Recipro Extend (レシプロエクステンド Reshipuro Ekusutendo?) is a variation of the Recipro Burst Super Move performed by Tenya Ida using the Engine Quirk.


Normally after Tenya uses his Recipro Burst technique, his engines would overheat and stall. However, the radiators installed in his hero costume's legs release this heat and allow Tenya's engines to cool much quicker. Once his engines are cooled and ready to be used again, Tenya can use Recipro Extend to gain another burst of incredible speed.

When his engines are forced into overdrive using Recipro Extend, Tenya appears to gain even more explosive power than the initial Recipro Burst, enough so to propel him into the air fast enough that even the agile Stain was unable to defend against it.[1]

During the Final Exams Arc Tenya used this move again to pass the practical exam. Tenya uses a normal Recipro Burst and would run then later Tenya jumps into the air and uses his mufflers to gain another burst of speed and while he is in the air he preforms a somersault with immense speed. During the practical exam, Tenya used this move to get Mashirao Ojiro through the escape gate in order to get pass Power Loader to pass their practical exam.[2]


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