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Sabbath (夜宴 (サバト) Sabato?), full name Black Abyss: Sabbath (深淵 (ブラック) (アン) () 夜宴 (サバト) Burakku Anku Sabato?), is an Ultimate Move performed by Fumikage Tokoyami using the Dark Shadow Quirk.


Sabbath is a technique that combines the elements of Fumikage's Black Abyss and Black Fallen Angel.

Fumikage uses Black Fallen Angel to soar through the air and pick up speed. After gaining enough momentum to glide on his own, Fumikage equips Dark Shadow around his head and creates two large shadow claws around his hands. In mid-air, He strikes his opponent with blinding speed. It can also be used to hit multiple opponents at once.

Fumikage first used this technique to strike down Shihai Kuroiro and Kinoko Komori during the second round of the Joint Training Battle.[1] He later used it against Slice during their battle on Nabu Island.[2]



  • The move was originally named Abyssal Black Body Sabbath in the manga, before it was retconned in the anime and second movie.
  • This move's full name could be a reference to the band, Black Sabbath.


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