A Provisional Hero License is a document that allows hero trainees to use their Quirks for heroic activities with recognition from the law.

This document is obtained through the Provisional Hero License Exam.


A Provisional Hero License is a typical ID card containing the holder's profile picture and hero name, allowing them to act without the instruction of a hero.

In order to obtain this license, a student is required to pass the Hero License Exam, which is held twice a year. If they pass through the initial part of the exam, but not the final, then they may retake the exam after three months.

It can be implied that this stipulation wasn't always the case but, with the presence of Hero Killer Stain and the rise of villain activity following All Might's retirement, this was implemented due to increased demand for Heroes. This can be also the reason why UA's First Year Hero Courses were prepared to take this exam early, since they were traditionally supposed to take part in the Second Year.

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