But you want to be a hero, right? That's fine. You're not... bound by his blood. Decide who you want to become. And be all you can be.
Rei Todoroki to Shoto in "Shoto Todoroki: Origin"

Rei Todoroki ( (とどろき) (れい) Todoroki Rei?),[2] née Himura ( () (むら) Himura?),[1] is the wife of Enji Todoroki and the mother of Toya, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto Todoroki.


Rei is a middle-aged woman with an average height and build. She has straight shoulder-length white hair with rather long bangs over her face. Her face has round features, having mellow expressions in casual situations. Her tired-looking eyes are brown-gray with reasonably long eyelashes. Rei was shown to have shorter hair and lighter eyes in the past.

Wearing various civilian clothes, Rei favors plain colors and patterns, such as a yellow jumper and orange t-shirt.



Rei was once kind, caring, and loving towards Shoto and in return, he loved her deeply. She would always support Shoto such as trying to stop her husband's mad training methods and encouraging her son to become the man he wants to be, indicating her selflessness.[3]

However, the constant abuse that she received from her husband caused her to become mentally unstable. This is seen where Rei admitted that she was slowly becoming repulsed by her own children due to her seeing their resemblance to her husband in them. Eventually, her mentality became unstable to the point that one day she finally snapped upon seeing Shoto's left side, which reminded her of Enji. This caused her to throw a kettle of boiling water she had near her over her son's face, burning him. She did not, however, do this out of hatred for Shoto, but rather due to her mental instability and it is later revealed that after doing so, she immediately attempted to soothe her son's burns using her ice Quirk, while hysterically apologizing to him and asking herself why she did it.[3] Rei herself was shown to acknowledge her deteriorating mental state and was fearful for her children's safety when it became apparent that she was beginning to find them repulsive.

After staying at a psychiatric ward and being away from her husband, Rei has shown to have returned to her past kind, caring self. Upon meeting her son again, she apologized and smiled through tears after he tells her that he forgave her, and the two restored their loving relationship.[4] She also receives visits from her other children, Natsuo and Fuyumi, and appears to receive small gifts from her husband, although she is yet to see him face to face out of fear.[2] Her kindness and compassion is shown when she understands the internal struggle Enji is facing, and from this, Natsuo is able to understand that Rei has faith in him despite all of the trauma he put her through.

Despite her kind nature, Rei is surprisingly strong-willed. After having seen her eldest son's broadcast and learning the truth that Toya was alive and had become a mass murderer, instead of breaking down, she became determined to address the situation with the rest of her family. She went to the hospital where her husband and youngest son were being treated, and when Enji was expressing his guilt and shedding tears, Rei reminded him that the rest of their family suffered from these feelings more than he has, and explained to him that she came to talk about their family and about Toya.[5] Despite her anger towards her husband for what she and her children had endured, she also understood that she too had been unable to see the truth of what her eldest son was as young a child, a sense of guilt she shares with Enji and a burden she pointed out to him is not his alone.

Due to her recovery and her reclaiming of her sanity, Rei has shown herself to be a forgiving and understanding woman, determined to do what she can to help her husband recover and to put an end to their family's dark legacy in Dabi once and for all.



Unnamed Ice Quirk: Rei's Quirk gives her the ability to generate ice. This Ice Quirk is presumably very powerful, given that it impressed Enji enough that he wanted an offspring with a combination of this Quirk and his own. It can be assumed that this Quirk holds the same weakness as Shoto's ice, in that her body will be covered in frostbites if it’s overused. This Quirk also gives her a liking for cooler weather.[2]



Chapter Appearances

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301. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 Appears
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304. Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi Absent
305. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Pictured
306. The Final Act Begins Absent


  • Rei is one of Shoto's driving forces to become a hero one day, which is shown in a flashback when she inspires him while the two of them are watching an All Might TV interview.
  • According to Shoto, he spends most of his free time with his mother in the hospital.
  • Rei's name contains the kanji for "cold" ( rei?), and her maiden name contains the kanji for "ice" ( hi?) and "gathering, collection" ( mura?).


  • (To her mother) "Mom...I know it's not right, but I can't do it anymore. The children, they're...like him more and more every day. And Shoto... his left side. Sometimes I look at him and hate what I see. I...can't raise him anymore. I shouldn't raise him..."[3]
  • (To Shoto) "But you want to be a hero, right? That's fine. You're not... bound by his blood. Decide who you want to become. And be all you can be."[3]
  • (To Enji) "Yes? What about your heart? Those regrets and guilt...the rest of us have borne that burden...much more than you have."[5]
  • (To Enji) "You don’t get to claim you’re hurting more than anyone. And you're not the only one who didn't really see him."[1]


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