Red Gauntlet ( (レッ) () (ガン) () (レッ) () Reddo Gantoretto?) is a Super Move performed by Eijiro Kirishima.


Eijiro hardens his body and strikes his opponent with a fist stronger than stone. This blow can break through attacks and act as both an offensive and defensive maneuver. Its power can be further boosted if Eijiro is using Red Riot Unbreakable.


  • Originally, this move was named Red Gun Turret when it was used to defeat the Blade Villain in Esuha Market.[1] Eijiro would later rename it Red Gauntlet.[2]
  • This move is similar in nature to Steel Fist.
    • Tetsutetsu's pose while performing his super move is essentially the same as Eijiro's when the latter performed Red Gauntlet for the first time.


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