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Rivet Stab (鋲突 Byōtotsu?) is a Quirk, that was stolen from an unknown person, used by All For One and later by Tomura Shigaraki.[1]


Rivet Stab allows its user to generate black tendrils that have red prominent cracked lines that extend from the users' fingers,[2] although they can also emerge from other parts of the body such as the spine.[3]

The tendrils can easily pierce bodies. This was seen with Tomura Shigaraki, who used this to pierce Endeavor after being charred by his Prominence Burn, and Katsuki, who pushed the intended target, Izuku, out of the way in time.[4]


Generally, Rivet Stab is used to attack, although All For One also combines it with Forced Quirk Activation to activate the Quirks of other people who are at a certain distance away from him.[2] In this instance, the tendrils didn't injure the target, implying that it can be decided by the user if whether or not they cause harm. The tendrils are also capable of being destroyed, as shown when Izuku tore through them with a great intensity.[5]


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