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This article is about the Bombers' Quirk. For All For One's version, see Radio Waves.

Radio Waves ( (でん) () () Denjiha?) is the primary Quirk of the EMP Bombers, as well as one of the Quirks possessed by Number 6.


The Quirk allows the user to generate electromagnetic pulses from their being, that are powerful enough to interfere and shutdown the power and communications within a given area.


The Quirk was first utilized during the Sky Egg Bombing, where the specially created EMP Bombers executed this EMP blast outside the building, which was able to cause a blackout in the Tokyo Sky Egg, as well as cutting off communications for all the Pro Heroes inside, unable to contact anyone outside.[1]

This was later utilized again by Number 6, as the main catalyst behind the Naruhata Lockdown, generating an electrical pulse which completely shuts down the power and communications across the entire city, spreading unease amongst the civilians and preventing outside interference from his "Operation Anonymous".[2] He also proceeds to use the Quirk, in conjunction with his Overclock Quirk, to take control of the Anonymous, transmitting his commands through his parallel processing.


  • Due to the Quirk's identical functions to the Radio Waves Quirk possessed by All For One, and the Bombers and Number 6's connection to All For One as well, it is likely both Quirks are duplicates of each other.


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