Saiko Intelli (印照 (いんてり) 才子 (さいこ) Interi Saiko?) is a second year student from an unknown rival hero school.


Saiko has long, bluish-grey hair and matching color eyes. She wears what appears to be her high school's uniform, which consists of a white beret, a dark blue shirt and trousers, white gloves and boots, and a white double breasted tailcoat. She also wears a monocle on her left eye, with a lavender colored jewel at the end.


Saiko is rather full of herself, being very certain that with her Quirk, she and her classmates would be able to defeat Momo, Tsuyu, Mezo and Kyoka in the Provisional Hero License Exam. Despite this, she appears to have the respect of her classmates, and assumes a leadership position among them.



IQ: Saiko can temporarily enhance her intellect after consuming tea and closing her eyes to think. Since her IQ is already 150 to start with, she becomes a super genius!


  • Her last name is a pun of the word "intelligent".
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