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Sharp Blade (?) is a villain, and is one of the roughly seventy villains recruited by the League of Villains for the U.S.J. Incident, making him a minor antagonist of the U.S.J. Arc.


Sharp Blade is a lean man with backward brown hair. He wears a black body suit, a pair of pointed shades, and a black half mask covering the bottom half of his face. He also wears gray gloves that reach his elbows, a utility belt, and a pair of braces around his shoulders.



U.S.J. Arc

Sharp Blade is one of the horde villains who invaded the U.S.J. led by Tomura Shigaraki. Sharp Blade was sent to the Conflagration Zone by Kurogiri, and was part of the squad that attacked Mashirao Ojiro when he was sent there. During the fight, he expressed annoyance at Mashirao's ability to dodge in the terrain and tried to find him. However, during this search Sharp Blade would be ambushed and knocked out by Mashirao. Following the arrival of the authorities, Sharp Blade would be arrested alongside the majority of the villains.




Knives: Sharp Blade is seen carrying a pair of knives.

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