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Prominence Burn (プロミネンスバーン Purominensu Bān?), full name Flashfire Fist: Prominence Burn ( (かく) (しゃく) (ねっ) (けん) プロミネンスバーン Kaku Shakunekken Purominensu Bān?),[1][2] is an Ultimate Move performed by Endeavor and Dabi using the Hellflame and Blueflame Quirks, respectively.


Prominence Burn appears to be the most powerful technique in Endeavor's arsenal. Endeavor uses the full might of his flames to emit a concentrated beam of heat from his body that is used to vaporize his target.

This move is so potent that it completely overpowered Hood's Super Regeneration Quirk. The powerful Nomu only survived the initial attack by moving its head out of range of the attack.[3] However, the Nomu was completely incinerated the second time Endeavor landed the attack, this time at point-blank range.[4]

Endeavor uses this move once again, during his fight with Tomura Shigaraki, trying to finish him off. This leaves him completely burned. Before he ends up being killed though, the villain skewers Endeavor with Rivet Stab to make him stop.[5]

Prominence Burn appears to be Endeavor's ultimate technique that he wishes to pass down to his sons, Toya and Shoto Todoroki. [6] This goal is only partially fulfilled, as Toya, who is now Dabi, was shown to know the Ultimate Move, but was interrupted by Best Jeanist before he could use it.[1]


Plus Ultra Prominence Burn.gif PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn (PLUS (プルス) ULTRA (ウルトラ) プロミネンスバーン Purusu Urutora Purominensu Bān?): Going beyond his limit and grappling his target, Endeavor unleashes a Prominence Burn that is more powerful than the original, enabling him to put away villains like the High-End Nomu, Hood.[4][7]



  • The name "Prominence Burn" likely comes from the solar phenomena of solar prominence, a low-energy gas eruption from the Sun's surface that extends kilometers into space.


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