Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト Porutāgaisuto?) is the Quirk used by Reiko Yanagi.


Poltergeist allows Reiko to telekinetically manipulate objects and people close to her. [1]

Reiko displays great control over her Quirk, being able to move large swarms of objects in order to barrage a target.


While strong, Poltergeist has the caveat of Reiko's maximum limit being approximately the weight of a single person.[2] And since body weight varies between different people, it's dubious for Reiko's limit being the average poundage of a person: 137 pounds (62 kilograms).

It is currently unknown if the Quirk has any limitations in regards to the number of objects that Reiko can control.


  • A Poltergeist is a type of spirit or ghost that is capable of physically affecting objects through unseen, supernatural means.


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