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Ryukyu Agency & Oki Mariner Crew vs. Smugglers is a battle fought between Pro Hero Ryukyu and her trainees Nejire Chan, Uravity and Froppy and the Oki Mariner Crew against a trio of Trigger smugglers.


The Oki Mariner pursues a suspicious ship.

In one of their sea patrols, the Oki Mariner Crew encounters a stateless ship carrying suspicious cargo, so they decide to pursue it when they ignored his order to stop. To the surprise of Selkie and his sidekicks, one of the smugglers jumps out in front of the ship and injects himself a dose of Trigger to boost his Quirk and generate an extensive smokescreen, managing to mislead the Oki Mariner and escape.

All this makes Selkie suspect that that smuggling ship is transporting Trigger, relating it to the destruction of an illicit factory dedicated to its production and the disappearance of large quantities of said drug stored there. Considering the path the ship took, his sidekick Sirius deduces that the smugglers have been hiding on the Verize Islands. Considering how dangerous the Trigger can be, and that the archipelago is difficult to patrol without air aid, Selkie send a request for help to Ryukyu hero agency.

The hunt of the smugglers begins.

Hours later, Ryukyu and her sidekicks Uravity, Froppy, and Nejire Chan meet up with the Oki Marine Crew on one of the islands. After explaining the situation to them, Selkie allows the girls to have fun on the beach, as he is sure that the Trigger ship will not move until nightfall and also because is good for them to relax before starting the mission. When everything is ready, the two teams form three groups to search for the smuggling ship: Ryukyu and Nejire Chan will do it from the sky, Selkie and Froppy will do it from underwater, and the others will watch from the Oki Mariner.[1]


Selkie reports Sirius the smugglers location

As suspected, the smugglers set out to sneak away with their illegal merchandise during the evening, but Selkie finds them and immediately informs the other two groups of their position. Following his usual plan to escape, one of the smugglers consume Trigger and generates large amounts of smoke again to hide the ship and confuse his pursuers, but the heroes had already foreseen that they would use the same trick as before and had planned how to use it against them.

Without smugglers suspecting, Selkie and Froppy approach them from the depths and board the ship. The Sea Rescue Hero begins to use his echolocation abilities of his Quirk to move around the ship smoothly despite the smoke. The smoke villain can hear him but due the same smokescreen he generated he is unable to see him, so he can not do anything when Selkie suddenly appears in front of him and knocks him out with a strong punch.

Selkie defeats one of the villains.

After this, Selkie orders Froppy to stay where he is while he goes to take control of the ship. Shortly after he leaves, Froppy hears strange sounds coming from outside the ship, although due to the smoke she cannot know that it has produced them. Selkie reaches the bridge, where he encounters another smuggler. The villain tries to use Trigger on himself but the hero stops him and easily defeats him with his Super Move Selkie Punch, throwing him off the bridge through one of the windows.

Selkie informs the other teams that he has taken over the smuggling ship. Ryukyu replies that the smoke is beginning to clear and that he already has visual confirmation of the target. Then, Nejire Chan informs her of something behind the boat, and Ryukyu is shocked to check that the boss of the smuggling gang has secretly managed to deploy a seaplane with which to take off and escape along with the cargo.

Sirius ready to shoot Ochaco.

Regretting not having noticed it earlier, Froppy uses her long tongue to latch herself onto the plane before it gains higher and higher altitude, but her tongue is not long enough to reach it. Ryukyu tries to chase after him, but the plane turns out to be too fast for her. Selkie is frustrated at the idea that they have failed in their mission, but Sirius reminds him not to give up too soon, because there is still a chance to stop the villain. Using the Oki Mariner's harpoon cannon, she fires a projectile carrying a weightless Uravity at the fleeing plane.

Uravity knocks out the boss.

The force of the shot brings Uravity close enough to the target to use the grappling hook from her hero costume. While aiming, she thinks about how she can’t rush in without thinking, like she did during the Joint Training exercise. With the mind clear, she shoots out the hook which attaches itself to the tail plane, allowing her to get on board. The smuggler is confused but before he can act, Uravity quickly defeats him with her super move Gunhead Martial Arts: Gravity Plus, knocking him out.

Unfortunately, one of the propellers starts to fail, and with the smuggler boss unconscious, there is no one to handle the seaplane and it begins to fall into the sea. Uravity doesn't know what to do, and when she uses the yoke only makes the situation worse. Selkie tries to guide her but the plane still stalling, so Froppy pleads with her friend to evacuate, but Uravity refuses as she doesn't want the drugs and chemicals to mess up the ocean ecosystem.

Ryukyu lands the plane gently.

Ryukyu orders her to use her Quirk on the seaplane to make it weightless. Uravity is not sure she can do it as it is too heavy, but she gives her the motivation not to give up. Ryukyu puts her plan in motion and generates powerful winds with her dragon wings to propel Nejire Chan forward, who then uses her Nejire Wave to slow the seaplane down. Uravity the uses her Quirk. At that moment, Uravity uses her Quirk to its maximum power and she manages to make the aircraft stop falling and float in the air, allowing Ryukyu to grab it and safely land it gently in the sea without causing any damage to the fuselage.

Uravity feels a bit funny from having used her power over her limit, but thanks to that the mission ends in success.[1]


The mysterious person doesn't care what happened.

With the smugglers arrested and the illegal shipment requisitioned by the authorities, Uravity, Froppy, Nejire Chan and Selkie return to the beach to enjoy their victory. While they are having fun, Selkie reports Ryukyu that the smugglers were mere couriers who transported drugs to the European country of Otheon, but that they are unaware about the intention for the drugs, and that it is unknown who hired them because they used a fake name. Despite this, everything should be fine now since they managed to halt their plans.

Meanwhile, in an unknown place, the person responsible for this illicit operation does not give too much importance to this minor setback, considering that they already have everything they need to begin their plan to save humanity.[1]


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