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Rabbit ( (うさぎ) Usagi?)[1] is the Quirk used by Rumi Usagiyama.


Rabbit grants the user rabbit-like anatomy[2] and abilities.[3] The Quirk gives Rumi enhanced senses of hearing and smelling, as she was able to accurately pinpoint the location of a fight from far away.[4]

Similarly to Frog, Rabbit grants Rumi functional rabbit features like long ears, large, strong legs and a fluffy tail. She also possesses a rabbit's survival instincts, which alerts her of any nearby danger.[5]

Rabbit provides immense leg strength. Through it, Rumi can move around by bouncing and attack by stomping or kicking. One single ground stomp is capable of generating strong enough wind pressure to disperse even fire.

Named Ultimate Moves

Luna Ring.png Luna Ring (踵月輪 (ルナ リング) Runa Ringu?): Mirko uses her incredible leg strength to kick multiple targets simultaneously as she performs a cartwheel in the air with her legs extended.[1]
Luna Fall.png Luna Fall (月墜蹴 (ルナ フォール) Runa Fōru?): Mirko swings her foot downwards while she is above her opponent, driving her target straight into the ground beneath her feet with a mighty kick.
Luna Tijeras.png Luna Tijeras (月頭鋏 (ルナ ティヘラ) Runa Tihera?): Mirko mounts her opponent's head and grips them tightly with her legs before twisting her body, pulling with all of her superhuman leg strength to rip her opponent's head cleanly off and then smashing it into the ground.
Luna Arc.png Luna Arc (踵半月輪 (ルナ アーク) Runa Āku?): Mirko raises her leg and delivers a powerful front-facing axe kick on to her opponent.


  • The Quirk's Ultimate Move names, which all begin with "Luna", are most likely based on the popular Asian myths of the Moon Rabbit.


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