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This article is about All For One's Quirk. For the Quirk used by the Bombers, see Radio Waves.

Radio Waves ( (でん) () Denpa?) is a Quirk used by Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, who had originally stolen it from someone else.


Radio Waves allows the user to disrupt radio waves and cause communicators to malfunction.[1] The Quirk can also be used to transmit waveforms through an induced current, allowing for communication, as well as a way to directly awaken and control the Nomu.[2][3]


Tomura utilizes this Quirk in conjunction with Air Cannon to create a wide-range blast that can shut down communications used by Heroes.[1] This blast had a secondary effect of awakening several incomplete High-End Nomu which Tomura had prepared nearby.[2]

When All For One takes control of Tomura's body, he utilizes Radio Waves to command the remaining Near High-End Nomu, something Tomura was unable to accomplish due to his inexperience, unaware of how to accurately elicit specific commands through the induced current. All For One proceeds to use this Quirk as a way to control the Nomu to escape the battlefield, and subsequently break into Tartarus.[4]

All For One, in both his original and Tomura's body, use the Quirk to disrupt Tartarus' defenses from the inside and out, allowing him and the inmates to break free, using it as a way for the vestige and the original to communicate each other across a large distance.[3]


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