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Sekoto Peak ( () () () (たけ) Sekoto take?) is a mountainous region close to the city. It is an area covered with trees, vegetation and streams. Several members of the Todoroki Family went to this place in order to train their Quirks.[1][2]


Sekoto Peak engulfed in flames.

Enji Todoroki used to go there to train.[1] Later, his firstborn, Toya Torodoki, would also visit Sekoto Peak several times to train his fire-based Quirk, although he did so in secret.[2] It was here when Toya manifested his blue flames for the first time.

Several days later after this, Sekoto Peak burned completely when Toya was unable to control the flames of his Quirk, engulfing himself and the entirety of the mountain in an astonishing wildfire that could be seen from the city itself, reaching a temperature that exceeded 2,000°C. When the fire was extinguished, the mountain was completely burned, and no trace of Toya was found except a fragment of his lower jaw bone, for which he was pronounced dead.[1][3]


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