Ryukyu Agency vs. Villains is a battle fought between Ryukyu's sidekicks: Uravity, Froppy, and Nejire Chan against unnamed Giant Villains.


Gring Wave!!!

Two villains start a fight using their gigantification Quirks, risking large collateral damage to the city and its residents. Sporting her hero costume, Nejire Hado floats above them, activating her Wave Motion Quirk and charging it to its full potential.

Nejire-chan unleashes her Gring Wave Super Move on both of them to knock them flat on the ground. Curious as always, Nejire asks if the villains are fighting because they have the same Quirk.

As the villains begin to recover, Nejire calls for Uravity and Froppy to finish them off. They use their joint special move Meteor Fafrotskies that sends down dozens of debris on top of the villains, defeating them before they get arrested.[1]


Ryukyu commends her sidekicks for dealing with the situation. Nejire says everything went according to plan and the first-year students agree.

Nejire reveals Gunhead and Selkie turned down their former interns because they didn't have enough accomplishments. Ryukyu replies that she understands that Nejire brought them both to her office because they have the aptitude to be heroes.

Ryukyu says her office will build the girls fighting strength and they might have a chance to investigate the Shie Hassaikai.[1]


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