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We are Humarise's Chosen Ones.
The Serpenters in "World Heroes' Mission"

Serpenters (サーペンターズ Sāpentāzu?) are a villain duo comprised of twin brothers Ena (エナ Ena?) and Dio (ディオ Dio?). They work for Flect Turn in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


The Serpenters are men of average build and fair skin with bowl-cut indigo hair, yellow reptilian eyes with dark purple markings surrounding them, and a set of large fangs.

Each of them wear a simple red and white tunic with gray, presumably snake skin, boots.

When boosted by Trigger, they become more vicious and snake-like. Markings appear on their faces, their hair flares up becoming spiky, their mouths stretch to their ears and their teeth grow sharp



The Serpenters' personalities are exactly alike, both are devoted to carrying out Flect's plan. They joined Humarise's cause despite having Quirks so that they would be spared from the genocide on Quirk users.

They are very erratic and excitable, eager to fight and kill any opponent they face, laughing maniacally all the while.


Overall Abilities: The Serpenters were an incredibly dangerous pair with an undying lust for battle and masterful handling on their Quirk. Their combined might is used to overwhelm and surprise opponents with swift and powerful strikes that slice their opponents apart while grappling with their swords to maneuver in the air. Their skill allowed them to overwhelm and contend with Katsuki Bakugo, one of U.A. High School‘s most powerful students, and almost kill him upon utilizing Trigger.


Sword Kill (ソード・キル Sōdo Kiru?): Both brothers have a Quirk that allows them to transform their arms into extendable bellow swords that can be used to attack and grapple. When boosted by Trigger, they are able to create seven at a time, an additional four from their upper back and one from their mouths.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • The Serpenters are referred to as the Twin Villains (双子ヴィラン Futago Viran?).[1]


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