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This article is about Tomura Shigaraki's former Quirk. For Flect Turn's version, see Reflect.

Reflect ( (はん) (しゃ) Hansha?) was a stolen Quirk used by Tomura Shigaraki.[1] It was destroyed when Tomura stole Cathleen Bate's New Order.[2]


Reflect allows the user to copy any attack they are hit with and recreate the same attack themselves at the same strength. They can absorb multiple sources at the same time, but it releases in one direction all at once. There does not seem to be a power limit on Tomura's reflected attacks, but he does have to take the hit in order to reflect it.


Tomura used Reflect in conjunction with Scatter against Star and Stripe. After being blasted by multiple laser cannons, he fired the same lasers back before regenerating from the injury. By incorporating Scatter into his attack, he was able to fire back in multiple directions at once.


  • This Quirk shares resembles to the "Absorption and Release" Quirk used by the Four-Eyed Hosu Nomu, as both abilities absorb attacks after being hit and send them back to their opponents.


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