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The Robber Villain is a villain of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


The Robber Villain has a plump body with dark skin. His head is rounded, noseless and with pointy hears, although the most characteristic is an antenna at the top, with three "smoke holes" on each side. His shoulders also have three "smoke holes".

He is clothed with a black vest with light trims and white pants. He wears a handkerchief around his neck, two black armbands with clear linings and boots.

He is always seen smoking three cigarettes.


The Robber Villain usually has a fierce and moody personality, prone to get angry when his plans don't proceed smoothly as he would like. However, he does not let his angry personality control his actions, having enough sense to avoid confronting heroes and law enforcement, preferring to use his Quirk to escape than to fight, using violence only when he has no other choice.


The villain was robbing an office in Tasomiya Ward when Midnight and Loud Cloud arrive to stop him. Not wishing to face them, the Robber Villain uses his Quirk to generate smoke to distract them and run away with the money. Eraser Head tries to stop him, but the villain uses his Quirk against him, blocking Eraser Head's vision, and throws the safe he had stolen at Eraser Head. The Pro Hero, His Purple Highness, deflects his attack. Even so, it generates enough distraction to escape.

Several days later, he commits a robbery again, meeting with Eraser Head in his escape. Like the last time, the Villain thief uses his Quirk on him, but this time Eraser Head wears glasses that protect his eyes from smoke, allowing him to get close enough and use his Erasure to nullify the Quirk. Unable to use his Quirk, Robber Villain tries to attack Eraser Head, but is knocked out by Loud Cloud who attacks him from behind.

After being defeated, the Robber Villain is bound and handed over to the authorities.[1]



Smoke: The Robber Villain's Quirk allows him to blow thick puffs of smoke from the holes on his body. The smoke allows him to conceal his position and movements from enemies' line of sight.


  • His overall appearance is based on Majin Buu from Dragon Ball, even emitting smoke from the holes on his body when angry.


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