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Pro Heroes vs Suicide Bomber is a battle fought between Pro Heroes Endeavor, Eraser Head and Midnight against a Suicide Bomber.[1]


Days after the incident where innocent people were turned into Instant Villains, several of the heroes who suppressed the villain outbreak (such as Endeavor, Eraser Head, Midnight and many others) go to the police station for a meeting about what would be the best action to take. After the meeting, the heroes decide to return to their daily chores.

Midnight speaks with Shota Aizawa and informs him that she will be a teacher at the U.A. High School next year, and he could also be a teacher. Shota considers that a nonsense. Suddenly they hear a commotion at the entrance.


The cause of this commotion is Suicide Bomber, a random man totally out of his mind with a Suicide Bomb Quirk, breaks into the Police Station. He projects a great hatred towards the Police Force, and intends to blow himself up to destroy the building and kill a large number of police officers.

Shota Aizawa moves Suicide Bomber.

Some of the officers comment that he has very bad luck because that day several of the best heroes of Japan are in the building, and some of them, like Best Jeanist and Ingenium, are preparing to stop him. Another officer says that his only luck is that All Might isn’t around. Despite this, the criminal continues with his intentions to make himself explode, and the presence of so many heroes does not deter him.

After hearing the name of All Might, Endeavor quickly engulfs himself in flames in preparations to burn Suicide Bomber into ashes. Midnight realizes that “Suicide Bomb” and “Hellflame” is the worst possible match-up, because Endeavor’s attack would still cause Suicide Bomber to explode. Midnight calls Eraser Head to help resolve the problem before it got explosive. Eraser Head quickly uses his Capturing Weapon to wrap up the villain and moves him out of Endeavor's attack right into Midnight's open embrace. She unbutton her collared shirt, exposing her breast cleavage, and Suicide Bomb then lands face-first in her breasts. Midnight uses her Somnambulist Quirk to subdue the villain.[1]


Midnight Boys taking care of the villain.

The Midnight Boys enters the building and asks Midnight if she's okay while they hand her mask and flogger-style whip. Midnight reassures her sidekicks and tells them to hand the villain over to police custody. She tells the bomber that if he acted up again, she would personally bring him to her agency and dole out punishment.

After this, Midnight returns to her conversation with Eraser Head and later she leaves the police station.[1]


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