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You go and erase a guy’s Quirk… and start twirling around with that weird rag around your neck? Battling against you is a total snoozefest. Specially cuz I don’t get to really shine. And tell me – what’s the freakin’ point when you just lose in a fistfight anyway? Take your boring parlor tricks and go home, loser.
Sensoji to Shota Aizawa in "Taking in a Stray"

Sensoji ( (せん) (そう) () Sensōji?), also known as Mister Blaster,[1] was a former student at U.A. High School in Class 2-B from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.[2] He would later graduate and become a Pro Hero.[3]


Sensoji is a large, bulky boy, possessing defined muscles and wide shoulders. He has a sharp eyes and no eyebrows, a pointy nose, as well as a prominently large, square jaw. His hair has sideburns and short for the most part, except in the nape area, where his hair is a bit longer, and a pointy pompadour.

His hero costume is composed of a tight, dark, sleeveless tank top, with the chest area of another color separated by white lines; dark trousers with knee pads, and fingerless gloves with forearm guards. A characteristic of his gloves in which in the palms there are circular ring-like elements that is where Sensoji shoots his Quirk. These "rings" appear as decorative elements on the shoulders, belt and knee pads of the suit. Sensoji also wore shades to prevent his Quirk from blinding him, but after breaking them, he replaced them with goggles with dark lens.


Sensoji has proven to be an arrogant and self-centered person who thinks he is the best, despising those he considers weak and inadequate to be heroes. This attitude has led him to antagonize Shota Aizawa for having what he considers a weak Quirk. This behavior makes him a sore loser, being unable to bear the fact that he was defeated by Shota and Oboro Shirakumo.

His arrogance also leads him to be quite hypocritical, praising his own ideas and getting upset when others had the same idea that him, accusing them of copying him even though Sensoji himself has copied the idea from others. This could be seen during a school training. Sensoji claimed that he came up with the idea to wear shades as part of his hero costume to help manage his Quirk when in reality he got the idea from Hizashi Yamada, but it bothered him a lot to see that Shota was wearing goggles for similar reasons, assuming that Shota is just copying him. Later, he starts wearing goggles himself, declaring he came up with the idea because they are more effective than his shades. Hizashi accuses him of copying Shota, something Sensoji doesn't like to admit.

However, he knows how to congratulate when another person has done a great job facing a villain, even towards those for whom he feels antipathy.



Blast: Sensoji's Quirk allows him to create blasts from the palms of his hands. However, these blasts produce a flashing light that blinds Sensoji.


Shades (formerly): Sensoji temporarily wore shades to prevent the flashing light produced by his Quirk to blind him. However, since Shota hurt his pride by defeating him, he destroyed them.[4]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

School Days Arc
59. Rain and Cloud Absent
60. Taking in a Stray Debut
61. Two as One Absent
62. Glass Sky Appears
63. Find That Resolve Appears
64. Fight On, Shota Appears
65. A Sky with No Rain Left Flashback


  • Sensoji's name contains the kanji characters for "to flash" (?), "run" (?), and "temple" (?).


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