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You both know right? This case's secret!
Rogone to Rody Soul in "World Heroes' Mission"

Rogone (ロゴン Rogon?) is a villain working for Flect Turn in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Rogone is a somewhat slim man with long hair, red skin, sunken eyes and a thin moustache. He also has several traits that resemble a Japanese Oni, including an underbite with two sharp teeth poking out from his lower jaw, a pointed horn protruding from the middle of his forehead that curves upwards and sharp fingernails.

He wears a costume similar to Sidero and Beros with no significant differences in design.

In his transformed state, Rogone gains a large amount of muscle mass, as well as a significant amount of belly fat. His skin turns a darker red and sprouts two larger horns from the sides of his head and his teeth and jaws grow as well.


Like most of the Humarise members, Rogone is devoted to carrying out Flect's plan.



Iron Club (アイアン・クラブ Aian Kurabu?): Rogone can transform into an Oni-like creature with immense physical strength, standing at 229cm tall. In this form he can then transform both his arms into spiked clubs strong enough to crush bedrock.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Rogone's English voice actor, Jason Douglas, also voices Fourth Kind.


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