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Agreement for a Quirk Marriage.

Quirk Marriages (個性婚 Kosei Kon?, lit. "Individuality Marriage") are marriages that began to appear after Quirks manifested in society, sometime during the second and third generation of Quirk users.

These marriages were arranged with the sole purpose of choosing and/or enhancing a specific Quirk to be inherited down the bloodline, as a child will either inherit the father's Quirk, the mother's Quirk, or a new Quirk that's a combination of the two.[1]

Attempting to create "custom children" solely for the sake of experimenting with superpowers was quickly deemed an unethical taboo by society.[2]

Known Quirk Marriages and Resulting Children

Shoto Todoroki: an example of a 'perfect' Quirk marriage offspring.

Enji and Rei Todoroki

  • Toya Todoroki
    • Cremation: A Quirk that generates blue flames with greater power than Enji's Hellflame, but gives him Rei's resistance to cold instead of Enji's resistance to heat, limiting his potential.
  • Fuyumi Todoroki
    • Unnamed Ice Quirk: A Quirk that’s almost the same as Rei's ice Quirk.
  • Natsuo Todoroki
  • Shoto Todoroki
    • Half-Cold Half-Hot: A Quirk that generates the flames of Enji's Hellflame and the ice of Rei's unnamed ice Quirk, splitting the power right down the middle.


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