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Mirko vs. High-Ends is a battle between the No. 5 Pro Hero Mirko and five High-End Nomu. In this fight, Mirko attempts to reach Kyudai Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki while the High-Ends defend them.


Mirko makes short work of the Nomu blocking her path.

During the early stages of the police raid on Jaku General Hospital, Mirko goes ahead of the other members of the Hospital Raid Team in order to find Doctor Garaki's secret laboratory as quickly as possible. The Rabbit Hero rushes through the morgue of the hospital and is confronted by several Nomu. She relays the incoming enemies to her allies as another large swarm of Nomu attack them at the same time.[1]

Mirko enjoys the wild rush of battle and strikes her way through all the Nomu impeding her path with a furious barrage of kicks. Combined with her incredible speed, the Rabbit Hero's flurry of kicks cuts through all the Nomu and she's able to burst into the mad scientist's secret lair just before he's warped to safety.

Mirko breaks into Garaki's secret laboratory.

By blasting through the wall of the lair, Mirko crushes the little Jonny Nomu, preventing it from using the Warping Quirk and ultimately killing it. Mirko asks if this Doctor Garaki is the genuine article while the evildoer screams in terror. [2]

The impact of Mirko's entrance not only killed Johnny but shattered several tanks of Nomu and Quirk duplication equipment. She radios to Endeavor and tells him that she found the Doctor and a bunch of peculiar-looking Nomu. The No. 1 Hero asks Mirko to capture the Doctor.[3]

The Rabbit Hero rushes at the Doctor and prepares to deliver a strong kick, but another small Nomu stops her from doing so. She kills the Nomu with a single kick, but this buys the Doctor just enough time to activate the High-End Nomu within his lab.[4]


"Things are just starting to heat up!"

Five High-Ends suddenly burst out of their containment tanks and attack Mirko. The Woman High-End manages to send Mirko flying back with a straight open-handed strike to her face, but not before Mirko kicks off her other hand and the arm of a second attacking Nomu.

Mirko is sent crashing into the area above her opponents. The High-Ends realize they've been awakened and express their excitement to go wild. Mirko frees herself from the tubing in the wall and despite her injuries, taunts the Doctor for fleeing into the inner sanctum of his lair. Excited for a good fight, Mirko claims things are just getting heated up. [5]

The Rabbit Hero surmises that the Doctor is trapped inside that section of the lair and decides to taunt him. The High-Ends are surprised to see that she survived the initial attack. Mirko jumps at her opponents and reveals her own legs canceled out the impact. She leaps clean over the Nomu and makes a mad dash for the Doctor. However, Mirko is caught in the tentacles coming from one of the High-End's head.

The Elephant-like High-End and the Woman High-End instantly converge on her, as the Nomu reveal their orders are to brutalize the enemy. The Rabbit Hero flips her torso downward, shifting her legs upward, allowing her to block both Nomu from landing a hit. The tentacle High-End attempts to restrain her, but Mirko tears through the tentacles and strikes the other two High-Ends at the same time with her Luna Ring Ultimate Move!

Luna Tijeras!!

The tentacles were able to throw Mirko's aim off, so her vertical spinning kick landed too shallow of a blow to put down the Elephant and Woman High-Ends. She turns her attention to the tentacle-head High-End and blitz's past it's tentacle attacks, blasting them apart with incredible speed in the process.

Mirko maneuvers herself behind and above her target and prepares to deliver a fierce downward kick. However, the helmet-headed High-End uses a spatial distortion Quirk to destroy Mirko's forearm completely. The No. 5 Hero's intense willpower allows her to ignore the pain. The tentacle-headed Nomu attempts to inflate it's back and reinforce its defense with bones. Mirko breaks through its defense but is unable to land a direct hit to the head, even so, she lands a powerful blow with a second Ultimate Move: Luna Fall!

Directly afterward, Mirko flips rapidly at the helmet-headed Nomu and prepares to get its head in a scissor hold. The Nomu is surprised by her undaunted attitude and the No. 5 Hero reveals that she knows those who fight at long range are sorry fighters in close quarters. Using her Luna Tijeras Ultimate Move, Mirko severs the High-Ends head with a powerful scissor kick maneuver.

The High-Ends begin to truly awaken and begin to overwhelm the No.5 Hero.

Mirko knows she can't finish the job if she ignores her severed arm. She faces her remaining opponents and reminds them that the No. 5 Hero will never lose to a bunch of mindless Nomu.[6]

As the fight rages on, the High-Ends begin to truly awaken. Mirko begins missing all her attacks and realizes it's not the result of her injuries, but the result of the Nomu finally opening their eyes. Even with as much fun as she's having, Mirko prioritizes the mission and attempts to make a direct line for the Doctor using her speed. She makes it through the small tunnel and comes flying into the inner sanctum with the full intention of destroying the holding tank with Tomura Shigaraki inside.

One High-End is able to follow her and pierces her lifted leg with its tentacles, also slashing off a piece of her face as well. Even so, Mirko refuses to give in because she knows a hero never ever gives up. Thanks to the arrival of Endeavor, the tentacle-headed Nomu is taken care of and Mirko is able to reach Tomura's tank.[7]

Mirko tries to blitz past the High-Ends in a last-ditch effort to stop Tomura form awakening.

As Mirko approaches Tomura's tank, she can feel her Rabbit instincts screaming to her that this guy is bad news now and he can't be allowed to wake up. The Woman High-End is able to free their tentacle-headed ally from Endeavor's grasp, allowing the tentacles to piece Mirko's lower leg and slash the side of her torso. The Rabbit Hero continues to ignore the pain and manages to shatter the front of Tomura's tank using her Luna Arc Ultimate Move.

However, she's unable to completely destroy the tank and is dragged away by the tentacles. Endeavor acts quickly to save Mirko and she yells for everyone else to keep fighting to stop Tomura from awakening at all costs.[8]


Mirko ends severely wounded after her fight with the Nomu.

Following her critical role in the fight, Endeavor brings Mirko to a safe space and cauterizes her wounds closed to stop her from losing too much blood. The No. 1 Hero thinks to himself about how its only been five minutes since she radioed into him and surmises that she fought multiple High-Ends all alone.

The Woman High-End finds Endeavor and attacks him. At the same time, Mirko radios to Crust and the others, telling them not to let Tomura awaken the same way the High-Ends did.[9] Before long, reinforcements from the rest of the Hospital Raid Team arrives and restrains the High-End, allowing Endeavor to deal a finishing blow.[10]


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