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The Serpenters in Volume Heroes Rising

Serpenters (サーペンターズ Sāpentāzu?) is a villain duo comprised of twin brothers Ena (エナ Ena?) and Dio (ディオ Dio?). They work for Flect Turn in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


The Serpenters are men of average build and fair skin with bowl-cut indigo hair, yellow reptilian eyes with dark purple markings surrounding them, and a set of large fangs.

Each of them wear a simple red and white tunic with gray, presumably snake skin, boots.

When boosted by Trigger, they become more vicious and snake-like. Markings appear on their faces, their hair flares up becoming spiky, their mouths stretch to their ears and their teeth grow sharp





Sword Kill (ソード・キル Sōdo Kiru?): Both brothers have a Quirk that allows them to manifest bellow swords from their arms and shoulders. When boosted by Trigger, they are able to create six at a time, one from each arm and four from their upper back.



  • The Serpenters are referred to as the Twin Villains (双子ヴィラン Futago viran?)[2]

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