U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Team Kendo struggles to break out of Shoto's ice.

Reiko finishes the Obstacle Race at 26th place.[1] It is later revealed by Neito that she was a part of the group of Class 1-B students who went along with his plan to hold back in the Obstacle Race so that they could observe Class 1-A's Quirks and tendencies.[2]

She teams up with Itsuka Kendo, Kinoko Komori, and Setsuna Tokage for the Cavalry Battle. Team Kendo attempts to snatch Team Midoriya's headband like many other competitors but Team Todoroki ends up freezing multiple rival teams, including hers. Shoto Todoroki proceeds to snatch Itsuka and Rin's headbands. When the event ends, Reiko and her teammates don't object once Itsuka suggests for their team to allow Team Tetsutetsu to participate in the 1 vs. 1 battles in their place.[3]

Forest Training Camp Arc

Reiko and her classmates notice Class 1-A.

Reiko is seen with Yui Kodai, Kinoko, Pony Tsunotori, and Setsuna when Classes A and B are heading out for the school trip.[4] On the second day of the training camp, she listens along with the rest of her class as their homeroom teacher explains that they will be training their Quirks to improve them. When Class 1-B witness Class 1-A's intense training, the Wild, Wild Pussycats appear to explain that they will be there to help and guide them in their training. During the following days, Jurota trains under Tiger's supervision.[5]

On the night of the third day, Class 1-B acts as the scaring group during the test of courage exercise. However, that night the Vanguard Action Squad also attacks. Reiko is one of the eleven students who were knocked unconscious by Mustard's gas, [6] being rescued later by Shota during the aftermath of the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion.[7]

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Neito Monoma reveals that all of Class 1-B has passed the Provisional Hero License Exam.[8]

Along with her classmate Itsuka Kendo, Reiko is one of the few class 1-b students who end up doing the Work-Studies.[9]

U.A. School Festival Arc

Reiko helps Itsuka for the Beauty Pageant.

Like the rest of her classmates, Reiko participates in the School Festival by helping her friend Itsuka prepare for U.A.'s Beauty Pageant contest. When Neito Monoma, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, and Yosetsu Awase barge in to check on Itsuka, Reiko tells them not to barge in so unexpectedly. Later on, Reiko presumably watches Itsuka perform in the Beauty Pageant during the School Festival.[10]

Joint Training Arc

"Round 5 Start!"

Reiko, along with the rest of Class 1-B are pitted against Class 1-A as part of the Joint Training Battle. She is placed in the fifth round of match-ups. She is placed in the fifth round of match-ups after drawing lots, teaming up with Yui Kodai, Nirengeki Shoda, and Neito Monoma against Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Mina Ashido, and Minoru Mineta. Hitoshi Shinso from Class 1-C is later put on her team.[11]

As the matches go on, Reiko and her teammates watch Neito in exasperation as he shows further signs of insanity.[12] While waiting for their upcoming match, they discuss the strategy to use against Izuku's team. Reiko notes that Izuku Midoriya could serve as a major threat to Team 5-B's victory, highlighting his newly-developed fighting technique. She then notes that Izuku could easily catch her team off-guard even by a second. Class 1-B decides that Izuku is their top priority, with Hitoshi and Neito combining their powers to defeat him while the other Ningereki, Reiko and Yui face Izuku's teammates.[13] Before starting the fight, let Neito copy her Quirk.

Reiko unleashes a barrage of falling metal on Pinky.

The fifth round of the Joint Training Battle commences, and Class 1-B proceeds to initiate their plan. As Ochaco Uraraka and Minoru Mineta attempt to catch their enemies off-guard, Reiko, Yui, and Nirengeki use this opportunity to attack them with a combined attack. Reiko begins the attack by sending multiple metal objects towards Class 1-A with her Poltergeist Quirk, that are enlarged by Yui and her Size Quirk, and Nirengeki uses his Twin Impact Quirk to add a second wave to the barrage.

As Mina defends her team with her "Acid Veil" Super Move, Minoru notes that Reiko is aiming the objects at random targets as they don't seem to be homing in on their team. Upon scattering 1-A, Team 1-B vows to track down the remaining members in hopes of capturing them for a chance at victory.[14]

However, 1-B's plan is interrupted when Deku's One For All Quirk begins to unleash black tendrils that send him flying across the battlefield. Reiko and her teammates notice Izuku destroying multiple sections of the battlefield.[15] After Hitoshi and Ochaco manage to stop Izuku's out-of-control Quirk, Neito tries to ambush the two 1-A combatants. Neito's attempt fails, which leads to Reiko saving him from getting beaten down by Ochaco. The rest of her teammates follow up, allowing Mina and Minoru to navigate their location. With all participants together, the final match becomes an all-out brawl between 1-A and 1-B.[16]

Uravity swiftly takes out Reiko and Yui.

Class 1-B begins to gain momentum, but the tables are turned quickly. Izuku captures Shinso, and Ochaco manages to lock up Monoma and returns to help her teammates. She karate chops Reiko, knocking her out, and pushes Yui into a trap made of Minoru's Pop Off balls, while, while Mina uppercuts Nirengeki, ending the battle and therefore the Joint Training Exercise with victory for class 1-A.[17][18]

Despite the fierce competition and the result, the exercise ends on good terms between both classes, and later Class 1-B visits Class 1-A's dormitories for socializing and dinner.[19]

Endeavor Agency Arc

Due to the increase of the villain activity, The Public Safety Commission demands all the student heroes for all academies to undergo practical field training, restarting the Hero Work-Studies program. With the announcement of Work-Studies program returning, Reiko and Itsuka return to the agency they went to the previous time.[20]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The months go by until it's late March. Thanks to the police investigation and its spy Hawks, the Hero Public Safety Commission has found out the plans of the Paranormal Liberation Front and its allies. With this information, the Commission organized a large force of Pro Heroes, divided into several teams to take down the villain organization.

While a team of heroes raids the Jaku General Hospital, where the Nomu are created, another team does the same at Gunga Mountain Villa, the Front's main headquarters. Reiko is a member of the Villa Backup Team[21] along with some of her classmates and Class 1-A students. Their mission is to provide support to the heroes who raid the Gunga Mountain Villa and prevent villains from escaping.[22][23]


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