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Pro Heroes vs. Humarise is a set of various battles in different cities around the world where Hero teams face against squads of Humarise warriors.


Flect Turn activates all Trigger bombs.

Flect Turn is informed of Beros and Sidero's defeat, as well as Deku and Rody managing to escape to Klayd with the briefcase. Despite this setback, the leader of Humarise dismisses it considering they will be too far away for them to thwart his plans, and proclaims to all his subordinates gathered in the oratory of the main base of the organization that the time has come to put into motion the plan that will allow the salvation of humanity, activating all the Trigger Bombs he has scattered around the world.

Flect Turn publicly broadcasts on a global scale that Humarise have set their Humanity Salvation Devices in 25 countries around the world, and they will explode within two hours. Still, he wants to give the heroes the opportunity and chance to stop the detonations, so he broadcasts in which cities of the world the bombs are, being all of them places where Humarise's branches are located.

Humarise publicly broadcasts their ultimatum around the world.

As expected, panic breaks out in the target cities, spreading even to areas outside the danger zone, triggering numerous accidents among the terrified population. The director of the World Heroes Association gives the green light to all the heroes to direct people to safety and remove the bombs before the detonation.

Meanwhile, Deku, Rody, Shoto and Bakugo found in the briefcase the key that deactivates all the Trigger Bombs, although it is necessary to insert it into the control system that Humarise has in its secret base. After locating it, the four of them set off there and send a message to the Hero Association about it.[1]


Present Mic shouting an escape route to the drivers.

With the panic, numerous car crashes occur on the threatened cities causing several gridlocks. In Tokyo, Fat Gum and his trainees come to one of these places to help. He asks Suneater to extricate the injured while Red Riot and Real Steel secure an evacuation route. Using his Ultimate Move Chimera: Kraken, Suneater goes about rescuing the injured, while the other two use their respective Quirks to move overturned vehicles aside and allow people to escape.

Present Mic also arrives to help along with Cementoss, asking him to use his Quirk to create a path to evacuate people trapped on a highway bridge. Mic uses his Voice Quirk to draw the attention of drivers and tell them where to evacuate. Meanwhile, Gang Orca along with his sidekicks and his trainees Earphone Jack and Tentacole use their Quirks to locate the bomb.

All the heroes do their best to find the bombs.

On the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, Uravity asks Ryukyu to let her and Froppy take care of evacuating the people, to which she agrees and tells her other sidekicks that they will focus on finding the Trigger Bomb. In the U.S.A., as they fly over the city, Hawks tells Tsukuyomi to leave the evacuation to the American team, as they will search for the bomb from the air. Hawks then uses his Fierce Wings Quirk to detach his feathers and find the bomb.

In Singapore, Creati uses her Quirk to create sensors to look for the Trigger Bomb, and Lizardy uses her Lizard Tail Splitter to distribute them among the other heroes. Majestic shows up and takes Creati with him to the next spot where they can be of help. Meanwhile in Egypt, while Mt. Lady removes the trapped cars on the jamming roads, Chargebolt, Cellophane, Grape Juice roam the streets looking for the bomb. Grape Juice questions if they will really be able to find it in such a wide area, and Salaam appears to motivate them and asks them to follow him.

Clair Voyance reports that she has found the Otheon bomb.

In Otheon, while flying over the city, Endeavor asks Clair Voyance if she has managed to find the bomb, to which she says not yet and heads to the next area. In each and every one of the cities, the heroes strive to find the bombs before they explode. After several minutes, they receive a communication from the general headquarters of the World Association, that Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo have the means to deactivate the Trigger Bombs and that they are headed to Humarise's base to do so.

Burnin says to Endeavor that they should go support them, but he replies that they can't and that their first priority is the bomb removal. Clair calls him informing that she has already found the bomb, hidden in a semi stopped in front of the Otheon Tower. Endeavor and Burnin immediately fly there, telling the rest of the heroes to gather at the building if they can. Endeavor then hears Clair scream on the comm, and before he realizes what's going on, he and Burnin are caught in the vines of a Humarise warrior, with many more appearing to protect the device from the heroes. Endeavor manages to break free of his restraints and defeat the villain, but is quickly attacked by another.

Humarise's warriors try to prevent the heroes from foiling their plans.

In Tokyo, Earphone Jack tells Tentacole of Deku's team's plans, but her classmate reminds her not to lose concentration and keep looking for the Trigger bomb. Gang Orca then communicates to everyone that he has managed to find it in the third carriage of a moving train. Fat Gum and Suneater manage to get on the train, but are suddenly surrounded by members of Humarise who attack them.

Back to Paris, the Trigger Bomb is found near the Eiffel Tower, hidden in a truck. Ryukyu and her team head there, but the area is guarded by members of Humarise. As she and Nejire Chan deal with the villains, Ryukyu asks Uravity and Froppy to take the bomb somewhere safe, but three members of the terrorist organization come out of the truck ready to stop them.

Battles between the heroes and Humarise occur in all threatened cities.

The situation is the same in the remaining cities. One by one, the Trigger Bombs are located by the heroes, who soon face off against the numerous warriors of Humarise who stand in their way to prevent the bombs from being removed. The combats and battles are intense while the countdown continues, but little by little the heroes begin to impose themselves on their enemies, and get control of the bombs.

Since there's barely a few minutes left before the Trigger Bombs explodes, and not knowing if Deku's team will manage to defuse them in time, some of the heroes do whatever it takes to protect the population from the imminent detonation. In Otheon, Endeavor grabs the device and uses his Hellflame Quirk to propel himself skyward, trying to get as high as possible.

Big Red Dot tries to move the bomb away while Creati protects him.

In U.S.A., after defeating two of Hawks' acolytes, he transports the bomb out to sea with his Fierce Wings, with Tsukuyomi preventing Humarise's flying members from getting close. However, he tells his master that another bomb has been found. The same goes in Japan. After all the villains on the train are defeated and Cementoss wraps the entire carriage with a thick layer of cement to prevent any gas leaks, Gang Orca's trainees report that three more bombs have been detected.

As Deku confronts Flect Turn at Humarise's base, his classmates continue to fight the villains. In Paris, Uravity is attacked by a Mantis-like villain when trying to launch the bomb into the air after nullifying its gravity. After Froppy takes the villain down, Uravity tries again. In Singapore, Creati protects Big Red Dot from the Humarise goons with all her might, as he uses his Tidal Bore Quirk to hoist the bomb over the city. In Tokyo, Red Riot states that he will not give up as he defeats the villains, and the same goes for Chargebolt, Cellophane, Grape Juice in Egypt.

The bombs are defused in time.

All the heroes fight relentlessly until the countdown finally reaches zero. Much to their relief, after several seconds pass, none of the bombs go off, indicating that Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo managed to defuse the devices just in time. The joy burst in the control room of the World Heroes Association to see that the disaster has been prevented.[1]


Everyone celebrates that the tragedy has been prevented.

With the Trigger Bombs finally nullified, the heroes defeat the last remnants of Humarise and send them to prison. Otheon's security forces go to Humarise's base to round up all the cult members, including Flect Turn himself and his lieutenants. They also rescue Deku and his companions, taking them to a hospital until their injuries are healed.

With the mission complete and the Humarise organization dismantled, all heroes can return to their respective countries to celebrate victory.[1]


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