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Rifle (ライフル Raifuru?) is the Quirk used by Kaina Tsutsumi.[1]


With this Quirk, the user can protrude and retract a rifle gun from their right elbow. Kaina bends her elbow up so that her hand is to her shoulder and opens a cavity in her elbow, from which the rifle comes out of. The rifle seems to be made out of organic matter.

She can also manifest a tendril of flesh from her arm that she can curl up and make act as rifle scope, allowing her to make more precise shots if needed.[2] Another attribute of her gun is that she can dramatically increase its power output, causing the gun to expand and bulge out. This greatly increases the velocity of her shots, though it does run the risk of jamming her gun.[3]

She can remove parts of her hair and mix and mold the fibers like Epoxy putty into all kinds of special bullets, such as hollow point bullets or bullets that curve. These hair bullets harden and become just as strong as any ammo. She keeps the bullets in a utility belt for later, and fires them from her rifle.

According to Snipe, Rifle has a range of three kilometers.[1]


Since Kaina’s bullets are made from her hair, they can be used to identify her. This is shown when Deku recognised it was her targeting him after seeing the dark blue and pink bullet that was shot at him.

Kaina’s rifle is vulnerable to being damaged or broken should an enemy be quick enough to evade her shots and launch a strong attack from up close.[3]


Because of Rifle, Kaina Tsutsumi is considered Japan's top sniper, above the likes of Snipe, and was admired and envied by Heroes with long-range Quirks all over Japan. Snipe expressed how she could far exceed his Homing Quirk's 600 meter range with pure skill alone, and went as far as to call her a sniper rifle in human form.

Kaina's marksmanship itself is based solely on pure skill and smart use of her custom bullets, even installing microphones in them so she can send real time messages from and across long distances. She has incredible control and precision with her Quirk, as she managed to get a hit on Deku despite him having Danger Sense. Her control is so precise that she can fire accurately with her rifle pointed behind her back.[2] She also claims that no one has ever blocked two of her shots in a row, except Deku.

As expected of a sniper, Kaina maintains her distance from her targets and fires continuous bullets to keep them at bay. Bad weather also does not seem to affect her performance, although a smokescreen can deter her sniping to an extent.

Kaina also has access to Air Walk, gifted to her by All For One, which grants her the ability to gain additional vantage points in mid air. She can move by shooting behind her with Rifle, using the recoil to propel herself forward and keep her altitude.

She also utilizes Rifle for melee combat, as demonstrated when she retracted her rifle and protruded it to strike Izuku in the stomach before attempting to shoot him.[4]


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