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Propagation (増殖 Zōshoku?) is the primary Quirk of the Cluster Bombers.[1]


This Quirk allows the user to grow and duplicate parts of their body all over themselves, giving them a multiplied increase in power depending on how many duplicates there are.


The Quirk is utilized during the climax of the Sky Egg Bombing, as Number 6 orders the specialized Bomber to use the Quirk to duplicate its own self, appearing like 3 Bombers fused into one, leading to a Self-Detonation attack that was three times as powerful.[2]

As part of one last resort, Number 6 utilizes a combination of the Bombers' Regeneration and the Propagation to fuse all the remaining Bomber cells together, to create a cluster of mini bombers which threaten to detonate everyone, until they are swiftly taken care of by All Might.[3]


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