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The Pro Hero Arc (プロヒーロー編 Puro Hīrō-hen?)[1] is the fourteenth story arc in My Hero Academia, as well as the fifth story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga.

The new Hero rankings are officially announced, declaring that Endeavor is now the No.1 Pro Hero. He must now live up to the position while taking on the most fearsome Nomu yet.


JP Hero Billboard Chart

Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro are happy to see Eri again.

As November comes to a close, Izuku, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro meet with Shota, Eri, and the Big 3 in the lounge. As Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro welcome an excited Eri, Shota informs them that Eri is getting transferred into U.A. since she cannot stay at the Hospital forever.

While Nejire is taking care of Eri, the others go outside to explain to the students in class 1-A the situation. Shota states the decision for U.A to look after Eri is because her mother abandoned her; and her closest relative is the Yakuza boss of the Shie Hassaikai, her grandfather, who is still in a coma and cannot look after her, so Eri will be looked after by the U.A staff from now on.

Mirio will help Shota take care of Eri.

Later, Mirio reveals that the horn on Eri's head is the source of her Rewind Quirk, and has gradually started to gain its size and power which is another reason Eri is getting transferred to U.A. To prevent her power from going out of control again, Eri will be monitored by Shota in the vacant room in the teacher's lounge. Mirio will also be helping Eri and welcomes Class 1-A to visit her once in a while since they will all be busy. Tamaki gives some hope that one day, when Eri eventually learns to control her power, Mirio will get his Quirk back, which he finds to be neat. Shota asks the third-years to watch over Eri for a bit. Izuku wants to help too but Shota orders his students to return to their rooms because they have visitors.

Later, at Class 1-A's dormitory, the students are relaxing. Fumikage suddenly sneezes which Denki believes that he has been mentioned in a conversation and assumes that a fan mentioned him. Ochaco believes that Fumikage would have some fans because he interned under the Number 3 Hero Hawks. Fumikage doubts this because he believes that it is still too early for him to have fans.

The Wild, Wild Pussycats are back.

Suddenly, the visitors Shota mentioned arrive; it is the Wild, Wild Pussycats, which makes everyone happy. The Pussycats give Class 1-A cat paw buns. Tiger apologizes to Katsuki for not being able to protect him at the Quirk Training Camp, to which Katsuki replies that he does not need to bring up the past. Izuku is ecstatic to see Kota again and while shaking his hands, reveals that he has been treasuring the thank you letter he sent him. Mandalay shows Izuku the new shoes Kota brought which are red ones just like Izuku's, much to Kota's embarrassment.

As he gives out tea, Rikido asks the Pussycats the reason for their visit. Pixie-Bob replies that they’re coming off their long hiatus after the events in Hosu. Izuku thought that Ragdoll was on break from active duty since her Quirk was stolen by All For One, to which Ragdoll states that she plans on supporting the Pussycats as an office lady of sorts.

The Pussycats received a message from Tartarus regarding Ragdoll's stolen Quirk. All For One reveals about he has a little bad habit of stealing any good Quirk that interests him and kept it for a long period of time. Mockingly, the villain claims that he would like to return the Quirk he has stolen to their original users, although for that he would have to use his Quirk. Tartarus has been investigating the number of Quirks All For One has and how long he was been keeping them.

The Pussycats announce that they'll come back to their duties as heroes.

Momo asks why they have decided to return now, Mandalay states that it is because of the Hero Billboard Chart JP. Due to their period of inactivity, they have dropped from the 32nd to the 411th on the billboard chart. Izuku is surprised by this drop and Eijiro assumes that the Pussycats have returned so that they can stop their sharp decline, to which Ragdoll refutes and replies that it's surprising they were able to stay in the three digits despite doing nothing for months. The Pussycats clarify they have returned due to their high approval ratings meaning that they still have fans who are waiting to see them in action again.

The Pussycats leave to visit Class 1-B rooms. The talk of the JP Hero Billboard Chart makes Mina wonder about the second-semester rankings. The Students are eager to watch it, as it will be presenting the new official rankings – the first without All Might – shortly.

The New Symbol of Peace

Hero Billboard Chart JP event begins.

It is time for the broadcast of the JP Hero Billboard Chart; this announcement is being held at Kamino for its importance and is special for the fact that All Might will not be on the chart for the first time as well as the top ten Heroes themselves appearing on stage for the presentation of their rankings.

The announcement of the top ten Heroes begin: at Number 10 is the Dragon Hero: Ryukyu after dropped a rank, at Number 9 is the Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha, at Number 8 is the Laundry Hero: Wash, at Number 7 is Kamui Woods. Mt. Lady is interviewed about this and gives her opinion on the inspiration behind being on the same team as Kamui, and refuses to comment when reporters bring up rumors of her having an affair with Kamui Woods. Shortly after, Mt. Lady shows her frustration to Death Arms because she is ranked 23.

Endeavor is named the new No.1 Hero

At Number 6 is the Shield Hero: Crust, at Number 5 is the Rabbit Hero: Mirko, at Number 4 is the Ninja Hero: Edgeshot, at Number 3 is Best Jeanist who could not attend as he is taking a break because he is still recovering from his injures after his fight with All For One. At Number 2 is the Winged Hero: Hawks who has moved up from Number 3.

The new Number 1 Hero is revealed to be the same Hero who temporarily received the ranking; it is none other than the Flame Hero: Endeavor, now sporting a new version if his costume.[2]

Hawks: The Hero Who Is Too Fast

Mirko promises to kick as many villains as she meets.

After the introduction of the top ten, the Public Safety Commission President says that it is a critical moment now that it has been approximately 3 months since All Might retired, and therefore there are rumors that the society lacks an icon of peace, which is why they’re gathered there the best ten heroes to carry on society's peace. As the president speaks, Hawks tries to whisper to Endeavor about the feel of being Number 1 Hero, but the Flame Hero just glares at him.

The top ten Heroes begin to give their comments one by one: Ryukyu honestly says she does not feel worthy to be in the top ten, because there are lives she could not save and promises she strive to become a hero worthy of her rank. Her words move the hero Crust, who tries to cheer her up. Yoroi Musha says their mission has not changed, Wash just shouts its name. Kamui talks about his team up with Edgeshot and his intentions to continue doing his best. Crust regrets not being at Kamino to help All Might. Mirko warns anyone wrongly plotting that she is coming for them. Edgeshot says that he is not there for fame and that he will continue working to keep the peace.

"Who is gonna be happy listening to that? Stain?"

Hawks becomes nonchalant to their comments about striving to do their level best to continue being Heroes worthy of bearing the weight of being a Hero, and interrupts Edgeshot’s speech, questioning the other heroes if they believe they will make someone happy with their generic comments and speeches about striving for peace. His controversial comments silence the stadium.

Hawks takes the microphone and flies above the podium. He gives a speech about how the approval rating system is the most important statistic of all because shows the public's trust. Taking this statistic into account, then Best Jeanist should be Number One Hero, he would be ranked two, Edgeshot would be in third position, and fourth would be Endeavor. Hawks questions why the Heroes with less accomplished that him are playing safe with his words instead of saying something more heroic-like, believing that this is an important day with All Might having retired and there must be change to accommodate this.

"Just watch me."

Some of the Heroes in the stadium agree with Hawks' comment and the Number 2 Hero passes the microphone to Endeavor. Remembering what All Might advised him, Endeavor says one thing: "Just watch me". This surprises the Heroes in the stadium as Hawks is the only one who claps.

Lurking Threat

Back stage, Endeavor confronts Hawks on his provocations as Hawks explains him that he was simply trying to make an impact so that Endeavor could look better. Hawks reveals that he was never an All Might fan and never wanted to be like him but his retirement was a big shock to him. Hawks believes that society does not need an icon Hero like All Might but a leader with a mental fortitude to support them all, believing that Endeavor has such a quality and is impressed by him.

The new weapon of the League of Villains.

Wondering if Hawks being truthful, sarcastic or mocking him, Endeavor asks him why he doesn't become this leader, to which Hawks admits that he would rather be lower in the rankings so that he would have more freedom. Endeavor bluntly states his displeasure for Hawks and ends their conversation, telling him to apologize to everyone else as he walks away. Then Hawks tells Endeavor the reason he wanted to talk to him is because he wants to team up with Endeavor, since there are apparently Nomu activities in his home area. This catches Endeavor's attention.

At Hidamari Kindergarten, Dabi enters a warehouse where there is a huge Nomu, referring the creature as High-End and saying that he has high hopes for him. The High-End, called Hood, responds to him and leaves to complete his task.[3]

Meanwhile, Hawks brings Endeavor to Kyushu where he decides where they will eat to discuss the proposal of working together. During their trip, Hawks effortlessly takes out an extreme follower of Destro's ideology, helps civilians and socializes with his fans. The people take notice of Endeavor but are reluctant to make contact with him. Endeavor overhears a fan of his being too scared to approach him for an autograph, so he heads over and offers it. It turn out the be a hardcore fan that dislike his new persona because the "real Endeavor isn't supposed to give fanservice", thus, he is heartbroken and runs off claiming that he changed, which leaves Endeavor confused.

Endeavor and Hawks chat in the restaurant.

Later, while eating lunch at yakitori restaurant on the top of a building, Hawks laughs at Endeavor's experience, believing that the kid was right about Endeavor's attitude since it is his personality, and asks for a helping of Endeavor's meal if he isn't having it, to which Endeavor comments on Hawks' greed and gluttony. Hawks admits that its in his nature for him wanting to get something he wants.

He also mentions Shoto, as he wanted to offer him to intern with his brand. But after what happened, he’s glad that he got Fumikage instead since Shoto failed the provisional exam. Otherwise, his brand would be damaged, much to Endeavor's anger who finds it strange that Hawks has knowledge of that despite not being a U.A graduate. Having had enough of the useless talk, Endeavor demands to know about the rumors he has been hearing. Endeavor surmises that he must have some proof about there being other Nomus for him to take such an interest in. Hawks casually replies that all he's got are rumors, and Endeavor angrily starts shouting for the staff to bring the check.

Hawks talks about his ideal world for heroes.

Hawks asks Endeavor to calm down, and explains the situation. He informs the rumors isn't just in his area but the entire country as he has heard it from wives gossiping or school children chatting on the way home. Hawks reveals he has been working with the police to discover the origin of these rumors, and although they have not yet discovered anything, the rumors do not stop spreading around the country instilling fear in the civilians, and it will cause everyone to lose their minds. Hawks uses the random villain he defeated on the way as it reflects that notion. He was influenced by a reprinting of Destro's autobiography. Hawks believes that the more fear that is stirred up the more it sells.

Tired of his banter that has gone nowhere, Endeavor demands to know the point Hawks is trying to make. Hawks basically asks Endeavor, as the no. 1 hero, to lay these rumors to rest and show the citizens that there is nothing to fear. Hawks wants to live in an ideal world where all Heroes can take leisure in their work without ever stressing out, wanting Heroes to have more free time.

Endeavor and Hawks are attacked by Hood.

Suddenly, both heroes notice a dark figure in the sky approaching at full speed towards where they are. The waitress arrives to bring them the check but Hawks immediately pulls her away, as Hood's head crashes through the glass windows, asking who is the strongest. Endeavor orders Hawks to evacuate everyone as he deals with the Nomu. Endeavor sees that the rumors were true and is glad that this was well timed.

Endeavor takes the initiative by attacking with Jet Burn, a blast of fire that sends Hood out of the building and damages it. Taking to flight by propelling himself in the air with his fire, Endeavor plans to show the Nomu what it means to be the Number One Hero.[4]

The Todoroki Family

Natsuo and Fuyumi visiting their mother.

Visiting the Fujiya Hospital their mother is residing in, Fuyumi and Natsuo are glad to see that their mother, Rei Todoroki, is doing well. Fuyumi leaves extra clothes for her mother since it will be cold next week to which Rei looks forward to since she loves winter weather and is glad to see that Natsuo is looking lively. However, Fuyumi isn't too pleased that Natsuo hasn't returned home after running off to college and getting a girlfriend, to which an embarrassed Natsuo defends himself.

Natsuo compliments his mother's healthy complexion. Rei comments on the letters Shoto has been sending her and is happy that he is doing his best to catch up with his classmates by completing the supplemental Provisional Hero License classes. Natsuo wonders why Shoto doesn't text their mother while Fuyumi comments on Shoto's busy schedule.

Then, Natsuo abruptly comments that Enji Todoroki has officially become the Number 1 Hero, to which Fuyumi tries to stop him but Rei allows him to continue. Natsuo talks about his father's heinous actions towards them and that the world doesn't know about his mistreatment to the family. Natsuo doesn't have many memories of his father and considers him a complete stranger but is livid about his mistreatment of Shoto and his mother. He can't stand that everyone behaves as if nothing had happened. Natsuo notes that it has been ten years and his father has never apologized to Rei, acting like he is leaving the past and his blood relatives behind.

Rei still believes in Enji's attempts to atone for the past.

However, Rei says that’s not true and Natsuo asks why she’s defending him. Rei reveals that their father has actually visited many times, which surprises Fuyumi. Rei continues that on each visit he always brings her favorite flowers. She told him that she liked this type of flower one time, around when they first met. However, they still haven’t met face to face because she’s still scared of him and the doctors also said it is not a good idea.

Despite everything, Rei knows that her husband isn't leaving everything behind, not his past nor his family and is trying to face them head-on

Endeavor's Fight

Hood slams Endeavor into the building.

Back to Central Fukuoka Endeavor is ready to face the High-End Nomu. Hood regenerates his burns claiming fire of that caliber can't kill him. Endeavor notices that Hood is on a league of its own unlike other Nomu. it can also think and is capable of speech, so he intends to capture him alive to get information from him. Endeavor uses Hell Spider to subdue him, but Hood dodges the attack and slam Endeavor through the entire building, sending him to the other side of it, with his transforming arm Quirk.

Endeavor incinerates Hood’s arm to frees himself, but Hood regenerates the lost limb and wraps Endeavor to fling him through the entire building, destroying several of the top floors. Endeavor gets a hold of himself and admits that the Nomu is stronger and faster than him. The top half of the building begins collapsing., but Hawks successfully evacuates civilians with his Fierce Wing Quirk, and quickly moves to help Endeavor in the fight.

Endeavor tries subduing Hood.

This gives Endeavor an opening to attack again with an advanced version of Hell Spider,[5] striking the High-End with multiple fire streams which cuts up its body, and pulverizing the top of building to prevent the debris from causing damage. In spite of everything, the monster manages to survive the attack since the flames missed his head, which moves away to regenerate the missing body. Other heroes start attacking him while he is regenerating, so Hood releases several minor Nomu through the streets of the city to attack the heroes and citizens, forcing Hawks to have to help them, leaving Endeavor alone to face Hood.

Endeavor understands that he is in a dangerous situation. The High-End Nomu has been shown to possess at least six Quirks and is smart enough to think rationally. Also, due to the drawback of his Hellflame Quirk his body is overheating. Hood realizes this and taunts him. Endeavor decides to end the fight as soon as possible. Endeavor ignites viciously and releases a powerful fire blast called Prominence Burn, burning Nomu's body to ash.

Endeavor struck by High-End.

It seems that Hood is defeated, but Endeavor realizes too late that the Nomu tore his head off to avoid completely being incinerated, and while regenerates his body, he attacks Endeavor with elastic bone-blades and striking him in the torso and in the face, potentially destroying his left eye. Endeavor is knocked out and Hood stands over his injured body, saying he finds the battle boring and wonders if there are any stronger Heroes for him to fight. A news helicopter above reports the battle: that several Pro Heroes are fighting Nomu while the new Number One Hero, Endeavor, is lying on the ground after being severely beaten.

The citizens panic because there is no Number 1 Hero to protect them. Inside a taxi, Fuyumi and Natsuo watch in horror at their father's defeat. At U.A. High School, a broadcast of the battle is showing. Shota Aizawa leaves Eri in Thirteen's care while he heads towards Shoto's location. All Might feels powerless to help Endeavor. At Heights Alliance, some of Class 1-A are watching the broadcast and look at Shoto's reaction, who grits his teeth in frustration that his father is losing, remembering that his father promised to become the greatest Hero of them all.[6]

Natsuo doesn't understand why Endeavor doesn't give up.

Still conscious in spite of his injuries, Endeavor uses his flames to lift himself and he attempts to attack Hood's head. However, the High-End Nomu evades the strike and sends the pro hero flying into a building. Seeing the Nomu's overwhelming strength against Endeavor, the Pro Heroes prioritize the civilians escape from the battlefield.

Fuyumi and Natsuo watch Endeavor struggling to get up as he coughs up blood. Natsuo doesn't understand why his father continues fighting instead of fall back and wait for reinforcements, especially knowing that he can’t be like All Might, the reason why he gave up on trying to become better than him and started a family for the sake of creating a child that will surpass All Might. However, Fuyumi knows that Endeavor will never give up since he is far too stubborn.

The panic spreads among the citizens, who desperately try to escape, pushing and shoving in their panic to get away, while the security forces and various heroes try unsuccessfully to reassure them. The panic increases when High-End approaches them. As the news broadcast shows the civilians in hysteria, the reporter laments that all this is the result of not having a symbol.

"Can't You See?"

Shota comes running into the dorms to find Shoto already watching the battle along with the other Class 1-A students, bewildered that his father is losing. Suddenly, they hear someone on TV is screaming at the camera person to stop running their mouth. It turn out that the Endeavor’s fan from earlier calls out the TV crew for giving up on Endeavor, pointing out that his flames are still burning and telling the viewers to not give up hope on Endeavor so easily since he is fighting for their sake.

Despite the injures and the pain, Endeavor uses his Quirk once more to project himself after Hood, who wonders if he has regeneration but Endeavor was aware that his body was immobile and he was only raising his flames to propel himself and needed a strategy to kill the Nomu since it was impossible to merely capture it. As both duel in the sky, Hawks steps in to assist Endeavor, attacking Hood by surprise while the Nomu tries to get rid of him. The No. 2 Hero remembers watching Endeavor being the only hero who is trying to surpass All Might.

Plus Ultra Prominence Burn!!!

Hood attacks Hawks again, succeeding in striking him, but not before he used his feathers to enhance Endeavor's speed, allowing Endeavor to be launched at the villain.[7] Thrust by Hawks' feathers, Endeavor uses the speed to punch Hood through his teeth and tries to burn it from the inside out. He takes note of the Nomu's behavior being similar to a wild beast before noticing his regenerative powers were still active and screams for Hawks to give him more speed to help.

Even though the feathers are almost burned, Endeavor asks him to use what he has left to push him and High-End into the sky. Hawks obey Endeavor's indication, until he states that his feathers are practically ash. Endeavor says it was more than enough and uses a last blast to send him and Hood far from the city. Before his final attack, Endeavor tells Hood that he resembles his self from the past or maybe from a distant future, but it's time for him to burn up and be put to rest. Endeavor goes beyond his limits and chants the school motto that he's hated for so long. He uses Plus Ultra Prominence Burn to incinerate Hood.

Endeavor stands victorious.

Witnesses and spectators stare in shock at the intense fireball impressed until Endeavor and High-End fall from it, crashing down onto the ground with a fiery impact. When the flames and smoke disperse, Hood's corpse is thoroughly incinerated and Endeavor emerges from the dust standing with one arm held high, injured but striking a victorious pose.

Everyone echoes Endeavor's victory over Hood, celebrating it with great glee. At U.A. High School, Toshinori stares at the TV in disbelief, while at Heights Alliance, Shoto collapses to his knees relieved his father is still alive, while his classmates try to cheer him up.[8] Back to the battlefield, Hawks comes and congratulates Endeavor on the victory before the two shared banter about the pose and moving to get help for Endeavor's wounds.

However, the two heroes don't get very far as Dabi appears on the scene, remarking on his expectations being far exceeded. Dabi then greets Endeavor who is confused by the latter's familiarity with him.[9]

New Threat

"We'll meet again, Enji Todoroki!!"

Dabi sets up a wall of blue flames to surround them as the public and students of U.A. realize who he is and Shoto recalls Dabi from the forest battle. Endeavor recognizes Dabi as Snatch's killer, Dabi ignores this and attacks the heroes but Mirko appears and Dabi decides to fall back and have his ally Daruma help.

Black ooze comes from his neck, as Dabi tells Endeavor they'll talk another time while calling him by his real name, before fleeing from the area. Endeavor collapses from his wounds not too long after while the town cheer him on for his first victory as the No.1 hero.

Dabi is threatened by Hawks.

In a dark warehouse, Dabi meets with Hawks and it's revealed that they set the attack up. Hawks points a feather blade at the latter as he is angry that Dabi reneged on their agreement as Dabi mentions he couldn't trust Hawks' integrity and believes he was right by bringing up Hawks' decision to bring Endeavor as the hero chosen to help him stop the threat and Hawks saving people, despite supporting the League's intentions.

Hawks justifies his actions by telling him that he has to keep up appearance and mentions Endeavor was injured so it wasn't a total waste. He also says he must keep up his image as a Hero in order to better relay information to the League. Understanding, Dabi walks away, telling Hawks him he wasn't going to see the boss just yet but promised to contact him again.

The Commission asks Hawks to act as a double agent.

As he walks to the hospital where Endeavor is admitted, Hawks recalls being assigned by the Hero Public Safety Commission to the mission of gaining the League of Villains' trust in order to obtain information from them since he was the most qualified for the double agent role. Hawks feels the strain of maintaining his charade and guilt at Endeavor's condition which he internally apologizes for as he visits the latter.

Meanwhile, while overlooking the city from a pier, Dabi finally remembers who Snatch was. He remembers Snatch asking if he ever thinks about the families of his victims, and remarks that thinking about what Snatch asked him drove him crazy, wiping away a tear of blood from under his left eye's staple.[10]

New Beginnings

Endeavor and Hawks walking down the street.

Sometime after the chaos, Enji Todoroki is visited by Recovery Girl and Enji was able to avoid dying from his injuries through surgery as well as Recovery Girl's healing.[11] However, he is left with a large scar on the left side of his face. Enji and Keigo leave the hospital, and Keigo apologizes to Enji for his injuries. Enji says that his injuries are his own responsibility, and asks Keigo if their encounter with High-End was truly a coincidence. Hawks, flustered by Enji's question, attributes the attack to their high profile presence in the area.

Hawks tells Enji to get some rest, and Enji leaves Hawks at the train station entrance. As Enji waves back to Hawks, Hawks recounts his meeting with the Hero Public Safety Commission about becoming a double agent to infiltrate the League. He also recounts an incident which led to the discovery of his powerful Quirk, when he saved a family from a motorway-speed car accident, even though he was only a young child at the time.

The Todoroki siblings welcoming their father.

Enji arrives home, where Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto are eating a meal. Fuyumi happily greets her father as he walks in, and congratulates him on his win against High-End. Her brothers are not too welcoming as Shoto sarcastically compliments his father's new scar. Natsuo and Shoto continue to be unenthusiastic around him as Fuyumi becomes frantic and Enji voices he can hear her.

Natsuo, unable to handle the tense situation, gets up to leave the room. Enji stops him and tells him that if he has something to say, he can just say it. Stirred on by this, Natsuo unleashes his feelings onto his father. Natsuo tells Enji that even though his mother and sister have seemingly forgiven him, he sees that he is still the same person who neglected his children and left them to listen to their mother screaming and brother crying. Natsuo mentions their other sibling, Toya, and that just because Enji defeated a powerful villain, does not mean he has made up for what he has done. Natsuo rants to his father as his siblings watch on and Enji responds that he is going to face his past and atone for it.

Fuyumi trying to console herself with Shoto.

Disgusted and surprised, Natsuo leaves as Fuyumi panics, recounting the events that led up this moment and frantically talking to Shoto that she was really happy at the progress she thought was being made and they might be family. Shoto replies by telling Fuyumi that he had never seen Natsuo get emotional like that before.

A recap of witness testimonies from the battle plays on the television, with focus given to a particular boy who screamed encouragement from the crowd that watched the battle, which led to the crowd cheering Enji to win. Enji remembers the boy, and realizes that the cheering and motivation he received meant a lot to him.

Endeavor prepares to talk with his son Natsuo.

Shoto tells his father that Endeavor the hero is amazing, but while he agrees with everything Natsuo said, he still wants to see what kind of parent that Enji will become. Shoto also tells him that he understands that a small amount of encouragement can completely alter someone.

Hearing this, Enji recalls his brief talk with Toshinori Yagi after his retirement, and strengthens his resolve to work towards the future of his family, even if he feels its too late. Enji apologizes to Fuyumi for using the wrong words with Natsuo just before, and goes outside to talk to him.

The Vestige Dream

Deku sees the previous users.

In Heights Alliance, Izuku Midoriya returns from training One For All, and is so tired that he falls asleep immediately upon reaching his room. He dreams of being in a kind of gloomy wasteland, and that most of his body is covered by a dark mist. In that strange place he sees the previous users of All For One, and also two men, two brothers, facing each other. He recognizes that this is similar to the vision he had during the U.A. Sports Festival, and realizes that what he is contemplating at those moments are vestiges of the One For All.[12]

In his dream, Izuku realizes that he can move his right hand, but aside from that and the upper half of his head, the rest of his body is missing. Izuku notices that apart from him only seven successors of One For All are beside him, when there should be eight. When he hears the two men arguing, Izuku finally manages to identify them: one is the man who would become known as the villain All For One, and the other is his younger brother, the first wielder of One For All.

Izuku witnesses the younger brother defiance against All For One.

Both brother arguing are about society's current state of affairs brought upon by the advent of Quirks. The first user reproaches his older brother for using his powers to fulfil his dark goals. All For One simply decides to introduce him to two men: one of them has a quirk while the other is Quirkless. The man with the Quirk is an outcast of society due to his powers, while the Quirkless one wishes to have powers. The younger brother knows what is about to happen and warns them not to do it, but All For One uses his powers to remove the first man's Quirk and give a Quirk to the second. In return, All For One only asks them their loyalty. The two men accept, grateful for his help.

All For One explains to his brother that he used the two men as examples of why his power is so important in that era of chaos, as there are people who need his powers. He uses his power to take Quirks away from those who don’t want it, and to give Quirks to those who want it. He has established himself as a figure of unity. The younger brother reproaches him that the only thing he does is using his powers to obtain loyal followers.

All For One claims his Quirk is able to return order to the world that has lost its humanity at the hands of Quirks. Enraged by All For One's manipulative words and false pretenses, the young brother charges at him, but is quickly pinned down by the latter's personal bodyguard. All For One berates his young brother for not having a Quirk, but says that he still loves him as he is his only family.

One For All's origin is shown to Izuku.

The setting of the dream suddenly changes, and Izuku finds himself in a city in a dystopian era, when the appearance of the Quirks disrupted societal norms and led to mass disorder. He witnesses a group of thugs with Quirks assaulting normal people who can barely defend themselves, until All For One suddenly appeared and snatched the Quirks from the villains. All For One didn’t bother to stop the bloodshed that ensued when the victims turned on their now powerless attackers, who were forced to join him if they wanted to live, or that he gave the victims Quirks to fight back. In this way, he soon manages to form his own organization with loyal followers.

The scene changes again, showing All For One visiting his brother who he has kept imprisoned, and comments on how his health has deteriorated by refusing to eat. The younger brother replies that he does it in rebellion, since he does not intend to submit to him. All For One advises him to give up and tells him about how a group who refused to join him were killed. He explains his followers killed them, even if he didn’t give the order, They did it simply out of respect for him knowing that he considered them a threat in his quest for order

All For One references a comic books the two brothers read together as children as a parallel to the current situation. The little brother reminds him that he never finished reading the comics, well it doesn't matter how many times the bad guy wins in those comics, he eventually loses to the hero in the end. Enraged at this defiance, All For One grabs his brother's forehead, telling him to see reality his way. He tells his brother that if he refuses to submit to him, he will force him to do so, since he has a Quirk that even he, despite his feeble body, can use. Despite his little brother's refusal, All For One forces the Quirk on him.

Izuku shocked that the One For All activated by its own.

Izuku instinctively raises his hand to help him and the vision dissolves, but to his surprise the first user of One For All speaks directly to him, recognizing him as the ninth inheritance of the Quirk. Izuku is shocked, as he was interacting with the vestiges, something that All Might had told him was not possible. The first user tells Izuku he wanted to show a bit more of the past, but cannot as Izuku can only manage 20% of One For All so far. The brother assures Izuku that he's not alone and takes his hand

Yuga Aoyama wakes up, having heard a loud commotion from Izuku's room, which has the door left open. Yuga is going to scold him for making so much noise at that time of night, but he sees Izuku’s room is a mess and Izuku himself crouching on his bed, breathing deeply. Izuku keeps staring at his glowing right hand, because the One For All activated by its own.[13]

Story Impact

  • Hawks mentions Fumikage's internship and Shoto's failure at the Provisional Hero License Exam.
  • Destro's Meta Liberation War book is mentioned for the first time and how its contents influence the mentality of some people.
  • Endeavor struggles to change his image for the better after encountering one of his longtime fans.
    • Endeavor also seeks to atone for what he did to his family.
  • Shoto’s mother’s name is revealed to be Rei Todoroki.
  • One of Shoto's brothers, Natsuo Todoroki, is introduced.
    • The name of Shoto's other brother is revealed to be Toya Todoroki, and that some unknown event happened to him.
  • Endeavor is badly wounded in a fight with High-End.
    • Thanks to surgery and Recovery Girl's Quirk, he keeps his eye but is left with a large scar on the left side of his face.
  • Dabi arranged for High End to attack Kyushu and personally confronts Endeavor.
    • It is revealed Dabi and Hawks planned this.
    • Hawks was deployed as a mole to uncover the League of Villains' plans.
  • Dabi knows Endeavor's true name and wishes to meet with him again to talk.
  • A new character called Daruma Ujiko is mentioned and appears to have the same Warping Quirk as All For One.
  • Izuku experiences a dream showing him a vision of All For One and his brother in the past.
  • Izuku seems to be the only user of One For All to be able to actually interact with his predecessors.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Fierce Wings: Hawks' Quirk allows him to manipulate the feathers from his wings with his mind.
  • Rabbit: Mirko's Quirk allows her to do anything a rabbit can do and grants her rabbit-related features.
  • Shame: Teruo Hazukashi's Quirk allows him to become more powerful as he becomes more embarrassed.
  • Transforming Arms: Hood's Quirk allows him to shapeshift his arms into elastic weapons or wings.
  • Shoulder-Mounted Jets: Hood's Quirk grants him four retractable jet boosters on his back that aids his mobility.
  • Power: Hood's Quirk grants him an enormous amount of physical strength and power.
  • Storage: Hood's Quirk allows him to store other Nomu within his own body and eject them at will.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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