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Pro Heroes vs. Hosu Nomu is a battle fought between the several Pro Heroes from Hosu City and two different Nomus during the Hosu Incident.


Looking for allies for his cause, Tomura Shigaraki invites Stain to join the League of Villains, but the meeting turns into a fight when Stain attacks Tomura because of the disappointment his personality and motivations causes him.[1] Stain injures Tomura and Kurogiri, paralyzing the latter with his Quirk. Then, Stain tells Tomura that he's weak because he lacks conviction.

However, an enraged Tomura destroys Stain's knife and forces him back. He tells the Hero Killer that he desires to destroy society because it praises All Might. Stain explains he attacked him to test his motives, and concludes that while their goals are different, they have in common the desire of destroy the current society. Seeing that his business with them is over, Stain asks to be returned to Hosu City as he has unfinished business there. Kurogiri agrees to his request and returns Stain to Hosu.[2]

League of Villain release several Nomus in Hosu City.

Tomura and Kurogiri follow Stain to Hosu. When the Hero Killer leaves to continue with his mission. Irritated by him, Tomura wants to relieve his anger through destruction. He requests three Nomus from All For One and has Kurogiri warp them to Hosu City. Then, he orders the Nomu to attack Hosu in order to prove his superiority over the Hero Killer. Soon, the chaos breaks through the city.

During those days, Tenya Ida is doing his Hero Agency Internships with the Hero Manual in Hosu with the aim of finding Stain and taking revenge on him for having hurt his brother Tensei. When the attacks take places, he and Manual run to help, but Tenya slips into the alleys when he gets a glimpse of Stain. Not far from there, Izuku is traveling by train with his mentor Gran Torino when the train is attacked by one of the Nomu. Gran Torino tackles the Nomu off the train and into a nearby building.[3] Izuku exits the train and uses his training to traverse the city, searching for his mentor.


Izuku finds Nomu rampaging Hosu City.

While going across the streets to find Gran Torino, Izuku hears Manual's shouts calling for Tenya. When he reaches the place where the shouts comes from, a bus launched by the Nomu falls near him, exploding. Fortunately it does nothing to him, but when the explosion clears, Izuku witnesses the battle. He sees several heroes facing two Nomu, one with dark skin that knocks down several heroes with a strong swipe, and the other winged, which had captured one of the heroes with his claws and lifting him in the air.

A horned hero pulls out a fire hydrant so Manual can manipulate the water with his Quirk and extinguish the bus fire. Izuku hears Manual cry out Tenya's name, as he is absent from the scene. Izuku realizes that he must have went off in search of Stain. A female pro hero warns Izuku to move away from the battle and so he leaves to search for his friend.

The dark-skinned Nomu charges the horned hero, who withstands its onslaught but can do little against the creature's strength and is thrown aside. For its part, the winged Nomu flaps its wings vigorously to generate a strong wind that prevents two ninja-like heroes from approaching it. The Nomu launch a vehicle that explodes near the hero The Fly. Seeing the destruction, the heroes wonder what are the monsters after. Meanwhile, watching from a nearby building, Tomura praises the Nomus for the chaos they have created.[4]

The heroes continue to struggle.

Despite the power and enormous strength of the Nomu, the heroes continues to struggle them for several minutes. The dark Nomu attacks ninja-like heroes, who dodge his blow with a jump and counter-launch by throwing shuriken's at him, though the weapons bounce off the creature's sturdy back without doing any damage to it.

The horned hero yells at others to attack the dark Nome at once, but the monster punches the ground with great force, generating a large smoke screen and making the heroes step back. Manual realizes that the monster has taken advantage of the smoke screen to get behind the female Pro Hero and prepares to crush her. Manual yells her to watch out, but she doesn't react since she doesn't realize the Nomu is behind her.

Fortunately, she's saved by the timely arrival of the Flame Hero: Endeavor.[5]


Heroes guarding the black Nomu.

Upon arrival, Endeavor decides to fight the black Nomu, and defeats him after cremating his head. The last remaining Nomu starts to flee with a defeated Pro-Hero in its claws. Before Endeavor chases the flying Nomu to save the captured hero, he urges some of the Pro's to head to an alleyway in district four,[5] while others remain in the place guarding the defeated black Nomu until the police arrive.[6]

Anime and Manga Differences

This battle is mostly anime original. The manga only shows the scene of Izuku finding the heroes facing the Nomu.


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