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This article is about the former Instant Villain. For the student in Class 1-B, see Setsuna Tokage.

Rapt Tokage ( (とお) () () ラプト Tōkage Raputo?)[2] is a former Instant Villain. He is friends with Soga Kugisaki and Moyuru Tochi.


Rapt has a lizard-like appearance with turquoise scales. His head is a long oval shape, his sharp-toothed mouth stretching the whole way across it, and he possesses large, reptilian eyes. His nose appears to just be two small nostrils, and he also has a tail.

He wears a hooded jacket, a waistcoat, and simple shorts.

After taking Trigger, Rapt becomes even more lizard-like and grows wings.


Like Soga, originally he was a bully who enjoyed humiliating others and watching other people being humiliated by his friends. He was also usually the first to laugh at others.

Despite this, he shows concern for his friends and helps them whenever he can. He also has a more humorous personality, liking to make jokes, and teasing his friends. He has some sense of responsibility, learning from his mistakes, such as when after being hospitalized because of Trigger, he decides not to use it again despite the good experience he had.



Lizard (トカゲ Tokage?): Rapt's Quirk appears to be a lizard-based mutant-type Quirk. The extent of his Quirk’s abilities are unknown.

Under Trigger's effects, he becomes more lizard-like and grows pterodactyl-like wings that allow him to fly.

Chapter Appearances

Vigilantes Beginnings Arc
1. "I'm Here" Debut
2. Takeoff Appears
3. Nice Guy Reborn Absent
4. Honesty Absent
5. Bee Pictured
6. No Need to Hold Back Absent
6+ Alpha. Hero Conference Absent
6+ Beta. Hero Visit Absent
7. Top Runner Absent
7.5. Appearance Matters Absent
8. Him Absent
Stendhal Arc
9. Judgment Pictured
9.5. Mask Pictured
10. Scream Appears
11. Crossing Lines Absent
Vs. Queen Bee Arc
12. Senpai Absent
13. Makoto/Truth Absent
14. MAJOR Absent
15. Playboy Absent
16. Mom Descends Absent
17. Tag Team! Absent
18. Force of Will Acceleration! Absent
19. Family Appears
20. Event Announcement! Absent
21. Ensemble, Assemble! Absent
22. The Day Of Absent
23. Daughter Absent
24. A Father-Daughter Talk Absent
25. Goodbye to Dad Absent
26. Tamao Absent
27. Business as Usual Absent
28. What a Man Takes with Him Absent
Sky Egg Arc
36. Must-Have Merchandise Absent
37. Public and Private Absent
38. High-Speed Absent
39. A Rational Man Absent
40. A Rational Team-Up Absent
41. Ultimate Move! Absent
42. Mixer Absent
43. Casanova Absent
44. One Outrageous Traveler Absent
45. The Man Returns Appears
46. Christmas Eve Hero Absent
47. Farewell Party! Absent
48. Investigation Start! Steamy Romance Spotted?! Absent
49. Zero Hour Absent
50. Defend the Tower! Absent
51. I Do What I Can Absent
52. Balloon Soul Absent
53. Limits and Catastrophe Absent
54. Hotline Absent
55. This Is a Hero!! Absent
56. I'm No Hero Absent
57. Explosive Man Absent
58. International Flight Home Absent
Final Performance Arc
66. Graduation and Career Path Absent
67. Professional / International / Spicy Curry Absent
68. I'd Better Not Lose Absent
69. Hero on the Scene Absent
70. True Self Absent
71. Thanks for the Guidance Absent
72. Searching for You Absent
73. The Queen Descends Absent
74. After the Storm Appears
75. Letter Appears
76. Deadly Weapon Appears
77. Strategy Appears
78. Dispatch Appears
79. Inferno Number Two Appears
80. Who's That, Now? Flashback
81. Bee My Pop Flashback
82. High-Speed Hero II Absent
83. Criminal in the Midst Absent
84. Hero's Dreams Appears
85. Cross-Examination Appears
Underground Masquerade Arc
86. Masked Fighting Tournament Appears
87. RAP RAP RAP Absent
88. Hide Head, Don't Hide Ears Absent
89. Brawl! Tiger Bunny Absent
90. Team-Up in the Underground Absent
91. Running Plan B Absent
92. Might Signal Absent
93. Three Second Offense and Defense Absent
94. Rhizomes Absent
94.5. Tanuma Report Pictured
Naruhata Lockdown Arc
95. Moon Appears
96. Negotiations Appears
97. Pursuers Flashback
98. A Rational Persuasion Method Appears
99. Invasion of the Faceless Appears
100. Super Explosion! Absent
101. Fly at Night Appears
102. Intruder Appears
103. Aim for the Head Appears
104. This Face Appears
105. Escape Start Appears
106. Chase of Crawlers Appears
107. A Hundred Hits Absent
108. The Variant Absent
109. Culmination Appears
110. Careless Absent
111. Return of the Fist Flashback
112. The Old-Timer Absent


  • His name contains the kanji for "ten" (?), "day" (?), and "summer" (?) and is pronounced similarly to the Japanese word for "lizard" (蜥蜴 tokage?).
    • His name "Raputo" is the Japanese pronunciation for Raptor.
  • His favorite things are manga and video games.[1]
  • He shares his surname, Tokage, with a U.A. High School student, Setsuna Tokage. However, both surnames are composed of different characters and thus, have different spellings.
  • Rapt shares his birthday with Mirio Togata and Izuku Midoriya.


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