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Ragnarök (終焉 (ラグナロク) Ragunaroku?) is an Ultimate Move performed by Fumikage Tokoyami using the Dark Shadow Quirk.


In an area with a sufficient amount of darkness, Fumikage summons Dark Shadow in his strengthened night form, its head vastly enlarged. In a single shot, Fumikage unleashes Dark Shadow so that it lunges at the target with tremendous destructive power capable of breaking through any obstacle in its way.

Fumikage first used this technique to assault one of the Paranormal Liberation Front's exits, taking out many of its lower-ranking members in one fell swoop, before clashing with one of its lieutenants and strongest members, Re-Destro. As the latter's Stress Quirk was unable to sufficiently support his prosthetic legs against the tremendous pressure Ragnarök put on them, he was overpowered and crashed against a wall.[1]

Related Techniques

Ragnarök Womb.png Womb ( (たい) Tai?): Fumikage summons an enlarged Dark Shadow towards an opponent, who then wraps around and swaddles itself around the target, preventing them from escaping.[2]
Fleeting Blow.png Fleeting Blow ( (ぼう) ?): Using Black Abyss to cover his body with his Dark Shadow, Fumikage channels the power of Ragnarök in his fist and hits his opponent with a massive claw attack.


  • This Ultimate Move shares its name with the term Ragnarök from Norse mythology, which describes a series of apocalyptic events that ultimately lead to the destruction of the world.
    • The move's appearance seems to be an homage to one of the events to happen in the mythological event of Ragnarök. Fenrir will break free and run throughout the world with his lower jaw against the ground and his upper jaw in the sky, devouring everything in his path.


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