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Police Force, Soga & The Crawler vs. Number 6 & Anonymous is a battle taken place during the Naruhata Lockdown/Operation Anonymous, as the Police Force, Soga Kugisaki, and Koichi Haimawari defend Kazuho Haneyama's hospital from Number 6 and the Anonymous.


Shortly after the power outage in Naruhata, the Police Force, including Naomasa Tsukauchi, Sansa Tamakawa, and Midnight, meet up after the hospital's backup generator has kicked back in, wondering what their next move should be. Rapt Tokage arrives to inform Naomasa that Soga Kugisaki, who had just returned after previously escaping the police, wants to talk with him.

The two decide to form a truce as they discuss what they know. Soga has figured out that the one responsible for the current mess is the villain they are looking out for, and since he can't get in contact with anyone else, they need to be ready to protect the hospital with everyone who's available. He continues to explain what they know about "Overclock", that he is aiming to kill Kazuho, and that he's a speedster who loves playing dress-up. Naomasa adds that he and his colleagues have had their sights on him for a while too after their previous encounter, and suspects he was the one who critically injured Eizo Tanuma.

Soga suggests in order to cripple his speed, he will snipe at him from outside on the rooftops. Naomasa agrees, but only if he doesn't actually hit him, just warning shots to distract him, as he doesn't want a civilian to get their hands dirty, and to let the police handle finishing him off. Soga accepts to the terms.[1]

Naomasa and his police force prepare for the villain's arrival in the corridor, while Midnight stays in Kazuho's room. Meanwhile, Soga on the rooftops manages to spot The Crawler in the sky, who had just made it after escaping the Anonymous. The two notice explosions going off in front of the hospital, meaning their enemy has made their move, as Soga informs The Crawler of their plan.[2]


Rapt and Moyuru rescue the officers.

A hoard of Anonymous storm the hospital, as a group of officers attempt to defend it, only to be pushed back by their Self-Detonation Quirks. Rapt and Moyuru Tochi help to rescue some of the injured officers, while trying to tell the rest of them to fall back. With nearly all the officers taken out at front, Number 6 makes his entrance, while Rapt and Moyuru hide behind some bushes.[3]

The Anonymous eventually fully secure the perimeter, blowing open the entrance to the hospital. With everything cleared, Number 6 leaves the Anonymous behind outside while he enters alone, not only because they are more at risk all grouped together in a building, but also because Number 6 controls their hive mind using Overclock, and needs his mind to be more free for this part of the operation.

Soga rapid fires toward Number 6.

Coming across a locked door, Number 6 transforms his arm, punching the door as it explodes open. He's faced in the corridor against Naomasa and three officers, who states that he is under arrest, and ready to shoot. Number 6 recognizes him from the Osaka Incident, as well as being surprised that he knew the name of his Quirk, taunting that he should've shut Eizo up sooner, as his opponents look on in shock over Number 6's faceless appearance.

Number 6 states his intentions to kill Kazuho and that if anyone gets in his way, he'll kill them first. Just then, he's surprised by a shot coming directly out of the window. Soga proceeds to switch his assault rifle to automatic, firing a flurry of bullets all over the corridor, which Naomasa thinks to himself about being a bit much.

Number 6 communicates with his "O'Clock" personality, who figured out Soga doesn't have any intention on landing any hits, and only means to force him to overuse Overclock and eventually tire out. Number 6 realizes that all he has to do is continue dodging the bullets and waiting until the rifle runs out of ammo, which it soon does.

The Crawler arrives to shoot at Number 6.

However, before he can fully catch a breath, The Crawler appears through the open window, blasting his Shooty-Go-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam attack directly toward Number 6. "O'Clock" states that even if it is in low-impact mode, each shot is about as strong as a regular punch, so he should keep his guard. Number 6 is forced to try and swipe the repulsion blasts away, which distracts him long enough for Naomasa and the Police Force to shoot his legs and onto his knees.[4]

Naomasa manages to secure Number 6 with handcuffs that have a stun feature that goes off if he attempts to resist. He calls on Midnight to help, which Number 6 knows her Quirk will completely shut his brain down, so needs to act fast.

Number 6 liquefies himself.

Using the power of Overclock to take command of the Bomber cells within his body, he completely transforms his body into a goo-like state, breaking free of the handcuffs, as well as freezing time to get up close to Naomasa. He taunts him that thanks to the control he has over the cells, shooting him anywhere but the brain is useless, and if he really wants him dead, he should've aimed for the head.

"O'Clock" warns Number 6 that Soga still has his sights on him outside, he dismisses him, knowing he won't pull the trigger with the officers in the way, so prepares to finish them off himself with a Knuckle Bomb punch. However, he's stopped by The Crawler's Shooty-Go-Blam, which proceed to rapidly fire directly at his head. "O'Clock" worries that one wrong move, leading to Number 6 running out of breath, would be bad so suggests a retreat for now. Number 6 reluctantly accepts and escapes. As everyone reacts to suddenly seeing the villain disappear, Naomasa turns to The Crawler and requests him to go summon All Might for help.[5]


Back out at the entrance, Number 6 decides to redo his plan. He sends a bunch of Anonymous into the hospital as a suicide mission to deal with the officers, while also sending more to the rooftops to deal with Soga. He suggests sending more to take out anyone else nearby, but "O'Clock" reminds him they're a finite resource and shouldn't be needlessly wasted.

Just then they notice The Crawler blasting his way into the sky, figuring out that he plans to contact All Might. "O'Clock" warns him that he has about 60 seconds, so he should quickly sneak his way into the hospital, kill Kazuho, and escape. Number 6, however, dislikes the idea, not only because he doesn't like the thought of running scared from The Crawler, but also that killing Kazuho in secret will just leave him as "nameless" and "faceless" as ever. Instead, he decides to indulge himself and kill everyone anyway.[6]

He's suddenly surprised by the arrival of The Crawler, who dramatically appears behind him, not wanting to leave everyone behind knowing that they are still in danger. Sure enough, as The Crawler returns, Number 6 provides his full attention to him, leading to the Anonymous chasing the police force and Soga to shut down, allowing Midnight to use her Quirk on the former so they can apprehend them.[7]


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