tomura to call him after he has calmed down.

At U.A. in the nap room, Toshinori talks to Izuku and Mirio, saying that they have a few things to talk about.[11]

Shouta Aizawa tells Class 1-A that yesterday's conference took place amongst the teachers to decide whether the first years can take on Hero Internships. Shouta announces that the majority of teachers have voted against the Hero Internships and have called it off. This news saddens Class 1-A, except Katsuki Bakugou who does not understand the situation due to being under house arrest and has no knowledge about the Hero Internships. However, Shouta says that the first years will be allowed to have Hero Internships with offices that have a good track record. After class finishes and taking Gran Torino's advice, Izuku goes to All Might in the staff room and asks him to introduce him to Sir Nighteye for a Hero Internship. All Might refuses to help Izuku, much to his surprise. All Might says that there are three reasons he cannot help Izuku with the Hero Internships: first, he was also against letting the first years conduct Hero Internships so early; second, he wants Izuku to focus on strengthening his Shoot Style; third, he and Nighteye broke off their friendship. Izuku tells All Might that if he is under the guidance of Nighteye, it will serve as a strong point of comparison to him and he must become stronger than anyone else. All Might does not dislike Izuku's determination but he still will not be getting an introduction, not from him.

All Might calls Izuku and Mirio Toogata to the nap room to talk about a few things. All Might tells Izuku that Mirio is serving a Hero Internship under Nighteye, much to Izuku's surprise. All Might asks Mirio if Izuku is fit to work under Nighteye. Mirio now understands that All Might wants him to introduce Izuku to Nighteye. However, Mirio does not understand why he must be the middleman when All Might could introduce Izuku by himself since Nighteye is always watching videos of him. All Might does not feel comfortable meeting Nighteye because he became exactly what Nighteye warned him about. Mirio asks Izuku what Hero he wants to become. Having experienced much to get to this point and having gotten so much support from everyone around, in order for all of that to be a payoff, Izuku says aloud that he wants to be the best Hero of them all. Although Izuku's goal is all over the place, Mirio cannot refuse and accepts to introduce Izuku to Nighteye. As Izuku thanks Mirio, All Might thinks back to when Nedzu recommended Mirio as One For All's successor; while his grades are subpar, his presence is impressive and his smile cannot be exterminated which fits the bill for All Might's description of a great Hero. All Might ponders that if he had not met Izuku, Mirio would have been his successor.

Sir Nighteye, Former Sidekick of All Might

On the weekend, Izuku rushes to meet with Mirio while Shouto and Katsuki go to their Provisional Hero License course. After one hour on the train, Izuku and Mirio arrive at Nighteye's office. Mirio mentions that Sir Nighteye is quite strict, which Izuku understands after hearing that he is a Hero famous for doing his jobs in a stoic demeanor. Mirio informs Izuku about another side to Nighteye and warns him that from now until he is finished talking with Nighteye, he must make him laugh at least once. This new information surprises Izuku. As they go in, Mirio mentions that despite his looks, Nighteye holds humor in high regard. Walking in the corridor, Mirio says that he cannot help Izuku make Nighteye acknowledge him and he must do so on his own. Izuku asks Mirio why he is helping him even when they just met. Mirio answers if there is someone in trouble or needs help, meddling in their affairs is standard protocol. Izuku and Mirio arrive at Nighteye's room.

Inside, Bubble Girl reports to Nighteye regarding the meeting between the League of Villains and the Eight Precepts of Death, that a fight had occurred between the two villain organizations which means that their negotiations were unsuccessful. While watching a video of All Might on his laptop computer, Nighteye informs Bubble Girl that it is his belief that a society without humor and liveliness has no future. Izuku opens the door as Mirio informs Nighteye about Izuku. Nighteye has placed Bubble Girl in a tickle device as punishment for her lack of humor in her report. Mirio tells Izuku that the female Hero is Bubble Girl, Nighteye's sidekick, and is being punished for not being funny. Nighteye gazes at Izuku, who is intimidated by Nighteye's strong presence and resolves to make Nighteye laugh. Izuku dons an All Might expression and introduces himself to Nighteye. However, Nighteye is unamused and wonders if Izuku is making fun of All Might.[12]

Sir Nighteye criticizes Izuku for making an improper All Might expression, telling him about All Might's proper expression. Izuku looks around the room and sees All Might merchandise and begins realizing that Nighteye is an All Might superfan. Not impressed, Nighteye asks Izuku to leave, but Izuku responds that he made that expression from the Vinegar Suicide Incident in which a middle schooler who could change the properties of water to vinegar was drowning; All Might saved him but suffered injuries to his eyes as a result of the vinegar. Nighteye is well aware of the incident, but since it is unremarkable it is seldom brought up on fansites. As Nighteye and Izuku continue discussing the Vinegar Suicide Incident, Mirio Toogata releases Bubble Girl and tells her that Izuku is an underclassman of his. Nighteye gets down to business and surmises that Izuku wants an internship under him. Izuku brings out the contract. Nighteye informs Izuku that his internship will be harsh where he will have to work several days in the week, be employed for at least a month and will be forced to take many absences. Although the working conditions are harsh, Izuku still wants to work an internship under Nighteye. Nighteye takes the stamp but does not stamp the contract.

Nighteye does not feel like stamping the contract because he does not feel that he will benefit from hiring Izuku and notes that his company is doing fine with two sidekicks and one student intern. Nighteye wants Izuku to demonstrate his abilities and how they can be useful to society. Nighteye explains that All Might's abundant power and humor granted hope to those frightened by crime which is why he is adored to the masses. Nighteye gives Izuku a challenge to demonstrate himself; he must take the stamp from him within three minutes and if he wishes to work at his company as a Hero, he must stamp the contract himself to become his official intern. Nighteye orders Mirio and Bubble Girl to leave. After walking out, Bubble Girl asks Mirio if he needed a practical interview like Izuku, to which Mirio replies that Nighteye nominated him so he did not need one.

Sir Nighteye's Challenge: Izuku's Pride is on the Line!

Nighteye will not harm Izuku and he is free to attack him from wherever and whenever, not worried in the slightest about the room. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and charges at Nighteye, Izuku jumps above and tries hitting Nighteye. However, Nighteye predicted that Izuku would hit him from above and blocks him. Izuku launches another attack but Nighteye blocks it as well. A minute has passed. Nighteye suggests that Izuku should put some distance between them and fret at the reality that he cannot possibly overcome his Foresight. By touching any part of his target and matching his gaze with theirs, Nighteye's Quirk gives him the ability to predict the actions that person will take in advance for the period of an hour.

As Izuku thinks of a way to overcome Nighteye's Foresight, Nighteye admits that he had high expectations of Izuku but after seeing him himself. Nightheye states that Izuku is mediocre. Due to the current state of world affairs and that villains are making a comeback in droves, Nighteye was correct in believing that it should have been Mirio to inherit One For All. Izuku is surprised at this revelation. While he has deep respect and admiration for All Might, he could never fathom as to why he would choose Izuku as his successor. Nighteye bluntly states that there is someone more worthy of One For All and he does not acknowledge Izuku in the slightest.

Izuku refuses to let All Might's acknowledgment of him and everything up to this point be for nothing and becomes angry. Izuku uses his enhanced agility to jump around the room at high speeds similar to Gran Torino. An angry Izuku declares that he will be stamping that contract and he will get Nighteye to acknowledge him no matter what.

Izuku vows to make Sir Nighteye acknowledge him and plans to overcome his Foresight by increasing his speed to a point that Nighteye will not be able to predict his movements. Nighteye sees Izuku's Gran Torino-like movements and comments on his futile strategy. Nighteye predicts his opponent and dodges Izuku's attack and berates for having an uneasy expression rather than a calm expression that All Might must have taught him. Nighteye states that Heroes at the top do not show hesitation or uncertainty and Izuku has demonstrated none of those qualities. Nighteye states that the more he looks at Izuku, the more unconvinced he is that Izuku should have been the One For All successor. Izuku becomes enraged and yells that All Might told him that he could become the greatest Hero.

Izuku takes Nighteye's desk and throws it, sending all the papers and books flying about in front of Nighteye. Izuku's plan is to see if Nighteye's Quirk can predict the conditions of the future or the change in a targeted subject's behavior. If it is the latter, then Nighteye cannot predict objects flying at random. Nighteye is distracted by the objects flying at random and Izuku reaches out for the stamp in Nighteye's hand. However, Nighteye manages to get his hand away, causing Izuku to crash into the wall. Nighteye states that time is up and is unimpressed that Izuku loses his cool when a plan of his fails. Izuku tells Nighteye that he was careful while moving around because he did not want to step on the 10-Year Anniversary Commemorative All Might Hero Tapestry. Nighteye looks around his room and sees that the All Might memorabilia is unharmed and realizes that Izuku was avoiding them while jetting around like Gran Torino. Nighteye is surprised that Izuku was moving about and evaluating his surroundings and countermeasures against him while he was under emotional distress.

Hero Contract Signed: Izuku's Internship Begins

Mirio and Bubble Girl arrive and ask if the interview is over. Nighteye tells Mirio that Izuku is employed, much to Izuku's shock and he failed the challenge. Nighteye did not say that he would not give the stamp if he was not able to take it. Nighteye reveals that he planned on employing Izuku all along but he still will not acknowledge him. Nighteye notes that the civilians of the world are looking for not a faint light to give them hope, but a dazzling light. Nighteye plans on making Izuku that dazzling light and hands the stamp to him. Izuku looks forward to working with Nighteye and stamps the employment contract.

The next day at the Nighteye Office, Sir Nighteye tells Izuku, Mirio, and Bubble Girl that they will be patrolling and surveying and they will split up into groups: Bubble Girl and himself, Mirio and Izuku. Bubble Girl reveals that the Nighteye Office is undergoing a secret investigation. Nighteye elaborates further, stating that they are investigating a small, designated villain organization called the Eight Precepts of Death. Nighteye says that their leader Chisaki, or Overhaul, has been making unusual movements. Izuku comments that Chisaki's type is not seen these days. Bubble Girl mentions that Overhaul's villain generation experienced a downfall and suspects that he is trying to reunite the old villain generation again. Recently, Overhaul; has made contact with the League of Villains, but they have not been able to gather any evidence that shows the Eight Precepts of Death are acting like villains. Nighteye states that they are seeking proof of the Eight Precepts of Death's criminal activities.

In an alley, a girl is running towards the street and bumps into Izuku. The young girl has bandages on her body and a small horn sticking out of her right side of her head. Izuku apologizes to the little girl. Before she can speak, a man tells the little girl that they must not cause any problems for the Heroes. The man is revealed to be Overhaul, who tells Eri that they must go back, while Izuku is surprised to see the villain.[13]

Before starting their patrol, Mirio and Izuku reveal to each other their Hero names. Izuku tells Mirio that his Hero name is Deku, much to Mirio's surprise; Mirio on the other hand tells Izuku that his Hero name is "Lumillion" inspired by wanting to save a million people. Mirio tells Izuku that they are now Heroes and he mustn't let his guard down, to which Izuku affirms.

In the present, Izuku has encountered the little girl Eri and Chisaki, the Leader of the Eight Precepts of Death, which shocks Izuku. Chisaki apologizes to Izuku for his daughter's behavior because she gets carried away with her fun and games. Mirio arrives and tells Izuku that he forgot to put his mask on, causing Izuku to put his mask on. As Mirio apologizes to Chisaki, Izuku is aggravated by his mistake of letting Chisaki know that he and Mirio know each other, which will make Sir Nighteye's job more difficult. Izuku acts innocuously to correct his mistake while Mirio identifies Chisaki as a member of the Eight Precepts of Death due to his mask, to which Chisaki states not to pay heed to his mask as he simply dislikes dirt. Chisaki mentions that he has never seen the two of them before and wonders if they are rookies due to their youth. Mirio replies that they are indeed rookies. Chisaki asks Mirio the Hero office he is affiliated with and Mirio replies that they are still students participating in field training. Mirio and Izuku prepare to leave, but Eri tells Izuku not to leave as she starts shedding tears.

Izuku tells Chisaki that his daughter is frightened by something, to which Chisaki replies that he scolded her. However, Izuku is not convinced since Eri is clutching onto him tightly and suspects that there is more than meets the eye. Izuku asks about the bandages, which Overhaul replies that Eri falls down a lot, but Izuku is still not convinced as she is completely frightened and finds the situation to be unnatural. Chisaki politely asks Izuku to not impose his idea of normal on other's families while Mirio tries convincing Izuku to leave since many people have different dispositions. However, Izuku finds the entire situation to be suspicious due to Eri's being absolutely frightened and he cannot turn a blind eye to a frightened child. Izuku breaks the ice and asks Overhaul what he is doing to the girl.

Chisaki gives in and tells the Heroes to follow him as his situation with his daughter is an embarrassing topic. Chisaki, Mirio, and Izuku holding Eri follow Chisaki into the alley. Chisaki comments that his daughter defies him all the time and finds understanding children to be quite difficult especially when it comes to considering the kind of person they want to become. Izuku and Mirio see Chisaki removing his glove and has killer intent. Suddenly, Eri runs to her father, causing Chisaki to stop removing his glove. Chisaki apologizes to Izuku and Mirio for Eri's tantrum and thanks them for listening to his worries. Chisaki wishes the Heroes good luck as he leaves with Eri. Mirio stops Izuku from going after Eri while commenting that Chisaki used his killer intent to make Eri listen to him. Mirio asks Izuku to respects Sir Nighteye's orders because chasing Chisaki too far will make him harder to catch.

At his hideout, Chisaki comments on Eri's sickly behavior and asks Chrono to prepare a bath as his subordinate apologizes for letting Eri out of his sight. However, Chisaki is not interested in the subordinate's excuse and kills the subordinate with his Quirk, telling Chrono to clean up as well. Chrono prepares to carry out his leader's orders while Chisaki comments that all people are sick with Hero Syndrome.

Chisaki wants Eri to stop being selfish as she is the key to his entire plan. Chisaki shows her an experimentation lab and asks her to no longer sully his hands. As one of Chisaki's subordinate's remove Eri's bandages, another subordinate tells Overhaul that he has a phone call from Tomura Shigaraki of the League of Villains who wants Overhaul to listen to his response.

Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl are staking out near Overhaul's hideout, nearly been a week and a half since they began watching Overhaul's movements. Sir Nighteye notices that there are less people going in and out than usual. Suddenly, Bubble Girl gets a phone call from Mirio, who says that he encountered Overhaul. Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl meet up with Izuku and Mirio. Mirio apologizes for messing up, but Sir Nighteye refutes Mirio's apology and says it was his error since if he had been "watching them" from the start it could have been prevented. Bubble Girl is glad that Izuku and Mirio are safe and unharmed since if they had made the wrong move Overhaul would have become suspicious. Izuku comments that he didn't get the sense that Overhaul was dangerous. Sir Nighteye states that a gang of thieves were involved in a truck accident involving Overhaul and the Eight Precepts of Death, but there were "zero casualties" which surprises Izuku. After feeling a sense of pain and loss of consciousness, the gang came out of the incident completely unscathed; not only that, all their chronic illnesses from rheumatism to cavities were all healed without a trace. The reason for this phenomenon is believed to be due to Overhaul's Quirk, but as a result, since there were zero wounded and the gang was apprehended, Overhaul could not be charged with any crimes. The money that was stolen was the only thing that completely vanished without a trace to which the Police Force believed that no crime had occurred. Bubble Girl finishes Sir Nighteye's story by saying that they became suspicious and began a full stakeout.

Mirio tells Sir Nighteye that they gained new information; Overhaul has a daughter named Eri. Izuku mentions that Eri was bandaged and extremely frightened and knows that she was crying for help. Izuku wishes that they could have somehow taken her into custody. Sir Nighteye warns Izuku to not get arrogant thoughts, which surprises Izuku. Sir Nighteye advises Izuku that if he had rushed everything, he would have failed and impatience would have let Overhaul out of his grasp. Sir Nighteye teaches Izuku that he must first predict his opponent's goal and after completing a thorough analysis he must make preparations for every possible circumstance. Sir Nighteye tells Izuku that will alone will not help him save everyone because the truly intelligent villains conceal themselves in darkness which must cause Heroes to bide their time until the opportunity is ripe. With his lesson finished, Sir Nighteye tells Izuku and Mirio to return to his office for today. As Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl leave, Izuku's first day of Internship ended in a flash but left an unpleasant truth in his mouth.

It is the beginning of the week; in Class 1-A, Mina notices the injuries on Katsuki's face, to which Denki mentions that Shouto's face also has injuries, which shocks her. Both Katsuki and Shouto have been through rigorous training at the Provisional License Training Course. Tenya tells the class that the lesson is about to begin and wonders where Ochako and Tsuyu are; Momo states that Ochako and Tsuyu are on authorized absences and Kyouka notices that Eijirou is also absent. Minoru and Mina ask Izuku about his internship, but Izuku is disorientated. Izuku is a deep state of thought about the events that occurred; Sir Nighteye revealed to be All Might's former sidekick, Mirio who was supposed to be All Might's successor and the possible abuse Eri is going through. This murkiness kept getting worse which has been causing Izuku to lose focus in class. Unable to keep going like this, a frustrated Izuku goes to the staff room to find All Might. Midnight tells Izuku that All Might is out jogging.

Outside of U.A, All Might is jogging. Izuku catches up to All Might and asks him if he knew everything; that Sir Nighteye knew about One For All and that Mirio was supposed to be his successor. Izuku wants to know why All Might didn't tell him anything. All Might states that there was a need to tell him everything, to which Izuku yells that there was. Izuku is frustrated with all these new developments and is angry that he is being denied without knowing anything; worst of all, he doesn't know All Might's hidden intentions which is why he is unable to focus. Izuku doesn't understand why All Might didn't tell him these important details and isn't saying this as his fan but as his successor. Izuku demands to know the whole truth. All Might decides to tell Izuku the truth but he mustn't regret it, to which Izuku replies that he won't.

All Might begins his story; Sir Nighteye was a huge fan of his and wanted to be his sidekick, but All Might refused. However, Nighteye was so persistent that All Might eventually let Nighteye be his side kick. Nighteye was the brains of his operations since his physical abilities weren't that impressive. Izuku understands that Sir Nighteye took on a supporting role while All Might fought on the front lines and they got along well. All Might agrees that he and Sir Nighteye got along well, but six years ago, they dissolved their partnership due to his injuries and because of the differences in their values.

Six years ago after the fearsome and gruesome battle with All For One, at a secret facility, Sir Nighteye begs All Might to retire due to his grievous injuries as he doesn't want All Might to push himself to the brink of death. All Might refuses to since the world is waiting for his return and he must answer their pleas. Sir Nighteye tells All Might that his grievous injuries will cause agony for all parties involved and his respiratory system is completely damaged. Sir Nighteye begs All Might to retire and let his legend live on for the sake of the peace he desires. Nedzu agrees with Sir Nighteye and tells All Might that he can look for a One For All successor at U.A, to which Sir Nighteye finds Nedzu's idea to be the best solution. All Might asks who the Symbol of Peace will be until he finds that successor. Even though All For One is gone, they live in a society of superhumans and another All For One will eventually appear. Sir Nighteye helps All Might to his feet and understands the importance of the Symbol of Peace, but if he keeps pushing himself, All Might will no longer be able to smile. If All Might plans on continuing as a Hero, Sir Nighteye states that he will stop supporting him. All Might notices that Nighteye was "looking" at him with his Quirk. Sir Nighteye tries getting All Might to agree, saying that even if he retires, the next Number One Hero will eventually rise and although that "short while" will be difficult they may be able to ward the villains off. However, All Might still refuses since that short while will be a period of fear. All Might notes that Nighteye's Foresight is never wrong, to which Sir Nighteye fears as he has seen what will happen to All Might at this rate. Sir Nighteye states the reason he is here is to help All Might, while All Might states that him staying here would be of no use to the world. Sir Nighteye tells All Might the truth regarding his future in order to coerce him into retirement to save him; that All Might will confront a villain and head towards a gruesome demise, one so terrible that he cannot put into words.

All Might tells Izuku that after his fight with Sir Nighteye regarding his future, they went their separate ways. Nedzu recommended Mirio Toogata, but he ended up meeting Izuku before he met Mirio. All Might did not want to tell Izuku all of this since he was his fan and apologizes. Izuku is shocked and distraught with the truth All Might told him; that All Might may die soon.

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