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This article is about Flect Turn's Quirk. For Tomura Shigaraki's version, see Reflect.

Reflect (リフレクト Rifurekuto?) is the Quirk used by Flect Turn.[1]


Reflect allows the user to absorb energy and send it back in the opposite direction. When something strikes them, a spiralling wave of energy forms from behind, and the same attack is rebound back at the opponent. Flect can automatically use this Quirk to counter both physical and ranged attacks, making it very difficult to harm him.

This Quirk is always active, and anytime the user makes contact with anyone and anything, they will be reflected away, even without the user's intent.[2]


Due to always being active, anyone who makes contact with Flect will be harmed by his Quirk. Because of this, he could never develop any sort of emotional bond with anyone, directly leading to his ostracization from society and his extreme hatred of Quirks.

Reflect drains Flect's stamina proportionally to the strength of the energy reflected, and while he didn't realize this for most of his life, he eventually learned that it is difficult for him to deal with sustained attacks for an extended period of time. Because of this, he was unable to handle the amount of hits from Izuku Midoriya's United States of World Smash, with the fierce flurry of his powerful attacks completely overloading the Quirk.


Flect uses Reflect in conjunction with his Arachne exoskeleton, which he can use to control the reflections, changing their directions, as well as redirecting the energy to act as thrusters, enabling flight. In combat, his strategy involves hovering in one spot and relying on his base's turrets to wear down the opponent while automatically reflecting any attack that comes his way.


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