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Recovery Girl's Nurse's Office (リカバリーガールス保健室 Rikabarī Gārusu hokenshitsu?) is an infirmary located in U.A. High School. It is maintained by Recovery Girl.


The interior of the office has a work desk for Recovery Girl, including a computer and a drawer with unspecified medicine next to it. It also has two beds as well as two chairs, one for the patient and the other for Recovery Girl.[1] The whole room is decorated with medicinal posters on the walls.

Branch Offices

The Recovery Girl Branch Nurse's Offices are additional infirmaries located in different parts of the U.A. campus. There is at least one of these located in the Sports Festival Stadium. During the Final Exams Arc, Recovery Girl set up a tent near the test-taking locations that worked like a temporary infirmary as well.


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