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The Pussycats Agency is the Hero Office that belongs to the Wild, Wild Pussycats.


Interior of the Pussycats' Agency.

The Pussycats Agency is a building located in a mountainous area. Its design resembles the face of a cat: the front door represents the mouth, with a cartoony cat smile and whiskers. Two round windows simulate the eyes, and the roof is decorated with cat ears and four cat's paw pads. The word "Pussycats" is written above the windows.

The interior of the Hero Office is full of cat-themed furniture and decor.[1]

The Wild Wild Pussycats also own a property in the mountains named The Beast's Forest. It is an extensive wooded area that they use as a training camp, with cabins where visitors can stay featuring a dining hall, hot springs, and dormitories.[2]



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