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Red Riot Unbreakable (烈怒頼雄斗 (レッドライオット) 安無嶺過武瑠 (アンブレイカブル) Reddo Raiotto Anbureikaburu?) is an Ultimate Move performed by Eijiro Kirishima using his Hardening Quirk.


Eijiro brings his Quirk beyond its limit to harden his body as much as possible. This transforms Eijiro into a form that is extremely rugged, giving him a monstrous appearance, but possesses great offensive and defensive power.

In this form, Eijiro can completely nullify most forms of attacks. Sharp and blunt attacks that could normally break through Eijiro's standard hardened skin cannot pierce this armored mode. His attack power also receives a significant boost as his attacks become more fierce.[1][2]

This move later inspired Mina Ashido to create Acidman.[3]


Red Riot Unbreakable, however, despite its augmented offensive and defensive properties, can be worn down with repeated hits, namely powerful ones. Kendo Rappa's heavy strikes effortlessly broke through this form. Eijiro can counteract this through strong will by continuously re-hardening after his defenses are broken.[4] Also, he has noted that this form can only be used for forty seconds at a time.[5]



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