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Socializing’s always been my thing. Bringing people together, planning stuff… “Miss Popular” and her “Yaritezawa Network”, they’d say. Empty flattery. Cuz before I knew it, I became the eternal “friend of a friend” who they use whenever they need something.
Rin Yaritezawa in "Mixer"

Rin Yaritezawa ( (やり) () (ざわ) リン Yaritezawa Rin?) is a minor character in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. She is a sophomore at Naruhata Women's College.



Rin's bitterness.

At first, she looks like a very sociable and approachable person, due to organizing various mixers, however, she is not so much. Because people tend to abuse her kindness to organize events, she's grown a bit bitter and resentful.

Maybe because of that, Rin really appreciates people who treat her with genuine kindness and gentleness, proof of that is when she began to fall for Koichi when he helped her when she got drunk, behaving in a closer and more friendly way towards him.


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