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The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is the eighteenth story arc in My Hero Academia, as well as the ninth and final story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga.

After a tip from Hawks and a new source of intel in Tartarus, the Heroes have assembled all of the information they need to confront the Paranormal Liberation Front head-on, leading to an all-out war, and in the end, nothing will be the same.



Oboro Shirakumo

The class returns to school.

As winter break concludes for Class 1-A, Tenya Ida declares a Happy New Year to his classmates, and that everyone should be prepared for their practical reports to show off what they learned during their internships and experiences. Shota Aizawa arrives to be greeted by several of his students as they start to head out to get changed into their costumes. Denki Kaminari notes how much more fired up Tenya is, which he replies that thanks to his Work-Studies with Manual, he's started to feel more flexible. Shota is about to follow along with them, when he suddenly gets a call from the faculty office.

In the girls changing room, Toru Hagakure comments on how Ochaco Uraraka's new costume looks good on her while Kyoka Jiro comments on her new heavy wrist guards, which she shows off has a wire in them that she can use, as well as using her Quirk to nullify the weight. While Mina Ashido is playing with one of the guards, something falls out of it, which is the All Might key chain Izuku Midoriya gave her for Christmas, much to her embarrassment. Mina teases Ochaco for it but she denies any thoughts as she puts it away.

Shota and Hizashi arrive in Tartarus.

Meanwhile, in the boys changing room, Eijiro Kirishima praises Izuku for managing to get control of Blackwhip, which Izuku tells him he can only handle for a moment and that it doesn't have many uses yet, but considers it strong. Katsuki Bakugo then hits Izuku in the head with his mask out of disgust, shocking everyone as Izuku falls over bleeding. As the students head outside, they find All Might, making cotton candy and trying to tell a joke, which goes over their heads. They ask where Shota is, who All Might says had an emergency to attend to.

While in the car, an increasingly agitated Shota and Hizashi Yamada make their way to Tartarus prison. They both wonder if what they've been called in for is just a big misunderstanding, as they arrive and meet up with Naomasa Tsukauchi and Gran Torino. Naomasa reminds them about the nature of the Nomu, modified human bodies created with the purpose of utilizing multiple Quirks, but that their hearts and brains are all twisted so they are not considered living beings, but mere puppets. However, they have discovered something that drastically changes things.

Kurogiri is Oboro Shirakumo.

They enter the cell of Kurogiri, who they have been trying to interrogate regarding information about the League of Villains, however he only ever talks to them about useless stuff and shuts down when bringing of the League. Impatiently asking what's going on, Gran Torino reveals that his Warp Gate Quirk is a culmination of multiple Quirk Factors, and that the root factor bears a striking resemblance to the Quirk of someone the two are familiar with: their old friend and classmate, Oboro Shirakumo.[1]

As Shota reflects on how Oboro had died being crushed by a collapsing building during an internship they had in high school, and how they had initially planned to all form an agency together, Naomasa continues that they theorize Kurogiri is a Nomu created from Oboro's body as a base. Hizashi is dumbstruck at the revelation, unsure how to comprehend the information, while Gran Torino thinks about how All For One had once said that the best Quirks had always clustered around U.A. High, believing that he switched out the body before it was cremated. He also turns to Hizashi to tell him not to look into any other meaning behind it other than just pure evil.

After Naomasa states that Kurogiri is currently sedated so as he doesn't attempt to use his Quirk, Shota questions what them two are doing there. He balks at the idea they could potentially save him through "the power of friendship", but Gran Torino insists that it is at least worth an attempt, especially after learning following Endeavor's fight with the High-End Nomu, Hood, that he possessed a distinct personality being obsessed with fighting strong adversaries, which was carried over from his original body who was a thug who made a living cage fighting.

Shota remembers Oboro's death.

Shota questions about how when he first encountered and fought Kurogiri during the U.S.J. Incident, he spoke differently and had no reaction to him, but Naomasa says that he was probably operating on altered or erased memories to make him fight, and that they want to see if the two of them can reawaken Oboro's lingering "attachment" toward his old life so they can get information for the investigation. Hizashi wonders if it should be the Oboro's that should be there instead, which Naomasa says they will contact next if they fail. Shota activates his Erasure Quirk and says he'll be damned to let Oboro's parents learn of this stuff.

As Kurogiri wakes up, the investigation begins, to which he comments how he hadn't seen Shota since the U.S.J. Incident. Hizashi notes that the black fog doesn't vanish even with Shota looking at him, meaning Kurogiri's body is made of the black substance, trying to doubt himself that he's actually Oboro. Kurogiri asks about Tomura Shigaraki's current status, but they refuse to say anything, which saddens him. Shota asks if he is worried about Tomura, to which Kurogiri says he is because watching over him is his mission, and that he is not the one to abandon others when Hizashi questions him on his "job".

Shota and Hizashi question Kurogiri.

Shota starts to talk to Kurogiri about the time he left behind a stray kitten without picking it up and how Oboro picked it up without a second thought. He is confused about what he's talking about, but Shota continues to talk about how he felt he always hesitated back then and did things half-done, but Oboro always pulled him along. Kurogiri tries to question his motivation, but Shota keeps talking about how Oboro kept pushing forward without thinking of the consequences, even though death meant the end for him.

Shota tells him that that he and Hizashi are teachers now and that he's strict with his students, to which Gran Torino asides about Shota's high expulsion rate, but Hizashi implies there's more to it than what it seems. At around the same time back in U.A., the students of Class 2-A talk about their reaction to seeing Shota's face when he was leaving the building earlier. One student talks about how it was similar to when he had expelled them, with some still not being happy about it, while one of the others feels like the situation has helped them to grow.

Shota pleads to his friend.

As it turns out, Shota had asked Principal Nezu for the ability to expel and re-enroll students, as he felt that self-sacrifice isn't the same as throwing one's life away, and that he wants to teach students what 'death' is like, if only once, which he felt would make them strive higher, to which Nezu accepted. Shota faces Kurogiri, yelling that he wants people like Oboro to become heroes who can pull other people along and live long lives. He shows his goggles to Kurogiri and yells to him, with tears in his eyes, that if Oboro is still in there, then they should strive to be heroes together again.[2]

Upon detecting that Kurogiri's brainwaves have started to act unusual, Naomasa quickly asks about the location of where the Nomu are manufactured and where Tomura is. Seeing that Kurogiri is losing control and getting agitated, Shota continues to call him Oboro, and doing all he can to try and get him to remember who he is. Kurogiri continues to insist that they are mistaken for someone else, and that he is just "Kurogiri", but Shota and Hizashi continue calling him Oboro Shirakumo and their words finally manage to take effect, as the black fog that forms Kurogiri's head scatters enough to show the shadowed face of Oboro himself.

Oboro "returns".

Oboro tries to call out to Shota, who asks him to keep fighting. Oboro manages to say "hospital" before the fog hides his face again and Kurogiri falls unconscious. Naomasa congratulates both heroes for their help, while Hizashi comforts Shota with tears still streaming down his eyes. Later, as Shota and Hizashi prepare to head out, he apologizes for not being more helpful, but Naomasa corrects him that thanks to them they have made progress. Gran Torino apologizes for having forced them to reopen an old wound, and when Shota wonders why All For One created the Nomu in the first place, he recalls a metaphor the villain told them, comparing the creation of the Nomu to producing wine: trampling grapes (people) to extract the juice (Quirks), and letting them ferment into wine (Nomu).

Tomura's operation running smoothly.

After Shota and Hizashi leave, Naomasa calls the Public Safety Commission President to inform them about their latest clue. At the base of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks receives a call while he is busy explaining to Twice about the ideology of the organization, requesting for aid at Wakagumo Hospital, which Hawks rejects and goes right back to tutoring Twice. The call being a way to inform him about the "hospital" tip, remarking that the pieces are falling into place. Meanwhile, in an unknown place, Dr. Ujiko cheerfully overlooks the current operation on Tomura Shigaraki, as he continues to go through a painful and gruesome process all to obtain his ultimate power.[3]

The Chosen By Those Who Were Chosen

Class 1-A show off their improvements.

Class 1-A begins their class as they show off all their new moves and techniques they learned during their Work Studies. Yuga Aoyama shows off a brand new Super Move: Navel Saber, using it to destroy several U.A. Villain Bots, much to the delight of his classmates. Toru jumps into battle, revealing her new ability to grab and warp light, grabbing one of Yuga's laser beams and bending it into a group of Bots. As she explains her new powers to her classmates, Mina jumps in using her new Super Move: Acidman, to defeat the remaining robots.

The three students proudly announce their success, much to the delight of All Might and the rest of the class. Toru explains that they worked under No. 9 Pro Hero Yoroi Musha, and had to come up with a number of new plans and combos just to keep up. Mina bounces over to Eijiro, revealing that her Acidman is her version of his Red Riot Unbreakable, which delights him.

All Might has the class continue showcasing their newfound abilities. Mashirao Ojiro and Rikido Sato, who worked with the No. 13 Pro Hero Shishido, show off their improved attacking speed and predictive abilities. Kyoka and Mezo Shoji, who worked with the No. 12 Pro Hero Gang Orca, show off their enhanced search techniques. Denki, Hanta Sero, and Minoru Mineta, who worked with the No. 23 Pro Hero Mt. Lady, and her team, The Lurkers, show off their teamwork and new team moves. Tenya, who worked with the No. 222 Pro Hero Manual, shows off his looser approach to battle. Koji Koda, who worked with the No. 8 Pro Hero Wash, shows off his improved communication skills. Fumikage Tokoyami, who returned to work at the No. 2 Pro Hero Hawks' agency, despite Hawks himself not being there, shows off his general improvements. Eijiro, who returned to work at the No. 58 Pro Hero Fat Gum's agency, shows off his improved ability to make villains lose their will to fight. Ochaco and Tsuyu Asui, who returned to work at the No. 10 Pro Hero Ryukyu's agency, show off their improved determination. Momo Yaoyorozu, who worked with the Pro Hero Majestic, showed off her improved predictive abilities and her ability to act efficiently.

Izuku exceeds All Might's expectations.

Finally, Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and Izuku Midoriya each show off what they learned working for the No. 1 Pro Hero Endeavor, at his agency. Katsuki shows off his improved abilities, Shoto shows off his enhanced speed, and Izuku shows off the results of his experience and his improved control over Blackwhip. All Might recalls some of his earlier interactions with him, holding back tears, but proudly looking on as he realizes that Izuku no longer needs his approval, as he's outgrown the need for it.

Several classmates congratulate the three on their vast improvements. Izuku then approaches Ochaco, thanking her properly for helping him get Blackwhip under control during their Joint Training Battle, which Ochaco brushes off, revealing that his new abilities inspired her to add wires to her costume. She thanks him for helping her get stronger, and says that they've both helped each other up, fist bumping Izuku. As the two chat, Minoru looks on with jealousy, Tsuyu and Denki smile, and Mina jumps up and down excitedly. All Might concludes the class, revealing that everything was recorded for Shota to watch later, and encourages the students to keep working hard at their work studies.

Nejire takes care of Eri.

In the teacher's dorms in Heights Alliance, Shota and Hizashi dejectedly talk about what just happened with Kurogiri. The two express their distrust over the Hero Public Safety Commission, suggesting they know something's up, due to the insistence of the students participating in the work studies. Shota then asks Hizashi what he would do if he discovers where the Nomu was created, which he gives a sarcastic response about. Just then, Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki arrive, telling them that Eri is feeling unwell, seeing her being cared for by Nejire Hado while she complains about her horn feeling weird. Shota uses Erasure on her, gently patting her head, telling her not to worry.

In the Teachers Lounge, All Might meets with Izuku and Katsuki, congratulating the two on their improvements, much to Izuku's delight and Katsuki's annoyance. All Might then places a notebook on the table that contains his research on the past successors of One For All.[4] He reveals that he wasn't able to find any information on the second and third users, before Katsuki impatiently tells him to get on with their meeting.

Izuku tells All Might how he can currently only manifest Blackwhip for a second, so he can't efficiently use its capabilities, but considers it a powerful support-type Quirk, and proceeding to say he hasn't made contact with the users again since. Katsuki manages to identify the Blackwhip user as the fifth successor, Daigoro Banjo, a.k.a. Lariat, and that the Quirk let him maneuverer in the air. Based on that information, Katsuki figures that all Quirks within One For All must be "lame", considering the past users as 'nobodies'. Izuku tries defending Lariat's strength, but Katsuki points out that he likes any Quirk. All Might agrees with Katsuki, as he tells them that All For One was obsessed with the Quirk, and it caused him to destroy all the strong people because they defied his evil.

The wielders of One For All keeping the embers alive.

All Might continues that the inheritors of One For All weren't really 'chosen ones', but rather ones entrusted with the power by those who they could trust, which Katsuki says makes sense since they all died young, though they silently note one piece of information being scribbled out. Katsuki then asks what the next Quirk Izuku will get is, to which he says it'll be the one of his master, Nana Shimura, Float. Katsuki loudly denounces this, saying that since he can already go airborne with his Explosion Quirk, Izuku will be wasting time learning a skill he already has while he'll polish up on his own skills. All Might watches the argument between Izuku and Katsuki and gives a smile.

After the two return to the dorms for the night, they prepare to help the other students with a Work Study/Brainstorm/Hot pot party to energize everyone for the new term, which Class 1-B will also be stopping by for later. The students talk about how soon they'll be second-years, and all the new first-years that'll arrive, to which Tenya reminds everyone about finals three months from then. As they continue to socialize, Izuku internally reflects how he never imagined All Might would be watching over him, or when he could talk to Katsuki normal-ishly, and remarks how blessed he is.

All Might resolves to continue living.

Meanwhile, Shota finds All Might sitting outside, asking him what he's doing, to which All Might says he isn't doing much. He asks about Eri to which Shota tells him she's asleep and he'll start training her this week. All Might offers his help, to which Shota appreciates. He then asks what's bothering All Might, to which he says that while he has decided to live, he can't help but feel powerless when he sees how much everyone has developed. Shota tells him that because he bore the title of Symbol of Peace for so long, it's hard for him to accept that there are so many other things he can do for the students, such as being there for them, and to keep being the person he knows he is. All Might accepts the advice, as Shota relays a message from Naomasa delaying his intended meeting with Stain.[5]

Act I:

Heroes Assemble

What the Heroes are fighting to stop.

About a week after receiving the "hospital" tip, Twice meets up with Hawks asking for advice on what to say about the "idea of liberation", saying that the others in his unit don't trust him and wonders if he should just express his own views. Hawks reflects on how, over the past month, he managed to figure out the different regiments for the Paranormal Liberation Front and their lieutenants. First, there's "Black", the tactical regiment which provides support for the other three regiments led by Twice, "Violet", the raid regiment which supervises the positions of everyone around the country, with one exception, led by Dabi and Geten, "Carmine", the intelligence regiment led by Himiko Toga and Skeptic, and "Brown", the support unit led by Mr. Compress and Spinner.

Hawks thinks that if they make the first move in the war to come, it'll all be over. He also muses how he was able to figure out all the members without getting caught despite the intense surveillance and administrative limits, but says it's thanks to the negotiation skills he learned since he was young. He also notes how lots of the members despise the current system, so he informs Twice to tell them that they'll trample over the society that has suppressed individuals' freedom as well as mention allegiance to Re-Destro, since it was his bloodline that unites them. Twice accepts, though resolving to just buttering up the members even though he doesn't feel the same way.

Hawks and Twice's friendship.

Hawks realizes their plan is to attack major cities all across the nation, where Re-Destro and his other party leaders will take over the non-functioning and lawless cities, distributing items and the call for freedom in the name of self-defense. With Tomura sitting on a throne of rubble amidst the chaos, Hero Society will be completely destroyed. He internally thanks Twice for helping him get all the pieces into place in his mind, admitting that he felt he was the one he had to look out for the most after he learned he overcame his trauma, seeing him as no longer a minor villain, while also acknowledging Twice as a good-hearted person.

He thinks back to earlier when Twice asked him how he understands the Meta Liberation Army very well and he tells him he empathizes with them, for the world he longed for in the past felt like a cage he was trapped in, and wants to fly freely. Twice enthusiastically tells Hawks he'd take him to see Tomura if it weren't for the bugs on his wings placed by Skeptic, and he ends up revealing to Hawks that he's in the mountains in Kyoto. Back in the present, Twice tells Hawks that a person who helps their companions isn't a bad person, to which Hawks reaffirms his belief that Twice is kind.

The Hospital Raid Team.

Two months later, in March towards the end of spring break, all the students from the Hero course are surprised to learn they are all going to the same place for their internships. They meet up with Burnin, who tells them that they're evacuating the residents of Jaku City, while the Heroes are at the foot of the mountains.[6]

A team of Pro Heroes, which include Endeavor, Eraser Head, Present Mic, Mirko, Gran Torino, Ryukyu, Crust, Wash, the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Rock Lock, Manual, Thirteen, Ectoplasm, and more, gather together for a meeting with Naomasa. He reveals to them that the mysterious "Dr. Ujiko", the manufacturer of the Nomu, is actually Kyudai Garaki, the Quirkless founder of Jaku General Hospital, and an advocate of Quirk-based healthcare and renowned philanthropist. Rock Lock questions how they know it's him, with Naomasa replying that one of his subordinates went undercover at the hospital and managed to follow Kyudai to an area that doesn't appear in the blueprints, managing to take a photo of Kyudai alongside a small Nomu. Naomasa continues that while it's possible arresting Kyudai won't be difficult, they need to be cautious so as to avoid disasters like the Hosu and Kamino Incidents, and that their objective is to take down all the members of the Paranormal Liberation Front at once.

The Villa Raid Team.

A large group of Pro Heroes including Edgeshot, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, Midnight, Gang Orca, Fat Gum, Suneater, Majestic, Cementoss, Ms. Joke, and many more rendezvous right outside the front of the Liberation's mansion, the Gunga Mountain Villa. Several students including 1-A's Denki and Fumikage, and 1-B's Kinoko Komori and Juzo Honenuki are with the group as well, which Midnight explains because they just temporarily need their help, though Denki remains uneasy wanting to be with his classmates, who are on standby behind them.

Back at Naomasa's group, Endeavor asks him how they managed to discover this information and what "he" is doing, which Naomasa just brushes off saying it is classified information, and that everyone is working hard for the peace of the country. Endeavor doesn't insist asking, being sure that it's Hawks who's behind it all.

In a local city, the citizens wonder why there seem to be no Pro Heroes around. Slidin' Go is the only one around, patrolling the streets and wondering to himself what's going on, when suddenly, Death Arms appears behind him and arrests him, calling him out for his membership to the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The Paranormal Liberation War begins!

With everything ready, Burnin signals the students to start evacuating the citizens. At the same time, Endeavor and his squad proceed with the mission and raid the Jaku General Hospital. Both the hospital staff and patients are surprised at the presence of so many Heroes there, as Naomasa's undercover agent approaches Endeavor and asks him to follow.

Meanwhile, Dr. Garaki is humming to himself while walking down the hospital hallway in a good mood. He is enjoying himself thinking that everything is going according to plan and Tomura will be all prepared in a month's time. Suddenly, he hears someone calling him from behind, turning around horrified to realize it is Endeavor rushing toward him alongside other Heroes ready to arrest him.[7]

Attack of the Nomu

The "Quirkless" Doctor.

Kyudai desperately tries to flee from the Heroes but trips on Eraser Head's Capturing Weapon as he uses his Erasure on him. Endeavor notices him growing older, realizing that he is not actually Quirkless, and Naomasa theorizing it is the secret behind All For One's longevity. He also notes that many of the related Quirks they have seen, such as Super Regeneration, seem "rare", and perhaps those Quirks were either replicated or created artificially to help All For One.

Present Mic flips Kyudai over onto his back, angrily demanding he answer why he's using his powers for evil. Two doctors, who were watching, come in and push Present Mic away, wanting to know what it is he's done wrong. Naomasa and another Hero escort the two doctors away as Mandalay informs them they have evacuated everyone from the Hospital and are ready to fight. Mirko, who's making her way to the morgue, suggests they could secure the place without a fight since the Nomu move on command and they have captured the one giving the commands. Eraser Head tells Kyudai that they will take away everything from him just like how he took so many innocent lives away with his experiments. Kyudai tries to plea innocence as Mirko tells Endeavor the Nomu are mobilizing.

Mirko breaks into the Doctor's lab.

Suddenly, several Nomu tear through the floor, with one of them with drill arms tearing into Kyudai's arm. Kyudai starts melting, revealing himself to be a Double clone created by Twice, and that if they knew about his replication skills, they should have taken more precautions. The real Kyudai is in his laboratory watching Tomura's process as he starts gathering as many supplies as he can, thinking about his life's work and how many Quirks he has cultivated, before telling Johnny to prepare to warp him and Tomura away. But just then, Mirko charges in, knocking over a door that falls on Johnny and crushes him. Mirko asks if he is the real deal to which he reacts with horror.[8]

Kyudai fondly thinks back to all the good times he had with Johnny, saying that his insatiable curiosity and inquisitive nature was his source of strength, and he thanks him from the bottom of his heart as he watches the rest of his lab getting torn apart. Mirko reports to the Heroes that she has located Kyudai and several tough-looking Nomu, as Endeavor and his group continue to deal with the onslaught on Nomus in the rest of the hospital.

The High-Ends are unleashed.

Several heroes, including Crust, try to make it to Mirko's location, but are also halted by Nomu getting in the way. Mirko charges for Kyudai, ready to kick him to see if he's the real deal, leading him to panic and remember the High-End Nomu he had created. He believes activating them now would be a bad idea due to still being in the testing phase, as even Hood took 10 hours to fully stabilize, but with no other option, he pulls out a device ready to activate the High-Ends.

Just before Mirko's leg makes contact with Kyudai's arm, she gets pushed out of the way by another smaller Nomu, named Mocha, who uses the Double Quirk to create a clone of Kyudai that Mirko kicks away. The distraction lasts long enough for Kyudai to activate the 5 remaining High-Ends, while also praising Mocha for using its Quirk without him telling it to. Kyudai orders the High-Ends to destroy the Heroes as one of them comes out and slams Mirko into a large tanker. As the High-Ends prepare to go wild and destroy all the Heroes, Crust finally arrives at the lab. One of the High-Ends recognizes him and prepares to fight him, while Mirko, who survived the attack, says that she's just getting warmed up as she prepares to fight them as well.[9]

The Doctor frantically continues Tomura's experimentation.

Crust uses his Shield Quirk to try and pierce the High-End Nomu he is fighting, which is blocking the way from the other Heroes arriving to assist Mirko, and continues to resist the incoming attack. Kyudai thinks about what differs from the High-Ends to other Nomus isn't just the amount of Quirks and the physical enhancements, but that they can also think to an extent and posses the personality traits of their host bodies.

The Doctor frantically types away at his computer, complaining at how he selected the most battle-crazed villains and that preparing those candidates took a lot of time and effort. He says that artificially transplanting Quirks into a person's body requires complex surgery and takes at least three months to fully integrate into the body, and without All For One, High-End production is very tough. He also says that at this point, "Woman" and the four others barely had any sort of trial run. He apologizes for the unfinished ones he released for cutting them like this, but he needs the time, especially with no escape after Johnny and Mocha's deaths, as Tomura's process is only at 71%.

Mirko kills a High-End.

After Mirko manages to pick out where Kyudai is hiding with her rabbit ears, the High-Ends are surprised she survived their attack, as she explains that she used her legs to cancel the impact when she hit the containers. She jumps out and lands behind them immediately heading for Kyudai's location, but the High-Ends intercept her. She uses a Super Move called Luna Ring to blow away the Nomus but one of them rips off her left arm using a black hole Quirk. She smashes a Nomu with Luna Fall before charging at the Nomu that took her arm, who is surprised by how she charged in so dauntlessly. She tells the Nomu as she lands on his shoulders that people like him only fight at a distance, never close. The Nomu tells her to die but she tells him only when she's ready, and uses Luna Tijeras to rip off the Nomu's head, killing it.

After she uses her hair to stabilize her severed arm, she tells the Nomus that since their heads are their weak spots, she'll aim for them. She also says that she lives her life everyday like there's no tomorrow for her so when it's time for her to die, she'll have no regrets, and the Nomu will not be the end of her.[10]

Heroes vs. Liberation

Back at the Gunga Mountain Villa, Skeptic panics that the Heroes are about to attack, frantically searching for Twice, blaming him for spilling the information. He thinks about how it is possible Hawks was able to deceive him when he had kept such a sharp eye on him and checking for anything suspicious, though he insists that Twice is still at fault. He yells to the other members about the incoming Heroes as the mansion gets cracked in the middle.[10]

At the backup team, the students anxiously await as the fighting begins. Kyoka uses her Quirk to notice that the enemy is on the move, as a Hero turns to them and tells them that while this operation has brought Heroes together on an unprecedented scale, it is no reason to relax, because they need everyone present to help with the massive threat they are about to face. Kyoka says that she isn't too worried about Fumikage, but mostly concerned for Denki, though Momo reassures her that he will be fine.

Denki, however, yells that he wants to be with his friends rather than on the front lines, as the huge group of Heroes charge toward the front of the mansion. Midnight tries to reassure him, saying that they need his Electrification Quirk, and to think of this position as helping out the Heroes who don't have what it takes. Denki strongly disagrees with this statement, but Fumikage speaks up and tells Denki that when they were practicing together with the guitar for the School Festival, he found him amazing. Denki initially thinks he is talking about his guitar skills but Fumikage tries to explain himself before Cementoss uses his Quirk to tear open the front of the mansion.

Skeptic yells to warn the members currently in the assembly hall, as well as yelling for the Violet and Black Regiments to move to the front entrance, while Brown goes to back them up, and Carmine goes to the assembly hall. One person with a noticeable scar on his forehead tells Skeptic that the Heroes got them good, so they should shake things up a notch.

Denki makes his hero debut and absorbs the strong electricity.

The scarred villain steps forward and says that this attack is a result of them waiting for Tomura so they should just get the whole thing started: The Liberation Revolution. Edgeshot yells to let no one escape because they're well trained and ready to give their lives to their cause and to let one escape could lead to them terrorizing other places, which is why they must fight back. Midnight comforts a still nervous Denki by saying that if he can't focus on random people elsewhere, he can think of the person who matters the most to him. Denki turns around and looks behind him, stating internally that he wants to be with all of his friends, especially Kyoka. Kyoka then hopes for him to complete the mission quickly and safely.

The villain declares that their numbers are insignificant, ready to unleash his Amplivolt Quirk at full power. Fumikage watches Denki charge forward and thinks back to when they practiced together, how he hurt himself strumming the guitar and he offered for the two of them to take a break, but Denki said they should keep going a little longer because he wants to help out Kyoka anyway he can with his performance. From this statement, Fumikage deduces that Denki is a man who cares deeply for his friends from the bottom of his heart. The villain unleashes a move called Supreme Discharge: Thundernet on to the Heroes, but to his shock, his electricity is absorbed by Denki, who yells that they need to mop up all the others so the one's left behind don't need to worry.[11]

The Heroes continue their raid on the Villa, sealing off every possible escape route and communications to ensure their victory. In the Underground Sanctuary Assembly Hall of the mansion, Re-Destro and Trumpet are informing the Paranormal Liberation Front's followers of some important information, until one of the members informs Re-Destro of the attack on the Heroes, leading to his Stress levels rapidly increasing.

Outside, Cementoss continues to use his Cement Quirk to split apart the Villa, forcing many of the organization's followers to come out and fight. Denki continues emitting his electricity to hold off the other members, showing no signs of tiredness too. The electric scarred villain recognizes Denki's Electrification Quirk and tells the other Electric-type Villains to unleash millions of bolts to override the former's powers.

Before they do so, Edgeshot zips past the villains using Thousand Sheet Pierce to prevent them from breathing by placing tiny holes in their lungs. Midnight and Kamui Woods follow up by using their Quirks to restrain the PLF members with efficiency. Along with that, 1-B's Juzo and Kinoko activate their respective Quirks to give the Heroes the advantage against the remaining foes on the battlefield by slowing down their movements.[12]

One's Justice

Hawks has Twice at his mercy.

In another room in the mansion, Hawks corners a confused Twice with his feathers, who expresses disbelief over why Hawks would betray the organization, with the latter showing no signs of hospitality.[11] Hawks reveals the reason how he managed to message the Heroes the location of the hideout while destroying the trackers attached to his wings. Hawks also mentions that he had to keep on eye on the sheer numbers of villains there and Twice due to Double's dangerous potential. He continues to reveal how easy it was just getting Twice to trust him, and that he intends to turn the masked villain in once the war is over.

Twice starts remembering his experiences of betrayal from those he trusted, namely when he brought Overhaul to the hideout and how the encounter led to the death of Magne and Mr. Compress losing his left arm. Upon remembering these horrible memories, Twice realizes his huge mistake of trusting others so easily and starts breaking down emotionally, tearfully stating that once again his trusting of others leads to dire consequences for him and the League. Twice admits to Hawks the reason he trusted him was due to feeling sympathetic to the latter's goal of wanting to live in a free society, and that it's sad if nobody trusts you. Hawks thanks Twice and tells him that after he pays for his crimes, he can make a fresh start and start over, even offering to help him get back on his feet, telling him that he is a good person.

Upon hearing those words, Twice starts lashing out at Hawks with rage and anger, disregarding his statements. Twice tells the Winged Hero that he doesn't care about the whole system anymore and admits his hatred of Heroes. Hawks attempts to reason with Twice but the latter refuses to let anyone take advantage of his kind nature ever again. Twice then unleashes his Super Move: Sad Man's Parade, and prepares to fight Hawks for the sake of ensuring the League's happiness. Hawks sighs solemnly as he reluctantly readies himself to fight the person he considered a "good friend". Twice lets out an enraged scream as their battle begins. Meanwhile, Dabi heads straight towards their location with a sinister grin on his face, knowing that Hawks was the traitor of the organization all along, monologuing to himself that it isn't Twice's fault, rather it's the scummy heroes are the ones to blame.[12]

Re-Destro holds off against Dark Shadow.

Fumikage joins Fat Gum and Suneater on their team as they prepare to seal a specific exit leading to the underground sanctuary for the PLF, which will close them off for good. After Suneater removes a wave of Liberation guards with his Super Move: Vast Hybrid - Centaur, Fumikage unleashes his Ultimate Move: Ragnarök, pushing Dark Shadow to its limit. Fukimage floods the tunnel with Dark Shadow's berserker state and the Liberation soldiers inside flee.

Trumpet and the other members start retreating, but Re-Destro steps out of the crowd and pushes his Stress levels to its maximum. He manages to block Dark Shadow with brute force, but his prosthetic legs give way to the sheer weight and power of the giant shadow. Re-Destro gets blasted through the rear wall of the tunnel and reveals the secret passageway being used by the liberation front. Fumikage recalls Dark Shadow and it tells him downstairs is a true monster, far more powerful than even the man who withstood their Ragnarok.

Fat Gum reveals to Fumikage that Gigantomachia won't move unless directly ordered by his master, so they don't have to worry about it, also mentioning they got this intel directly from Hawks, to Fumikage's surprise. Thanks to the Winged Hero's tutelage, Fumikage has become stronger and improved on his strengths, and he hopes that Hawks can see how much he's grown during this mission.

Meanwhile, Hawks slashes apart Twice's Sad Man's Parade barrage effortlessly. He tells him the rate he conjures his clones is incredible, but also that they decrease in durability the more he uses his Quirk. Hawks claims that he doesn't allow himself to get attached and must finish this mission now that he's this deep, reminding Twice that he could have just complied peacefully in the beginning because he likes him. Twice refuses and creates Doubles of the League of Villains, stating that they're his only allies, but Hawks destroys those Doubles instantly.

Hawks tells Twice that the reason Heroes eliminate Villains quickly is because a person who never gives up is a Hero's worst fear, and in his own experience, someone who never gives up never stops putting up a fight. Hysterical, Twice demands Hawks stop talking and rushes at him, But Hawks pins him to the floor with blinding speed with a bladed feather a few inches from his face.

Hawks solemnly tells Twice that because he won't give up, he feels he has no choice but to kill him, causing Twice to claim that Hawks is no hero because he is trying to cut out the stragglers. Twice also tells Hawks that Himiko Toga once comforted him with a handkerchief when he was distraught and that since this was the second time he put the League in danger, she may not comfort him ever again. Nevertheless, he yells to Hawks that he will protect the League's happiness and creates one more Double. Hawks says he'll pass the message onto the League and pierces through the Double being created over Jin's face.

Before Hawks can kill Twice, the wall explodes with blue flames that engulf the entire room. Dabi emerges, stating that Hawks won't be passing anything on because Twice was heard loud and clear. Hawks rolls out the scorching flames with Twice, but Dabi stomps on his head and shatters his goggles. Dabi ignites flames around his feet and tells Hawks that his sentimental attitude tripped him up after all.[13]

As Dabi tries to attack again, Hawks uses his feathers to quickly get him and Twice out of the way. While Dabi expresses annoyance, he says that Hawks' "weapons" have been severely damaged. Hawks tells Dabi he nearly burned Twice, but Dabi claims he knew Hawks would have gotten him out of the way since that what Heroes are supposed to do. Hawks asks if at any chance he blew his cover did Dabi suspect him, but Dabi confesses he never trusted Hawks from the beginning.

Hawks internally monologues that he won't be able to fly away with his wings all burnt, but decides to move himself and Twice away from the area. Twice, however, immediately crawls away from Hawks and yells at Dabi to destroy him. As Dabi unleashes his flames, he tells Twice that with him, they can destroy all the Heroes, and gives him permission to go wild and back up the others. Twice agrees and the two of them give each other a high-five.

However, Hawks suddenly appears behind Dabi, as he realizes he went outside with the blast of fire in order to flank him. Twice yells at Hawks to get out of his way as Dabi calls Hawks by his real name: Keigo Takami. This leaves Hawks distracted long enough for Twice to get away as Hawks is left puzzled as to how Dabi knew who he was.

Hawks prepares to land a fatal blow on the distracted Twice.

Twice sees the carnage happening below him, particularly Himiko and Mr. Compress being attacked by Eel Boy, and resolves to help them, not wanting the kindness he felt from them to go to waste. He makes a clone of himself as Hawks appears behind him with a feather blade, while Twice acknowledges that his life up until now had been filled with failures, being conned, and back-stabbed, making for a rather miserable existence.

Eel Boy finally manages to catch Himiko and Mr. Compress, but as he tells them that their days of criminal activity and being a nuisance to society are over, Twice's clone appears and knifes Eel Boy in the back of his head, killing him and saving Himiko and Mr. Compress. As Mr. Compress says they should get down into the bunker, Twice confesses he can't clone himself anymore, and that he is spending too much energy trying to hold himself together because he fell and hit the concrete.

Twice apologizes to them and reveals that Hawks betrayed him. He walks over to Himiko and pulls out the handkerchief she gave him during the Shie Hassaikai Raid and wipes her dirty face. He apologizes one more time as his clone melts away in Himiko's arms, signifying that the original had been killed. Himiko thanks him one last time for saving her.

Twice acknowledges in an inner monologue that in all the time he spent trying to find himself, he had never made such a good friend in the form of Himiko, and it's because of that, he feels he had a blessed life in the end. He tells Hawks he had no right to say he had bad luck, because being with the League of Villains made him happy, and he was as happy as he could have been.[14]

Birds of a Feather

Back outside during the fighting, Fat Gum carries Juzo, Kinoko, Denki, and Fumikage in his body, ready to return them back to the rear. He says that the Pros had the students subdue a slew of opponents with their wide range Quirks and close them in, and now they will gradually take them down, so they are done borrowing the strength of the kids and will take care of everything else. Fumikage then notices a blast of fire coming out of the mansion, recognizing Hawks' feathers. He also thinks back to his initial internship with Hawks, when he asked him what his weakness is. Hawks answers it is fire because his feathers burn up easily, and when asked about any countermeasures, he only responds with getting the job done fast enough before they can use it against him.[15]

Despite Fat Gum's insistence, Fumikage desperately tries to get out of his body, and manages to escape. He tells Denki that Hawks is on the top floor of the building and could be in trouble, before making his way there. Fat Gum quickly ejects Denki, Kinoko, and Juzo from his body, telling them to make their way back to the rear, as he heads off to provide support for Fumikage. Inwardly, he comments on how he was strong enough to break free of his fat, which was something that had never happened before to him.[16]

In the mansion, a furious Dabi blasts Hawks away for killing Twice. As he steps on him and burns away his feathers, Hawks looks at Dabi and asks if the face he is making is the face someone should have when their friend has been killed. Dabi insults Hawks and reveals his tear glands are all burnt, so he can't cry, and Dabi confesses that if Twice was still by his side, he would have been able to make his dream become a reality, which is why he is sad.

Hawks tells Dabi that he looked into the backgrounds of the members of the League but could find nothing on him or Tomura. After thinking back to when the government officials placed him in a special program to make him a 'special hero', how they told him to discard his name, and how he accepted the grueling training if it meant he could be like Endeavor, he asks Dabi who he is, and Dabi answers, leaving Hawks shocked.

Hawks is burned by Dabi.

Dabi tells Hawks that he should've been his real target from the start, that he doesn't really care about the League or Tomura, and that ultimately just one man's philosophy can change everything. He declares that there are no real "Heroes" in the world and that he considers himself the "Ultimate Manifestation of Stain's will". He wishes Hawks goodbye as he claims his life and death mean nothing to him. Suddenly, Dabi is blown away by Fumikage, who arrives just in time to help Hawks.[15]

Dark Shadow covers the wounded Hawks' back with Fumikage's cloak while saying that there is nothing left of his wings. Dabi says it is pathetic that U.A. High had to drag children into this mess, before pointing out to Fumikage Twice's body laying behind him and revealing that Hawks killed him as he was trying to provide backup to his friends. The revelation shocks Fumikage, as Dabi rhetorically asks him if he came here to save Hawks and says to him that the Pro Hero he looks up to is far dirtier than the Villains present. Hawks attempts to speak to Fumikage, albeit weakly, while he answers Dabi by saying he is concerned for his teacher, only for Dabi to call him thoughtless.

Dabi unleashes a blast of his flames that Fumikage tries to dodge, but because the area was too cramped, his right leg ends up getting burnt. He also knows that the fire has weakened Dark Shadow, so he decides to escape as fast as possible and get somewhere where Hawks can get treated. Hawks tells Fumikage that Dabi is still talking, as he continues his conversation by telling him to think for once about who really needs salvation, but Fumikage ignores him by listening to Hawks.

Fumikage saves Hawks.

He had realized that Dabi wasn't able to finish him off earlier because he was talking to him, and he is doing it again, deducing that he isn't being cocky, rather he's buying himself time until he can use his flames effectively. Hawks tells Fumikage to move and Dark Shadow goes behind Dabi and grabs the rail of the floor to fling the two of them away, but his lack of strength causes them to crash on the lower level.

After they land, Fumikage checks on Hawks and finds he has fallen unconscious but is still alive. He activates his Super Move Black Fallen Angel and prepares to fly away, but Dabi jumps down by emitting fire from his feet and says to Fumikage he was just holding back when he used his fire earlier. Before he can attack though, a huge wall of ice is created by Geten, disrupting him and allowing Fumikage to escape with Hawks. As he flies he yells to Hawks with tears in his eyes that he doesn't think he's dirty and that everyone believes in him and that he did the right thing, so he can't die on him.

As Fat Gum reaches the villa, he sees Mt. Lady being blown away by Geten's ice wall, as the Villain shows his face and yells he won't let the Heroes interfere with Re-Destro anymore and they won't go down that easily. He yells to his allies that he has disrupted their siege and that the Heroes want them to rush into a fight, so they need to create an opening and focus on a single objective. Dabi then decides to turn his attention to something else.[16]

A Dark Cloud Forms

Back at the Jaku General Hospital, Mirko continues her assault on the High-Ends, but starts to lose the upper hand. She realizes the Nomus are wising up to her skills, and decides to refocus her efforts on confronting Kyudai, but the Nomu chase after her, slashing her side and tearing off a part of her right ear. Nevertheless, Mirko presses on, telling herself that if she dies, she will die having taken down her enemies. She manages to catch up to Kyudai, who is in front of Tomura in a capsule, but before she can smash it open, a High-End stabs her through her right leg with its Quirk, saying she was too late, but Mirko refuses to falter.[15] At the same time, Endeavor manages to discover a shortcut to the lab, and encounters Crust fighting a High-End, who is having trouble due to its Super Regeneration Quirk. Eraser Head soon arrives, using his Erasure Quirk to shut it down, as Present Mic also joins to assist them.

As Endeavor digs his fist into the High-End that had just attacked Mirko, he notes the Nomu has multiple layers of bone. Eraser Head yells to Endeavor that after staring at the two Nomu in front of him, there was a brief lag before he spotted the one he was fighting so he has to finish that one off quickly, which Endeavor continues to do so. While Mirko continues to try and bring her leg down onto Tomura's capsule, she internally notes that the second she saw him, she instinctively knew she couldn't let him wake up. Kyudai yells for her to stop but she presses on as Tomura reaches 74% completion.

Mirko successfully destroys Tomura's capsule.

Meanwhile, the High-End Nomu, Woman, figures out that the one that is negating her Quirks is Eraser Head because they were disabled the minute he appeared. Realizing he didn't touch her, she quickly figures out that he used his eyes because he was hiding them. As she wonders how the effects wear off, she finally stabilizes and runs off, as Eraser Head wonders if the High-End figured out his Quirk. After getting far away enough from the Heroes, Woman unleashes a dual combination of Liquification and Rupture Quirks to unleash multiple shots of liquid at the Heroes, which distracts Endeavor long enough for the Nomu he was fighting to attack Mirko again. It grabs her as Tomura reaches 75% completion and proceeds to drag her away, but not before she uses her Super Move Luna Arc to deal more damage to the capsule, destroying the processor. Before the Nomu can drag Mirko away though, Endeavor catapults himself further with Mirko in his arms, which terrifies Kyudai as his machines start to fall apart.

Mirko tells Endeavor to destroy the capsule containing Tomura and to take down Kyudai, whose name is heard by an irate Eraser Head and Present Mic, as they can't let Tomura awaken no matter what.[17] Endeavor takes her aside, handing her a hand-cloth to bite down while he sears her wounds shut. He reminds her of the debt he owes her after Kyushu, so she can't die on him, while she replies he doesn't owe her nothing. The two are then faced against Woman.

Eraser Head continues to use his Erasure to nullify the High-Ends until reinforcements arrive. He remembered how Woman escaped his eyesight and is probably fighting Endeavor, and as much as he wants to go after it, he can't go deeper into the lab because he is currently holding three of them back. He yells to X-Less and Present Mic to go on ahead of him. One High-End tries to stop them but is hit by a Super Move from Crust. Eraser Head tells Present Mic that he is counting on him as he makes his way through the lab.

Present Mic uses DJ Punch on Kyudai.

Kyudai desperately notes how all the equipment is ruined but not the data, and as much as he doesn't want to wake Tomura because he is still in an incomplete state, he figures it would be better than before all the solution inside the capsule is lost. As he laments how all his work with All For One was falling apart, he pulls out a switch and tries to press it while yelling for Tomura to wake up. Before he can though, Present Mic uses his Voice Quirk to shatter the capsule completely, leaving Kyudai aghast. Present Mic runs up to Kyudai and punches him to confirm if he is a clone or not, yelling at him for making his friend cry.

X-Less checks on Tomura and sees that he isn't breathing and his heart has stopped, and Kyudai reveals he put Tomura into a state of suspension to lighten the burden of stabilization and that the container was meant to accelerate the stabilization process, support his system, and resuscitate him when necessary, all the while crying about how he lived for Tomura's sake. The reinforcements finally arrive and begin to overwhelm the High-Ends, while Kyudai laments how bad things have gotten.[18]

Present Mic proceeds to drag Kyudai away and tells him to command the Nomu to stop their attack while also yelling to X-Less to handle Tomura, which he complies, but also notices a machine that is still active due to the tubes in front of it buffering the damage, and decides to destroy it himself.

As Present Mic continues to take him away, Kyudai reveals to him that 70 years ago, society mocked his thesis about the Quirk Singularity, citing that they found it absurd and lacking in evidence, and eventually ignored it. He said that even in an era struggling to return an impoverished conflicted world back to peace, no one believed there was anything to indicate the "collapse of the future". Present Mic realizes that now this era has become a cult of people who believe in his theory. He also recalls how that after the scholar presented the theory, he went missing, and if he was still alive today, he would have to be 120 years old, and that is how old Kyudai is.

Kyudai continues his story by telling Present Mic that he had nowhere to go and he was exiled, but then "he" extended his hand to him, and ever since that day, he saw "him" as a living god. He reveals his Quirk is called Life Force, and it gives him twice the vitality of others at the cost of his athleticism, and he devoted the Quirk to All For One all these years. He also reveals that the Quirk is actually a replica of the original. As he spoke, Present Mic realizes he is in contact with something horrible, even more so when Kyudai. Reveals that All For One knew he was going to be defeated, so he passed his own Quirk down to Tomura while leaving himself with a replica of it. Kyudai rhetorically asks Present Mic if he is a friend of Kurogiri, confessing that back then he actually wanted to get his hand on Eraser Head's Erasure.

Tomura is comatose in his distorted mind.

Inside Tomura's mind, Tomura is surrounded by several large hands and pieces of buildings. He sees his sister talking to him, telling him that she was on his side, and later when she was apologizing to him for selling him out. Tomura responds that it's alright and that he has forgotten it. A large version of his mother appears asking him if he still wants to be a Hero, and then tells him that he had been rubbing his eyes ragged and they will only get itchier the more he scratches. Tomura, as Tenko, tells her he is fine. A large version of his father appears yelling if he went into his study, and Tenko turns back into Tomura and destroys him with his Quirk.

A shadowy version of All For One appears and tells him to come to him. His family reappears to stop him and grab him in the same areas he had their hands on him before, with Kotaro's hand on his face, all desperately trying to stop him from following in All For One's footsteps. The last one to appear is his grandmother, Nana, who grabs the back of his head and telling him to not forget them.

Tomura has been awakened.

Despite their pleas, Tomura destroys the constructs of his family without hesitation, telling them not to reject who he is. The crumbling face of Nana watches her grandson walk over to All For One's darkness, embracing the path of villainy. Back in the lab, the electricity from the tubes wakes jolt Tomura awake.

In the city near the Jaku General Hospital, where numerous students are evacuating citizens, Deku gets a bad feeling that something terrible is coming.[19] Meanwhile, under the villa, Re-Destro yells about his spare legs as one of his minions informs him that Gigantomachia has started moving, as the large monstrosity has picked up his master's scent.[16]

Act II:

Tomura's Awakening

Burnin yells at anyone in the neighborhood to let the Heroes know if they are unable to get up and out on their own, as there is a chance the city will become a counter-villain battle zone. Katsuki tells the civilians to take the shuttles out of the city, and one of them offers him a chocolate bun as a thank you, though he angrily yells at them about it. Ochaco and Tsuyu proceed to argue with him about it, while another civilian tells Tenya that there is a manuscript on paper that he hasn't submitted yet so he doesn't want the Heroes to destroy his workplace, which he responds that he will preserve and protect his manuscript. Koji uses his Quirk to evacuate the animals and a dove reports to him that the fifth ward of the city has been completely evacuated. Tenya says they must check every single building to ensure nobody has been left behind in senior homes and apartments.

During the commotion, Shoto notices Deku clutching his stomach, with Katsuki retorting he is slacking off. In actuality, Deku is hearing the voice of the first user of One For All for the first time since right before the Joint Training Battle. The first user warns Deku that they don't have much time and to be ready. Ochaco calls out to him in concern, as he turns to face the hospital in trepidation.

Back in the lab, X-Less is surprised to see that Tomura has woken up, despite having previously verified that his heart was not beating. Tomura speaks and says he is cold. At that moment, the Pro Heroes have already defeated the High-Ends and Present Mic continues to escort Kyudai to the surface. Just then, they notice the lab starting to disintegrate, with Kyudai smiling maniacally as it reaches closer to the two of them.

Tomura uses Decay to destroy the entire laboratory.

Gran Torino charges in and quickly grabs the two as he notices how Tomura's Decay has started spreading to things he hadn't even touched, which is something they didn't know about. He yells to the Heroes to escape and not touch the cracks unless they want to die. Ryukyu yells to Eraser Head to grab on to her, as she carries several Heroes on her back. Just as Eraser Head launches his Capturing Weapon to latch on, a High-End grabs him by the leg as it starts to disintegrate. Its arm is then cut off by Crust's Shoot Shield, but he's unable to escape the decay and dies, sending off with a smile while Eraser Head screams in horror. Meanwhile, Endeavor escapes as well carrying Mirko and another Hero.

As he's being carried away, Kyudai admits to the Heroes that they had them beat, as the decay continues to spread to the rest of the hospital, engulfing several Heroes while Wash uses their Quirks to rescue as many people as possible. Pixie-Bob tries to use her Quirk to hold the decay back, but it doesn't work and the decay spreads to the city. Kyudai continues his speech by saying that all the Heroes' work and progress was building toward this day, but now they witness a miracle, or something greater: Tomura's awakening. He declares everything the Heroes built will disintegrate with his hands, so this is their victory.

As the decay reaches the students in the city, Deku charges up 45% of One For All and unleashes a new Super Move: St. Louis Air Force Smash at the spreading decay, as everyone screams to run.[20] Despite his best efforts, the decay continues with no sign of stopping. Discovering it isn't just a shockwave, he remembers Tomura's explanation for how his Decay worked, and realizes it is his doing.

Izuku and the Evacuation team flee from Tomura's Decay.

Shoto tries to use his Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall to try and stop the decay, but that too fails. Burnin orders everyone to fall back and the Heroes do so while trying to escape with the civilians. Burnin tries reaching out to the Hospital Raid team hoping for a response on the situation, but receives none. Students run away as quickly as possible from the scene, taking as many civilians with them as possible, with Deku using Blackwhip to haul citizens in a bus away from the decay.

Back at what is left of the lab and hospital, Tomura stands at the center of his destruction on a platform above the ruins. He overlooks the destruction he caused before noticing the large machine behind him with a smoking hole in it. He opens it up and sees that most of the Quirk-Destroying bullets are ruined, having been destroyed by X-Less right before waking up, and after all the time Kyudai spent trying to mass-reproduce them.

Suddenly, Tomura feels a throb in his head, hearing a voice and is confused by the intrusion in his thoughts. Then, he sees Kyudai's phone on the ground and picks it up, realizing he now has control over his Quirk when he touches stuff. He also realizes that the reason why he has awoken is because of the Heroes fighting the Paranormal Liberation Front. He calls Gigantomachia and orders him to bring everyone to the city, because he is ready to destroy everything. Gigantomachia receives the message and responds by roaring.

At the Gunga Mountain Villa, Fat Gum sees Fumikage flying away and yells at him, only to spot the unconscious Hawks in his arms, informing him about the medics in the rear guard, following him back into the woods. Meanwhile, during the battle, Cementoss prepares to break through Geten's ice, and Mt. Lady gets back up ready for payback. As a group of Heroes follow, one of them recognizes Eel Boy as supposedly capturing Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress earlier. Before he can react, he gets his throat cut by Eel Boy. They proceed to cut up the other Heroes as they all realize it is actually Himiko using her Quirk.

In the ruined villa, Dabi meets up with Mr. Compress, who is sitting by a structurally secure balcony railing as he observes the fights down below. Dabi asks where the others are, as he tells him that the Heroes won't be able to function with a surprise attack, and Dabi asks if Mr. Compress intends to run away. Mr. Compress says that since Twice was killed by the Heroes, Himiko ran out onto the battlefield despite his best efforts to stop her, as he deduces that his death has caused her to completely lose her composure. As Himiko's disguise melts away, she says that living in this society is hard for her, which is why she wants to make a society where she can live easily and with the things she likes, and the only thing standing in her way are the Heroes. Suddenly, one of the giant hands of Gigantomachia sprouts up out of the ground behind Toga, who seems un-phased by this while glaring fiercely at the heroes.

The Symbol of Fear vs. the No. 1 Hero.

Back in the hospital ruins, Endeavor makes his reappearance, charging toward Tomura ready to fight.[21] He unleashes his Super Move: Hell's Curtain, trapping Tomura in a scorching inferno to which there's seemingly no escape from. However, Tomura manages to get out and tries to touch Endeavor with his hand, but he bends backwards quick enough to dodge it. He becomes surprised because the fire of his Super Move should be hot enough for someone without a heat tolerance to be unable to move, and then he realizes that Tomura is regenerating his injuries at an incredible speed.

Just as Tomura dodges another attack from Endeavor, the Hero radios in and orders any heroes that can mobilize without touching the ground to form a perimeter around him and Tomura. Endeavor successfully grabs Tomura's arm but he unleashes a blast of air that blows him far away. Tomura realizes he has inherited all the Quirks All For One collected with Quirk, and that he feels this incredible power like he has had it since he was born. He remembers what Kyudai told him before he underwent the surgery as he salvages a couple of Quirk-Destroying bullets and pockets them. He then pulls out his remaining face hand as Endeavor charges back at him.

Tomura "sees" Izuku.

Tomura, however, then realizes he feels something is missing, and that he feels he should have, which the voice inside him tells him is One For All. Endeavor responds back in confusion at the name, which Burnin overhears in the radio, saying they're on their way for assistance. Deku also overhears this mention and gets a dreaded feeling. Tomura uses Search, the Quirk stolen from Wild, Wild Pussycats member Ragdoll, to locate Deku's position, ready to target him.

Burnin orders the students and civilians to evacuate with the Heroes as Deku tries calling out to her. Tomura jumps off the ground and proceeds to make his way to Deku's position. As all the others start worrying about Tomura's arrival, Deku looks at everyone unsure about what to do next. Katsuki speaks to him and says that he knows the others will want to look out for him, because being a Hero means protecting everyone. Deku reminds him that the safety of the people is their top priority but Katsuki says that while it is difficult to determine if Tomura is coming to this location after mentioning One For All, he still needs to move.

Shoto and Ochaco see them moving away as Deku claims he forgot something as he and Katsuki head in the other direction. Deku deduces that Tomura can't see anyone from his location, but just in case he can find him, he has to move. He contacts Endeavor via the private channel and tells him that he believes Tomura is looking for him and to hear him out.[22]

The Battle of Jaku Ruins

As Tomura flies through the air, he realizes the data Ragdoll previously acquired with Search was stored up, which means the data she obtained from Deku during the Training Camp he could now see for himself, pondering to himself if it was fate. Endeavor, who is still in pursuit of Tomura, asks Deku what he is talking about, but Deku says he will explain later. He also tells him that the cloud is obstructing their vision so they can't see Tomura, and if there is anyway Endeavor can redirect him.

Endeavor is about to tell him there is no time, but the minute he sees Tomura land on the ground, he unleashes a blast of fire at him, but Tomura dodges and continues on his way. Endeavor tells Deku that he is heading southwest, and he responds that he will buy time for evacuation before hanging up. Tomura overhears the conversation between them and says the communications are annoying, so he should do something about it. Endeavor reports that Tomura is heading southwest and now that he has Super Regeneration, he is no longer the foe they have fought in the past. He also internally realizes that Tomura is after Deku and that he is in danger now.

Izuku and Katsuki have a plan for Tomura.

Deku tells Katsuki that Tomura is coming, and Katsuki retorts that he overheard, so he needs to draw him in closer. Deku then asks why Katsuki is coming with him, and Katsuki answers that in a situation like this, the only one who can make the people understand quickly enough is himself. Deku accepts the reason and thanks him, while Katsuki tells him he still has a personal score to settle with Tomura, still feeling guilty for All Might's retirement by getting kidnapped by the League of Villains, and that One For All is just the bait. Katsuki then thinks about how Deku's average Full Cowl output is currently at 30%, and in order to reduce the burden on his body at the moment of impact, he ups it to 45%. He also knows that he has been able to keep up with his increase in power over the course of Endeavor's internship and All Might's special training, and yet continues to climb to the top. He yells to his rival that he is done losing like this, and he will prove it.

Izuku and Katsuki suffer hallucinations of their deaths.

While soaring in the air, Tomura gets an idea to get Endeavor out of his way and disrupt communications, which involves him combining Air Cannon with another Quirk, Radio Waves, to release a blast that jams all the communicators. Tomura finally catches up with Deku, demanding he gives One For All to him as he reaches his hand out to grab him. At the same time, Deku experiences a death-like image, similar to the one from the Kamino Incident, distracting them from fighting back. Suddenly, Gran Torino rushes in and grabs the two of them before flying in the opposite direction. He explains he heard Tomura say "One For All" as well so he knew something dangerous was going to happen. He also tells Deku that facing Tomura now is a bad idea because his Decay is so powerful merely touching the falling debris will ensure instant death. Deku tries to protest but Gran Torino reminds him that there are other Heroes that can still fight, and as powerful as he has become, he can't beat all of them.

At this moment, Ryukyu flies up to Tomura and swipes him with her claws. Tomura touches her claw as it approaches to decays her, but to his surprise, his Quirk doesn't activate, and Ryukyu knocks Tomura into the air. Eraser Head also arrives on the scene, questioning why Deku and Katsuki were so close to Tomura, wondering if he is after them. He thinks back to Crust's sacrifice, as well as Oboro, and angrily tells Tomura to not mess with his students, revealing he has used his Erasure on him. Tomura sees him and says how cool he is.[23]

While the news helicopter above Jaku City reports that nearly a third of the city has been destroyed, and that the Heroes are doing all they can to fight something (all the while All Might is following the news watching over Eri), Tomura manages to regain his balance, tapping a device on his communicator to kill anyone in sight. Endeavor charges toward his sidekick Kido who uses his Quirk Traject to fly him straight toward Tomura, while Ryukyu yells to inform him Tomura can't use Decay anymore thanks to Eraser Head. At the same time, due to his leg being twisted by the High-End, Eraser Head is being supported by Rock Lock and Manual, with the latter using his Quirk to wet his eyes so he can keep them open and on Tomura, which he thanks him for.

Tomura withstands against Endeavor's Prominence Burn and Hell Spider.

After reaching Tomura, Endeavor unleashes a blast of fire but Tomura dodges to the right, though his left arm does get burned, which he says it really hurts. Endeavor realizes he didn't use a Quirk to dodge him, but his natural strength. He also notes how similar his movements in the air are to All Might; at this same time, Kyudai reveals to Present Mic that the strength he gave Tomura isn't on par with All Might because of the excessive modifications to the body would've taken a toll on the brain, but it's close enough. Eraser Head also notices Tomura moving more freely and wonders if this is what a perfected Nomu is supposed to be. Ryukyu flies towards Tomura but the villain slams Endeavor into her, sending them both plummeting into the ground.

Gran Torino drops Deku and Katsuki in a safe place as he explains to Deku that Eraser Head is blocking Tomura's Quirk with his own. Deku tries introducing Gran Torino to Katsuki, but he reveals All Might already told him that he knows the secret of One For All. Katsuki yells at Gran Torino that he should have dropped them off closer, but he says this is as close as they should be, explaining that Tomura's speed is faster than they imagined, and now that their communications have been blocked, they need to keep him as out of sight of others as possible. As he is about to head back to join them for the fight, he also reveals that Tomura now has All For One's Quirk, and that if Deku loses One For All, it'll be the worst-case scenario. Just then, the three are shocked by the sudden emergence of several Nomu that start to attack the Heroes attempting to join the fight.

Tomura stands victorious over Endeavor and Ryukyu.

Meanwhile, Tomura stands triumphantly on a defeated Endeavor and Ryukyu while raising his right arm in the air similarly to when Endeavor raised his left arm after defeating Hood, as a sort of mockery. He mockingly asks which arm it was, as Endeavor tries to strike him again but Tomura dodges and moves away from him. He says to himself that since he gained control over his Decay after waking up, he tried to control it so it wouldn't spread to the Nomu capsules, but acknowledged that not all of them survived. He thinks back to an early meeting with Kyudai and him asking if the Nomu will go out of control, but he says they won't. Kyudai explains that they will only move once an electric current flows through them, and all he needs is to tap the device given to him to wake them up, after which they are programmed to obey only his orders. In the present, Tomura considers the Nomu servants befitting a king.

Back with Kyudai and Present Mic, the mad doctor praises Tomura for saving some of the Nomu and they were activated when he used Radio Waves. He does admit they haven't reached the testing phase so they can't think for themselves, but their strength is phenomenal, so he classifies them as 'Near High-Ends'. Gran Torino moves to Eraser Head's location to cut the High-Ends off and tells Deku and Katsuki to hide.

Tomura decides to take out Eraser Head and charges at him, calling him a hindrance to his plans. As Rock Lock readies to defend Eraser Head, he wonders if he will die if he reaches him. He thinks about all of his students in Class 1-A and Hitoshi Shinso, and declares that he needs to live and watch over them so they can graduate and become Heroes. He yells to Tomura that he is the only hindrance just as he bypasses Rock Lock and Gran Torino who attempts to reach out to Eraser Head. Suddenly, Deku flies in and tackles Tomura, pushing him away from his teacher. Katsuki also arrives, as the two of them think about all he had done for them, and Katsuki declares that this time, it is their turn to save him.[24]

Gran Torino and Eraser Head are stunned by Deku and Katsuki's sudden appearance as they manage to push Tomura back. Deku thinks about how thanks to Eraser Head, Tomura is unable to use his Quirks, and since the other Heroes are busy keeping the Near High-Ends at bay, they need all the help they can get. Deku turns to the others and says the "worst-case scenario" would be losing their teacher, the one who has been looking after them since day one. The statement leaves Eraser Head speechless, as he thinks back to the day he told Deku he could never be a Hero with his power.

Katsuki unleashes an AP Shot: Auto-Cannon on Tomura, but he disregards them as mere fireworks as they hit him. Deku tries using Blackwhip to hold him back but Tomura pulls him closer while telling Katsuki face-to-face that he isn't interested in him anymore. Suddenly, Endeavor returns and blasts Tomura away from the two students. He asks the two of them where Shoto is, and Deku answers that it is just him and Katsuki present.

Deku, Bakugo, and Endeavor vs. Tomura.

After regaining his footing, Tomura expresses delight that Endeavor still has some fight in him. Gran Torino comments that Tomura's strength is beyond comprehension, while Endeavor reveals it is close to All Might's strength. Eraser Head nevertheless says that as long as he keeps his eyes on Tomura, they have the advantage, so he will hold out as long as he can. Endeavor tells Deku and Katsuki that they can act without his direction in this situation, but he wants them to support Eraser Head and protect each other. Tomura moves forward hoping to grab Deku and One For All, but as he demands he gives it to him, he ends up calling Deku his "little brother"; a statement that leaves both of them confused.

Endeavor unleashes another Hell Spider as Tomura tries to figure out why he said that. He quickly realizes the ego of his master still exists within All For One, saying to him internally that this is his own body and therefore his own power and the hallucinations he has of him aren't what is motivating him. He explains that in the past he saw All For One as the "Ruler of Darkness", yet he was defeated by only one person: All Might. Tomura thanks All For One for raising him from the bottom of his heart, but he doesn't want to end up like him; he wants to be greater. He destroys the hallucination and tells him to keep his desires to himself because this is his will.

Gran Torino then kicks Tomura in the face and says that they need to hold him off and counter because of how powerful he is. He angrily demands Tomura not to trample all over Nana Shimura's heart with his vile essence, but all Tomura says in response is "Who...?" Tomura manages to make a straight dash towards Deku but is surprised by Katsuki appearing above him as he yells out that Deku was baiting him out so he could unleash a huge explosion from his gauntlets. Endeavor witnesses Tomura get hit as he remembers All Might telling him he doesn't need to copy him to be the new Symbol of Peace. He charges forward and uses a new Super Move: Vanishing Fist and strikes Tomura square in the chest.[25]

Disaster Walker

Mt. Lady holds off Gigantomachia.

Back at the Gunga Mountain Villa, Mt. Lady clashes with Gigantomachia, who has emerged from underneath the mansion, carrying Himiko Toga, Dabi, Spinner, Mr. Compress, and Skeptic on his back, desperately preventing him from passing.[25] As the Villains talk about how Gigantomachia had snatched them up, Dabi deduces that Tomura has awoken, while Himiko is surprised he is ahead of schedule. Skeptic tries to get off wanting to stay and backup Re-Destro, but is held back by Dabi. He responds to note that the Heroes haven't noticed they are on his back yet.

Gigantomachia roars that he is going to see his master as the Heroes clamor to support Mt. Lady, wondering if the Jaku Team made a mistake because they thought he was supposed to be immobile. Suddenly, they're attacked by Geten, who's confused by the whole situation. Cementoss proceeds to attack the distracted villain, when out of nowhere, Re-Destro emerges from underground while battling Edgeshot, saving Geten. Re-Destro mentally notes that if Gigantomachia is active, then Tomura must be awake. He stops the Heroes in their place and orders the other members to follow the giant and begin their revolution.

Meanwhile in the rear view, Kyoka who is listening in with her Earphone Jack is shocked overhearing something big coming, causing the other Heroes to head forward while the students hang back. Kamui Woods swings through the trees with Midnight on his back as they attempt to get closer to Gigantomachia's face. Despite her best efforts, Gigantomachia swats Mt. Lady away as he decides to take a shortcut to Tomura. Despite Kamui Woods' concerns, Midnight convinces him to keep moving. She says that if Gigantomachia makes it into the city, he will destroy it, and if they can't stop the behemoth by force, they will put him to sleep, which is what she plans to do with her Quirk.

Kamui Woods is then doused in a stream of blue fire courtesy of Dabi. As Midnight notes the group, she ends up slamming into several pieces of building debris released by Mr. Compress, causing her to fall to the ground as Gigantomachia makes his way. Midnight tries thinking of various people who could put the giant to sleep before contacting Momo. After confirming she knows the situation, Midnight tells her that she needs to put Gigantomachia asleep with an anesthetic, even if it is against the law. Before Momo can ask what is going on, Midnight is ambushed by several Liberation soldiers, but not before telling her that if it's too difficult, they can hand the anesthetic to the Heroes and evacuate. As she turns to face her attackers, she thinks back to Momo's performance during the Joint Training Battle and that she will make a fine leader someday, so she will trust her judgement.

Momo loses contact with Midnight as the others around her wonder what she was talking about. She tries to think of a plan before finally coming up with one. She orders Kyoka and Mezo to use their hearing to determine the time it will take him to arrive at their location and the path he will use. She also adds that Mezo can use his eyes since he is so massive. She asks Juzo to lend a hand as Kyoka reports that she can see him.

Momo rallies everyone to fight.

They then notice Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods both holding on to Gigantomachia's leg, which they believe will slow him down just a little bit. Momo creates anesthetics that she hands to her friends while saying that she never learned to be a Hero that shows their back to an enemy. She says she will fight and Denki agrees to back her up, because when they don their costumes and step outside, they become Heroes, regardless of whether or not they are students, as everyone else happily agrees.[26]

Juzo uses his Quirk to soften up the ground as part of Setsuna appears behind him telling him to get back because Gigantomachia is close. He asks her if Neito's group is safe, but she tells him they can't focus on them now, even though she is worried about them too. The students receive the message that the League of Villains are on Gigantomachia's back, thanks to Dabi's blue flames, and that due to the beast's size, they'll have to administer the sedative orally, which each student being handed one to chuck into the mouth. Some are worried about Midnight, but they still press on.

Mt. Lady continues to hold onto Gigantomachia while yelling at Kamui Woods to wake up. Gigantomachia does eventually step into the students' trap, which was several chords covered in Minoru's orbs, and he falls to the ground. The students charge at him with Ibara wrapping around Gigantomachia's neck with her Vines and the other power Heroes holding him down via cables. The Villains notice them as several charge at them from behind. Kyoka tries to attack with her Amplifier Jack, but Dabi blasts them with his flames, causing her to retract it. Denki covers the Villains feet with his discs at a distance so they won't hurt his other friends present, but because Reiko fired him at a bad angle, he gets hit with debris from Mr. Compress that he shot out of his prosthetic. The students all charge at the beast to give him the sedative, but one breath from the titan blows them all away. Dabi then burns the area around them, burning up Kinoko's spores and keeping the students away.

Class 1-A and 1-B ambush Gigantomachia.

Dabi explains that Gigantomachia has a Quirk that lets him convert energy during battle to an increase in body size, and a Quirk that lets him block out pain, and various other Quirks that are perfect for long periods of fighting; everything to make him the perfect bodyguard. To make matters worse, Dabi continues to block the students from getting close with his flames. Suddenly, there are explosions heard around Gigantomachia, and Momo reveals explosives were planted in the softened areas Juzo made, with their goal to make him sink even deeper. Spinner suggest Gigantomachia use his power to dig underground to escape, but Mr. Compress reminds him they are still on his back, so if he dug, they would die. Mr. Compress also adds he was given orders to have the bunch brought to Tomura, so they may actually be holding him back. Skeptic then shouts as the heroes suddenly swarm Gigantomachia's back and ambush the lieutenants.

Mt. Lady finally pushes Gigantomachia down on the ground and opens up his mouth, recognizing the students' plan, for the sedative to be administered. Mina moves in making her way through the flames with her Acidman.[27] She tells herself to let her fear-stricken heart melt away as she yells for Gigantomachia to fall asleep. The giant, however, realizes that in order for him to reach Tomura as fast as he can, he needs to shake these Heroes off of him. When he says that though, Mina stiffens up, realizing that the monster she is facing is the same behemoth she confronted that day back in middle school, and how she collapsed in fear after she chased him away. She briefly imagines herself as a middle school student and ends up losing her grip on the canister of sedative. At the same time, Gigantomachia finally manages to shake Mt. Lady off and flings her to the side, knocking her out.

Eijiro succeeds in throwing the sedative into Gigantomachia.

Gigantomachia almost crushes Mina with his hand as he was flinging her off, but she gets pushed out of the way by Eijiro and takes the full force of Gigantomachia's attack. Tetsutetsu arrives to help Mina escape as he says Juzo is trying to extinguish the fire. He also says he knows Eijiro ran ahead of him. Gigantomachia re-positions the League on his back as he believes the 'flies' are no longer around, but then notices Eijiro climbing on his body, as the young Hero announces his name and how he won't let there be any blood. Before he can chuck his canister into Gigantomachia's mouth, Himiko throws a knife at him and shatters it. However, he managed to grab Mina's when she let go of it, and throws it into Gigantomachia's mouth, saying he won't let her chivalry go to waste.

Setsuna quickly arrives and carries Eijiro away as Gigantomachia is under fire by a series of cannons created by Momo. She says that now that he has ingested the sedative, they need to make him move around so it will spread faster. She calls out to Majestic and he flies in with several other Pro Heroes to take him on. Gigantomachia is annoyed that the flies never stop swarming, as he starts to transform his body.[28]

The Footfall of Destruction

Back in the hospital ruins, Endeavor tells the completely burned Tomura that no matter how much power he obtains, the Heroes will never yield to destruction without conviction. Tomura responds by saying that Heroes hurt their families to help others, the words of his father, which surprises Endeavor. He says that if that is conviction, then he has it too.[28] As the Heroes take the moment for a breather, Tomura tells them that he considers Heroes to have only been pretending to protect society, asking how many times in the past have they turned a blind eye to things they couldn't protect or swept the filth of society under the rug, with him thinking about his own childhood experience. He says that rotting feeling accumulates over time, the trash coddled by being protected all the time, and fake Heroes only serving to spoil a pathetic society.

Tomura's belief on what makes "Heroes" and "Villains."

He says that the destruction that follows is a result of the recklessness of the current Hero Society, which is how the filth of society gets cast out, breaks, and retaliates over and over again. He declares this is what makes them Heroes and Villains; something he believes the Heroes are incapable of understanding. Endeavor responds by shooting a blast of fire in Tomura's direction, sarcastically thanking him for his monologue because it gave him some time to cool down. To his shock though, Tomura jumps through his flames and into the air, causing Endeavor to question how he can still move.

Gran Torino tackles Tomura to the ground and internally notes that Endeavor's fire has severely weakened, which is most likely due to blowback from using very flashy moves. Tomura turns to face Gran Torino as he tries to jump away. Tomura, however, grabs Gran Torino's left leg and crushes it before slamming him into the ground. Endeavor, Katsuki, and Deku all try to reach him as Gran Torino takes a closer look at the twisted and warped face Tomura had. Gran Torino thinks back to when Nana Shimura left her son, Kotaro, at a foster home and how she told him that she made sure he couldn't be traced through the family registry, believing that if All For One ever found out about him, he would most likely exploit that. She says to him and herself that she never had a child, but she slowly starts breaking down into tears as he embraces her to comfort. Gran Torino also thinks about what Tomura claimed his father's words were about Heroes, and after connecting the dots, Gran Torino questions if the choice the two of them made was right just as Tomura punches straight through Gran Torino's chest, severely injuring him.

Deku screams in anguish upon witnessing his mentor being pummeled to near death, but when he tries to strike him with Blackwhip, Tomura rushes past both him and Katsuki, targeting Eraser Head. He is stopped by Ryukyu, who grabs him in her hands as Tomura realizes he is losing stamina. Enraged, Deku grabs Tomura with Blackwhip successfully and yells at him that he won't forgive him, which Tomura, in turn, says that he won't forgive anyone too as he elbows Deku right in the gut. He endures it, turning the rage he had towards Tomura into strength for his Blackwhip, which manages to keep Tomura restrained, allowing Katsuki and Endeavor to charge forward. Tomura, however, digs through Ryukyu's hands carrying a couple of Quirk-Destroying bullets, which the Heroes don't realize, aiming one directly at Eraser Head.[29]

Shota slices off his crippled leg.

Deku notices that Tomura has become more agile, and tries to restrain him as long as he and Ryukyu can so they can help Gran Torino. After Tomura pierced through Ryukyu's claw, she notices the Quirk-Destroying bullet in his hand, quickly warning the others. Deku immediately uses his new Super Move: 100% Wyoming Smash to try and stop him, while Katsuki is able to destroy one of them. However, Tomura manages to stop this by biting down on Deku's arm, believing there's nothing that can stop him now, as he successfully manages to throw the bullet directly at Eraser Head's crippled right leg.

Instead, thanks to Ryukyu's warning, Eraser Head knew about the incoming bullet heading to his leg, and thinking about all his time with Eri, he is able to make the swift and rational decision: pulling out his knife and cutting his leg off before the drug can spread. Tomura looks at the display and all he can think about is how cool Eraser Head is.

Gigantomachia brings destruction approaching Tomura.

He suddenly unleashes a shockwave to break free of Ryukyu and Deku's grip and flies straight for Eraser Head, dodging everyone's blows. He grabs Eraser Head's face at the same time that Deku manages to catch his legs with Blackwhip. Yelling that he is about to clear this stupid game, Tomura digs his fingers into Shota's face, as he continues to use his Erasure on him.

Deku yanks him back with Blackwhip at the same time Tomura is struck by a pillar of ice from Shoto. Tomura recalls that when he used Search, he detected someone following Izuku and Katsuki, which turned out to be him. Deku proceeds to strike Tomura straight in the gut which sends him flying back before going over to his teacher. To his horror, he sees that he has closed his eyes due to the wounds that Tomura caused to his face, deactivating his Quirk. As a result, Tomura is successfully able to heal himself with his Super Regeneration, and he looks towards the Heroes saying that as much as they delayed it, the only fate that awaits them is total destruction.

Back in Jaku City, Tenya reports that he can't get in contact with Shoto after he told them he would go get Deku and Katsuki back, while Tsuyu tells him that communication signals are down in that certain area. Just as Ochaco suggests going after them, they see the civilians reacting to a news report about an enormous Villain heading northward through Wakayama Prefecture and Gunga Prefecture from Kyoto straight to Jaku. He then proceeds to name a long list of cities that will be within the monster's path. A nervous Ochaco asks if the Heroes were supposed to handle the mission at the Gunga Prefecture, all the while a transformed Gigantomachia rampages his way through a distant city.[30]

Act III:

One For All vs. All For One

Despite their best efforts, the heroes are overmatched by Gigantomachia.

The students of U.A. watch with complete horror at the destruction left behind by Gigantomachia as he makes his way toward Tomura. Hanta asks Mezo if the Heroes who tried to stop him are dead, but he says they are too far away to confirm. Momo thinks back to how the only reason they are still alive was because Majestic had used his Quirk to successfully help them escape the chaos, and that the Villain didn't consider them worthy enemies. Kinoko asks if the sedative they gave should be working, and Minoru questions if they made the right decision in the first place, since everything just seems to be worse. At the medical center close by, Fumikage continues to look after the unconscious Hawks.

In Jaku, Kyudai is arrested by the Police Force, but he continuously yells that had the Heroes not slipped up, Tomura wouldn't have been able to turn the tides by waking up. He also tells the police and Present Mic that Gigantomachia is a calamity that lives and dies for the sake of his master, and that the Nomu were modeled after him, because a king needs good strong soldiers to serve him, and with Gigantomachia on the move, destruction is inevitable.

Over at the hospital ruins, Shoto explains to Endeavor that he was initially assisting the Heroes fighting the Near High-Ends until he finally arrived to help. He also surrounds Endeavor in ice to help him cool off. At Eraser Head's position, Manual and Rock Lock try to stabilize his severed leg, while Rock Lock tells Deku to run, but the enraged boy refuses. Tomura then announces it is time for everyone to die, when suddenly his body rips and spouts out blood, which Deku takes notice of.

Tomura becomes confused as to where this injury came from considering he can use Super Regeneration again, as he confusingly asks Deku what today's date is. Deku also realizes that Tomura's body isn't able to keep up with All For One's incredible power, similar to his early experiences with One For All, and that this is due to Mirko damaging his capsule when he was at 75%.

Deku unlocks and activates Float for the first time.

Nevertheless, Tomura's regeneration kicks back in, as he attempts to use his Decay to finish everyone off, but Deku jumps into the air, carrying everyone with Blackwhip. As they notice it feels like they're flying, Gran Torino realizes that he is using Nana Shimura's Quirk, Float. Deku uses Blackwhip to grab ahold of Tomura, getting in close and declaring that he will finish him with everything he has.[31]

Realizing his control over Blackwhip has started to decrease, Deku releases the Heroes back onto the ground, telling them to take care of Gran Torino and the others. While Endeavor tries to recover, annoyed that he isn't up there fighting too, Katsuki yells at Deku to stay away, because with Eraser Head unconscious, he is vulnerable to having One For All stolen, but Deku yells back that he is the only one who can keep Tomura in the air, knowing that if he touches the ground again, it would result in another massive wave of decaying destruction. Tomura says to Deku that if he likes the sky so much, after he takes One For All from him, he will send him straight to heaven along with everyone else, but Deku yells he won't let him hurt anyone anymore as he drags Tomura closer to him.

As he watches the battle go down, Katsuki thinks back to Izuku's training from the past couple months, and how All Might asked Hanta, Ochaco, and Tsuyu for help with Izuku's training. Izuku explains he wanted help with his new power, though the others point out his current hairdo, which he explains is because of a game where he tries to catch Katsuki with Blackwhip, only to lose every time, thus wanting advice from Hanta due to the similarities with his Tape Quirk. After he suggests asking Shota Aizawa for help, All Might says he is still busy which is why they're unable to ask for assistance. All Might also turns to Ochaco and says that she is there to help him with body control while braking midair, justifying that he needs more power to cover up his practice of using Float.

As the training begins, All Might sits with Katsuki, explaining how Float is similar to Zero Gravity and this training will help give him some future control, maybe even help him unlock it. After a moment of silence, Katsuki tells All Might he won't be able to keep One For All's secret safe forever, especially since Izuku's Quirk has gone way beyond the scope of super strength. All Might says he isn't telling anyone about anything beyond Blackwhip, and this is so Float doesn't manifest the way Blackwhip did during the Joint Training Battle. He also reminds Katsuki of the night he told him about One For All and how he understood having power like that could put others at risk, since not all those who seek power are evil. After another moment of silence, Katsuki tells All Might that while Izuku trusts him with his life, in the notebook of the successors, he noticed his summary of the fourth was half-finished, while he included details of the fifth, sixth, and seventh, including cause of death. Not to mention when he brought up the topic of One For All being similar to All For One, he didn't tell him everything. Just as he inquires if he knows something else, All Might quickly denies anything else, not wanting to talk about things he's unsure about, as he is worried for Izuku, which he notices Katsuki is too.

Katsuki admits that Izuku always thinks about others and not himself, and with all his powers, it made him feel off about him, and because he ignored his own weaknesses, it is what caused him to bully him over the years. All Might says that Katsuki is now sincerely helping him with his training, as if it is his method of atonement, even if Izuku doesn't see it that way. All Might also says to Katsuki that when he compared him to Endeavor, it was based off the change in the two, since Endeavor didn't change his views until he saw his weak form. He believes Izuku and Katsuki will talk about it together someday though.

In the present, Katsuki starts to develop a plan for a counterattack. Meanwhile, Deku continues to drag Tomura with Blackwhip noticing that he is becoming resistant to his 100% attacks yet the damage is sticking as his wounds are healing much more slowly. He does know that using 100% of One For All with his left arm has completely damaged it, but because he knows One For All is a power passed down to fight All For One, he feels it is time for him to release all of his strength and finish Tomura for good, no matter what happens to himself.[32]

Deku goes on the offensive against Tomura.

Despite the pain, he continues with an assault with Detroit, Wyoming and St. Louis Smashes. Tomura realizes the damage dealt to him is exceeding his Super Regeneration, and if he doesn't focus on defense he will get blown away. He starts to curse the Heroes for pushing him this far to his limits but stops and says that One For All is just in the way of his dream; a statement Deku says is One For All's purpose before he uses Texas Smash to strike him again. Tomura starts to try to figure out a Quirk to deal with Deku as a result.

On the ground, Manual stands in awe at the incredible battle above, but Katsuki notes that Deku will die at this rate. He explains that Deku is using his legs and "Air Force" to avoid the recoil while using multiple Quirks at the same time, as well as using every move he has learned up until this point just to keep Tomura in the air, and since he couldn't take him out with the first attack, this battle has become a war of attrition where the two are wearing each other out, and against someone who can regenerate, Deku doesn't stand a chance. Katsuki then yells at Shoto asking if he has finished applying first aid, and as he says he is, Katsuki grabs him and his father as he tells him to hold off on the fire until he gets him up in the air and for Shoto to cool him off as long as possible. As Endeavor accepts Katsuki's plan, Rock Lock starts to worry if their plan will work, but the minute Shoto tells him to take care of their teacher, he remembers he already acknowledged the children as Heroes.

The three fly into the air as Endeavor tells Katsuki to aim for when Blackwhip is completely extended and when he gets up there, the two need to get back to the ground or they may get caught up in the fire. As they fly, Katsuki thinks back to his talk between him, Izuku, and All Might, and how Katsuki compared Izuku to All For One based on how All For One created One For All in addition to possessing multiple Quirks. This causes Katsuki to believe that One For All is some kind of 'cursed power'. Nevertheless, he can't deny all the good it has done in the hands of All Might, and how Izuku was able to fulfill his dream of being a Hero with it.

Katsuki gets stabbed trying to save Deku.

As the three reach the fight, Endeavor grabs Tomura as he yells for Deku to get down as he incinerates Tomura with Prominence Burn. In Tomura's mind though, All For One extends his hand to him once again and asks for him to lend his body to him. In the next instance, Endeavor is stabbed by rivets emitting from his back as he wonders why he won't die. 'Tomura' says something unintelligible before firing the rivet stabs directly at Deku, calling him his 'little brother'. In that moment, completely parallel to what happened back in middle school, Katsuki, without even thinking, pushes Deku out of the way and receives the full force of the attack.[33]

One For All vs. All For One (Re:)

A shocked Deku watches Katsuki get stabbed by Tomura's rivets as he tells Deku not to play hero all by himself before passing out. Meanwhile, 'Tomura' struggles with himself as he releases Katsuki, who is quickly caught by Shoto. Tomura tries to speak, but All For One instead comments on how this fight today has shed a lot of useless blood, but Katsuki's actions he considers the most useless of all.

At this moment, after thinking about all the destruction and people who have suffered as well, Deku snaps. Filled with an intense rage, he bites down on Tomura's rivets and angrily demands he takes back what he says, as All For One's face manages to briefly emerge through Tomura's. In the scuffle, Tomura finally manages to touch Deku, with Shoto calling out to him in fear. Tomura demands Deku to give him One For All, as the two are suddenly flung into his mind.

Tomura struggles to resist All For One's control.

In the vestige world of One For All, a partially emerged Deku overhears Tomura arguing with someone to leave him alone, which turns out to be All For One, who has started to consume and fuse into Tomura's real self. All For One says that had he had not taken control of his body he would've been burnt to a crisp, or the fall from the height would've killed him. Tomura tells him to shut up, reminding him it's supposed to be his dream. Deku tries to move forward but trips and falls, due to his legs still not fully emerging. Nana Shimura soon appears, putting her hand on Deku's head, saying that even though he can't move they'll do something about it.[34]

Nana states that she never expected to meet All For One again after her passing, while he directs Tomura's attention to her, confirming her to be his grandmother. All For One explains how he had experienced dreams where he conversed with the consciousnesses of those whose Quirks he had stolen, how it always left him with an odd feeling of guilt, and that whenever he relinquished the Quirk, the voice would disappear. He continues that after meeting Kyudai Garaki that the reasoning behind this was because, just as organs and cells contain the memories of their owners, Quirks contain the consciousness of their users.

All For One admits he is surprised at the revelation of the One For All users returning through the Quirk itself, believing him to be the only one capable of the feat, believing said trait was carried over when his brother's original transfer Quirk merged with the power-stocking one. Tomura starts to identify Nana from his memories, while she identifies him as Kotaro's son. Tomura however, tells her that no matter how they ended up in this situation, he despises her for his father's actions.

One For All starts to crumble, which All For One attests to Tomura's rage overwhelming the rule of the wielder of One For All's will. He also notices Tomura trying to destroy him as well, which nonetheless thrills him because it suits him as the Symbol of Chaos. The eroding stops as All For One realizes his rage is not enough, as his younger brother, the first user, appears to hold them off, referring to him as being just as stubborn as himself.

The first user asks if Tomura is the next in line of the various people he has manipulated, as All For One confesses he wished he made his brother his. In response, the first user declares that he and the others will never go to him because they have chosen to remain with Deku. As he starts pushing back, All For One tries combining his power with Tomura to fight back, as well as insulting Deku, claiming the power is wasted on him as he was unable to protect his friends or teachers, and that he gave himself over to the rage to the point of being unable to move currently. He declares that transferring this power to someone like Deku was a great mistake on his part.

The vestiges choose to remain within Izuku.

The first user denies this, claiming a man who does nothing but manipulate would never understand the driving force behind Deku. The rage he feels is because of others, and he does his best until he can no more. He declares Deku to be a boy possessed by the desire to save others beyond common understanding, and they will follow him because of it. Inspired, Deku charges toward Tomura as the two emerge back in the real world in their bodies, falling away from one another. Deku realizes Tomura failed to steal One For All, as All For One tells Tomura that the reason why was because his body hasn't fully adapted to his new Quirk yet. He tells him that his body needs to reach perfection and to retreat, while Deku pleads with Tomura to stop moving.[35]

Himiko's Question

Meanwhile, Gigantomachia continues his rampage towards Tomura, and as he reaches Sauro City, Osaka Prefecture, he picks up two of his master's scent. Down in the Jaku Suburban District, the Heroes are told to leave the evacuations of the civilians to the Police Force and Rescue Team, while they are dispatched to engage the incoming Villains, as well as reaching the time fighting Tomura warning of the approaching threat. Among those Heroes, Ochaco says to herself that the situation isn't improving at all, and ever since the day they met Tomura Shigaraki, it felt like when the sun sets, the shadow stretches even further.[34]

As Gigantomachia continues forward, Dabi learns about Tomura fighting Endeavor, gleefully telling Skeptic to prepare himself as they are about to tear down the ‘fake' Hero Society. Mr. Compress notices Himiko looking over the edge of the giant and deduces she is looking for Izuku and Ochaco because she loves them. Himiko asks Mr. Compress where do Heroes draw the line, because if Heroes are supposed to save people, was Twice not a person in Hawks' eyes? She reveals that she wants to ask Izuku and Ochaco if they will kill her, and depending on the answer, she will be fine.[35]

A large plane makes it way over to the destruction in Jaku City, as the passenger impatiently asks if they have arrived, with the pilot telling them to be careful because their body hasn't fully healed yet. The passenger reminds the pilot that there are still people whose lives are at stake, so his own safety shouldn't be a priority.

The Heroes start mobilizing to confront Gigantomachia, who was heading straight for Nabato City at 100 km per hour while tearing through the buildings as if he was a mole digging through the dirt. They also know that there is an evacuation zone 5 km in the vicinity, and if Gigantomachia continues at his current speed, the Heroes won't be able to keep up. With only eight minutes until he reaches the zone, the Heroes yell that their inability to protect the citizens from Gigantomachia's rampage is their crime and to not let them suffer from their mistake by putting their own lives on the line to protect them.

Skeptic notices that the Heroes are approaching Gigantomachia from his laptop's security cameras, admitting that while there aren't as many satellites compared to the Villa, there is a serviceable amount to work with. As he starts talking about their strategy for their upcoming arrival, Mr. Compress spots something and tells Skeptic to zoom in. It turns out to be Ochaco and Tsuyu moving through the city, and when Himiko sees them too, she runs over to Mr. Compress asking him for her gear. After she puts it on, she prepares to confront them, which causes Mr. Compress to try to stop her, saying it is too dangerous, but she insists on finding the answers to her stifling feelings. Mr. Compress continues to dissuade her and even asks Dabi for help, but he dismisses it and instead tells Skeptic to ready himself, which irritates him. Spinner speaks up and tells Himiko that he believes himself and the others to be nothing and that they are strays that just happened to find one another, so she isn't the only one upset about Twice's death. He reminds her that their group was what Twice considered a family, and Tomura would probably like to see them all together, adding that their brand is to let folks do as they want, but she should come back to them quickly. Himiko smiles at him in gratitude and heads off.

Himiko reveals herself in front of Ochaco.

Down on the ground, Ochaco reports that she sees Gigantomachia and she wants the evacuation process to be accelerated. She meets up with Tsuyu, who was helping several people out of a building as she saves her from getting crushed by a piece of debris. Suddenly, an old woman yells out to the two Heroes saying that her husband is still sleeping and he can't move on his own fast enough. Seeing Gigantomachia approaching quickly, Ochaco tells Tsuyu to get the civilians in her possession to safety while she helps the old woman. She leads Ochaco to an alleyway calling her husband's name. Ochaco comments how fast she is running and she says it is because of her love for him. Ochaco tells the elder that she will save him, but when she catches up to the latter she is left shocked to learn that it is Himiko Toga who was in disguise.

Himiko slips into a house with Ochaco following. After she steps foot inside a hidden Himiko says she had hoped to talk with Tsuyu and Izuku as well whom she considers friends. She appears pinning Ochaco down with a knife, saying she likes her too and asking what she wants to do with her. Ochaco questions if Himiko seriously went through all the trouble just to ask her that question, including stealing blood from the old woman and potentially even killing her. Himiko is caught off guard by Ochaco's question as the young Hero tells her that she wants to save as many people as she can, and if she gets in her way, she will arrest Himiko on the spot. Himiko merely glares at her in response.[36]

Ochaco Uraraka vs. Himiko Toga.

Ochaco throws Himiko off of her as she rolls into another room while saying she is much stronger than the last time. Himiko recovers as Ochaco tries to think of a way to make direct contact without getting her blood sucked or wasting too much time. When she charges at her, Himiko says to Ochaco that when she thinks about the people she loves, it makers her want to become them, and that desire to take their blood for herself becomes irresistible to the point she can't hold back anymore. She does know, though, that while she accepts that this is who she is as a person, other people don't think like her and therefore can't accept her, which she cites is the reason she has a hard time living in the current society. She then tells Ochaco about her fight with Curious and how she told her she found her "normal" was sad and miserable and attempted to kill her, so she transformed into Ochaco and used her Quirk to send her falling to her death, leaving Ochaco horrified.

Himiko says that it made her extremely happy when she learned she could use the Quirks of the people she loves, but Ochaco strikes her with her wires. Himiko dodges and knocks Ochaco back with her needles as she yells that she would never feel happy about dropping someone to their death with her Quirk and demands Himiko explain her reason for talking to her. Instead, Himiko notices something Ochaco dropped as she quickly realizes it is the All Might keychain Deku gave her on Christmas that fell out of her belt. She charges at Himiko demanding it back but Himiko runs off with it asking if it is precious to her which she confirms.

Himiko cites how important Twice was to her as she tells Ochaco she considers the two of them the same for liking Izuku, who she correctly deduces gave Ochaco the keychain. Ochaco retorts that she has chosen to lock those feelings away as she uses a new Super Move: Zero Satellites to levitate several objects with her many wires and throws them at Himiko. However, she tells Ochaco that she felt the same way about suppressing her feelings of draining blood since she was told to not do that in her youth, and when you shut your inner feelings inside, it only makes it grow. Ochaco tells Himiko that if she is going to live as she pleases hurting people, then she will have to live with those consequences. Himiko gets tears in her eyes and says that she thought so.

Ochaco is caught off guard by this reaction, as Himiko pulls out several knives preparing to throw them at her, but she is disarmed by Tsuyu, who managed to locate them. Himiko retreats as Tsuyu says to Ochaco that they should stand guard in the case she aims for their blind spots. Ochaco, however, confidently tells her that Himiko just ran off, though she wonders why she had tears in her eyes as she picks up her keychain. As Himiko runs off, she expresses disappointment at her conversation with Ochaco and prepares to rejoin the League, having received the answer she was looking for.[37]

Dabi's Dance

Several of the remaining Heroes, including Nejire Chan and Ingenium, make their way to the battlefield as Nejire Chan asks Ingenium why he is coming with the group, as the Heroes that were deployed were ones capable of flight. Ingenium says that he is prepared to accept whatever punishment awaits him for violating orders but the reason he is joining them is because three of his classmates haven't returned and two of them taught him a valuable lesson, and he wants to return the favor.

Back at the battlefield in the ruins, Shoto catches Deku, while still holding onto Katsuki and his father, dropping them to the ground with relief they are still alive. Just as he is about to administer first aid, they notice Tomura still holding his ground with the rivets from his fingers and back, as All For One tells him to retreat and Tomura retorting he isn't the boss of him.

Gigantomachia retrieves Tomura.

Just then, Tomura is blasted by Nejire Chan's Wave Motion as Ingenium runs to Shoto reporting that Gigantomachia is making its way to their current location and that they have just informed the heroes fighting the Nomu as well. Shoto tells Ingenium to get the injured out of the area as he realizes why they didn't come back before. Nejire Chan sees Ryukyu injured and glares at Tomura, who angrily notices the heroes popping up like maggots. Deku says he needs to stay close to Tomura because he is still after his Quirk, telling Ingenium to help Katsuki and Endeavor escape, while Shoto tells Nejire Chan that Tomura has no doubt weakened so he thinks they can take him down. As the three remaining heroes continue to fight Tomura, Gigantomachia finally arrives, carrying the League of Villains on his back, as everyone watches in horror.[37]

At Fujitani Hospital, several staff members rush to Rei Todoroki's room to turn off the television, fearful that the broadcast of the latest events in Jaku City will affect her psychologically. In her room, Rei is watching the news when suddenly the signals are hijacked and switch to an unknown channel where Dabi is shown, sitting with his shirt and jacket off, showing off all the burns over his body.

In the ruins, All For One comments on Gigantomachia's timing and how Tomura could collapse any minute due to the beating from Deku and Endeavor. He notes he was able to activate Rivet Stabs within his spine with auto-tracking to reduce most of the damage and now all he needs is for him to issue Gigantomachia to retreat with him. Shoto and Nejire Chan continue their attack as Shoto says that it would be impossible to fight both Gigantomachia and Tomura simultaneously, and they should focus on Tomura for now. They unleash their Super Moves on Tomura, knocking him unconscious, but Gigantomachia swats them aside with his hand. Ingenium sees this but Katsuki weakly tells him to put him down, saying that he can't because of how injured he is but Katsuki insists on achieving a perfect victory.

Dabi reveals his true identity as Toya Todoroki.

Gigantomachia brings Tomura close to his back while awaiting his next order as Spinner sees how damaged he really is. Endeavor runs over to Shoto and asks if he is alright, at the same time internally apologizing to Hawks for Gigantomachia being allowed to move at all. He knows he has to stop him and find his weakness, but his lungs have burnt away and are making it hard to keep moving, but he feels he must continue. Dabi spots Endeavor and Shoto and greets the two as Endeavor calls him by his name. Dabi, however, asks he not be called that as he pours a liquid content on his head, washing off the black coloration dye on his hair, saying that he has a more respectable name: Toya.

Dabi's proclamation stuns Shoto and Endeavor, as Dabi says he felt his own family would have been able to recognize him despite his new look. Deku also sees Dabi, remembering when Shoto and Fuyumi had told him about his older brother and coming to the realization the two are the same. In Rei's room, she watches the broadcast as Dabi confesses his identity as Toya Todoroki, eldest son of Endeavor. He also confesses that he has killed over thirty people and he wants to let everyone know why. He reveals that Endeavor has had a long history of being power hungry, and in his despair and desire to surpass All Might, he forcibly married a woman who would birth him a child who would possess an even stronger Quirk. While he was born as a result of his selfish dream, he was deemed a failure and tossed aside.

At the same time, Dabi continues his story to Endeavor, revealing that he watched his activities from afar and that only he should have been pure and selfless, and as of right now, his pre-recorded history is being broadcasted all around the airwaves and the Internet, something Skeptic considers an ace up his sleeve, and how exhilarating it is that his disgraceful fall from heroism has begun. Dabi tells Endeavor that he thought everyday about how he could best ruin his life and make him hurt, even adding that he went to Natsuo everyday asking him why he existed in tears, and how his initial plan was to wait until Shoto became all big and famous before killing him, though he never expected he would ascend to Number 1 in the end.

"The past never dies!"

Dabi confesses to Endeavor that he unleashed Hood in Kyushu, and later sent Starservant and Ending after him. He tauntingly asks if being Number 1 is a lot of pressure and if his heart has been purified with all of the public's praise, and if his newfound vigor as a father figure to his children truly makes him feel like he is developing a bond with them. He yells that Endeavor was wrong to think if he kept walking towards the future the past would forget itself, so he is here to teach him a lesson: the past never dies. Dabi yells for Endeavor to dance with him in hell together.[38]

The revelation leads Endeavor to think back to the day he learned Toya had died, where he was told that Sekoto Peak, the place he used to go train, had burned one day over 2,000 degrees Celsius, with no body being found, and the only piece being a fragment of his lower jaw bone. He also thinks back to when he was still young, when he had noticed a bit of his red hair was starting to turn white, but Toya laughed it off, happy to show his father his training for his new ultimate move, which he was happy to see. He continues that while Toya didn't harbor his mother's ice Quirk, his firepower was far stronger than his own.

Despite not having the ability to overcome the downside of overheating, he still planned on raising him to be a hero. He still sought a child with Half-Cold Half-Hot, and Rei wanted more children, believing they could encourage each other, which ultimately led to Fuyumi's birth. Sadly, she only inherited Rei's ice Quirk and not his fire, but he was still happy either way, because he felt that since Toya had more potential, he could place all his ambitions on him. Even when his skin started to burn, Endeavor felt Toya could reach his eternal goal, and that all of the darkness he bore inside his heart could have been destroyed by him.

Back in the present, a dumbfounded Endeavor demands Dabi take back that 'despicable lie', but Dabi retorts that it is the 'despicable truth', and that he never suspected him because he put together an agency of fire and heat type Quirks. On the side, Mr. Compress and Spinner are amazed at the surprise, with Compress noting he being another with ‘quite the bloodline', while Spinner tries to wake up Tomura to give him an order. Dabi continues taunting Endeavor saying he would donate some blood and skin for a DNA test, but it doesn't matter because his own test results are being publicized as they speak.

In Dabi's pre-recording, he reveals he took a sample of Endeavor's blood after his fight in Kyushu and the DNA test he conducted came back a 99.9% match. He does know, however, that the populace may not be convinced by the words of a Villain so he continues his story claiming Endeavor forced his wife to keep having kids until finally, Endeavor got his masterpiece in the form of Shoto Todoroki, and even then he witnessed him abuse him. Dabi claims that Endeavor has no compassion; at his core he is a man addicted to the limelight and wallows in his own small-mindedness and self-importance, and someone like that is incapable of being a hero.

Hiroshi Tameda, who is watching along with his friend, refuses to believe Dabi's words, saying that the people aren't that stupid to lose their faith in heroes over this. Dabi, however, says that the people around Endeavor are no different, and demonstrates by showing a video of Hawks killing Twice in the Gunga Mountain Villa, claiming he skewered him when he was trying to run away; the video leaves Hiroshi even more horrified. In Jaku City, Skeptic tells Dabi to thank him for splicing and editing the video, which he does since he found it to be so useful. Dabi then reveals something about Hawks to Endeavor as well as in the pre-recorded message, that in order for him curry favor with the League when he was undercover, he supposedly killed Best Jeanist while he was recuperating.

He follows that up by revealing that his father was also a serial robber and a murderer that Endeavor had captured, and is the reason why Hawks' real name and background was kept secret. Dabi concludes the message saying he can't stand the Pro Heroes, yelling that they are all twisted people with skeletons in their closets they try to cover with masks of justice, and they continue to fool people that way. He demands the people think critically about the 'heroes' they stand by who use the people to cover their inner dark sides through protection, approval, and admiration.

Hiroshi's friend tells him that by speaking out, Dabi has won, and whether or not he's lying, that is a question for later. Right now, he knows that despite being a Villain, people are going to lose faith in the heroes, and he feels like he's losing faith too. After all, with all the current damage and destruction, someone would have to be stupid not to lose faith.

Best Jeanist is back in action.

In Jaku, Dabi mockingly thanks Endeavor for going strong up until now as he jumps off Gigantomachia's back aiming for him. Endeavor, still in shock, admits to himself that at the time he kept searching for Dabi, never once thinking he was dead. Shoto, however, tries to get him to protect Deku and the others, to worry about the rest later while he and Nejire Chan fight him off. Dabi descends covered in fire as he starts to use Endeavor's Prominence Burn move directly at him. Before he can unleash the attack, Dabi finds himself tied up with wires from the sky. He turns to face his assailant as it's revealed to be Best Jeanist, who has jumped out of the plane apologizing for the delay and is ready to resume duty.[39]

One Step Forward...

Before jumping out of the plane, Best Jeanist watches Dabi's pre-recording and realizes he was waiting to unveil all of this dirty information when the heroes couldn't prevent mass destruction and the people's faith were starting to waiver. He jumps out declaring he won't let Dabi have his way anymore because he will weave a Thread of Hope. Using the many wires he brought with him, he successfully binds all of the League of Villains with his Quirk, including Gigantomachia.

Katsuki smirks at the return of Best Jeanist, while Dabi is in disbelief seeing him alive since he was positive Hawks brought him his dead body. Best Jeanist declares that Dabi overreached with his ambitions and now he will come apart like inferior denim. Dabi, however, says that even if Best Jeanist is alive, that won't sweep under the rug the truth about the Todoroki Family. Mr. Compress is surprised that Gigantomachia has been pinned down while Spinner, who is tied up with Tomura, says that his back feels like it is about to crack. Spinner also sees that Gigantomachia has been out of breath since they arrived and after his previous order was issued. He understands that Gigantomachia is a being who can't go all out without receiving orders and desperately tries to wake Tomura up so he can begin the destruction he spoke about. Nejire Chan tries to strike Tomura at this moment, but unfortunately gets blasted by Dabi's flames, much to Shoto and the others' horror. As she falls out of the sky, Dabi tells Endeavor that once again, another child with a bright future has been burnt up by his flames as he breaks free of his restraints. Shoto desperately begs Dabi to stop Deku tries to get himself to move. Best Jeanist himself starts faltering but tries to stand his ground, refusing to allow the No. 1 Hero to fall here.

Tomura finally manages to briefly wake up, giving Gigantomachia the order to destroy, granting the behemoth a burst of power and causing Best Jeanist to start struggling to hold him back. Meanwhile with the Pro Heroes fighting the Near High-Ends, half have been reported to be down on both sides while four of them start breaking away and move towards Tomura's position. Burnin sees this coordination and prepares to attack them, but one Near High-End tries to attack her only to be attacked by someone else.

Lemillion is back in action.

Gigantomachia continues to struggle against Best Jeanist as Shoto clashes with his brother. Shoto reveals to Dabi that Ending's attack led to Natsuo almost being killed, the one who he claimed he cried to everyday. Dabi, however, merely says it was a shame he didn't die because then Endeavor would have suffered more. An incredulous Shoto asks Dabi if he is insane and Dabi confirms he doesn't feel things anymore. He starts to push Shoto back excited at the thought of finally being able to kill him as Mr. Compress tells Spinner to look behind at the Near High-Ends arriving and aiming for Best Jeanist. Deku also sees this and tries to tell himself to move because he knows if anything breaks Best Jeanist's focus, Gigantomachia will break free. Ingenium manages to catch the injured Nejire Chan as Deku keeps pushing himself to not be the worthless Deku and help others somehow. All of a sudden, Lemillion arrives, using his Quirk to take out the Near High-Ends approaching Best Jeanist, leaving Deku shocked.[40]

Deku asks how he got here, which he replies that they received a message about the current situation from the Villa team, so he rushed here using his Quirk, as the hideout being occupied by the Nighteye Agency wasn't far. Thinking back to the day before the raid, Bubble Girl had informed him about the operation and he wanted to take part in it as well. At the U.A. Dorms, he asks Eri to restore his Quirk, knowing that she had been training on bugs and lizards using small amounts of her energy. Mirio apologizes for using her like this, but she responded that he doesn't need to, because that's the reason she's been training. As she touches his cheeks, her hands start glowing and his Quirk is returned.

Back to the present, Mirio thanks Eri, but quickly realizes that he still doesn't have enough power to defeat all the Nomu in a single punch, resulting in him screaming for help as more approach Best Jeanist. Thankfully, Ingenium, Nejire Chan, and Katsuki arrive to back him up, with Katsuki thinking to himself that the explosions from the time he saved Deku were stronger, faster, and more condensed than his usual ones. He realizes that once he's feeling a sensation of a total crisis, his explosions rise in power.

"Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight!"

After they save the Hero, Ingenium tells Katsuki that he shouldn't have done that, as pushing himself too much could be fatal, while Lemillion asks Nejire Chan if she is okay despite getting struck by Dabi's flames. Best Jeanist asks the falling Katsuki if he's experienced the world, calling him 'Bakugo', but Katsuki replies that that name was only temporary as he was waiting for Best Jeanist to show up, revealing that from now on, his real hero name is "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight".

Everyone's reactions were a mixture of discomfort and disappointment. Best Jeanist thinks that it's a childish name, Ingenium finds it too long, Nejire expresses her disturbance, Mr. Compress thinks it's tacky, and Spinner finds it even more tacky. Only Lemillion thinks it's funny, which Dynamight denies saying that there's nothing funny about it. Lemillion replies with his motto, saying Sir Nighteye's words that a world without smiles and humor has no bright future.

As Gigantomachia continues struggling, the heroes continue fighting the Nomu, while Dabi fights Shoto. He grabs him and tells him how his friends are having fun battling beneath him while he is stuck fighting him and getting hurt. He starts increasing his heat, causing Shoto to express his concern that Dabi is burning himself, but he replies that he's very happy how his brother was raised with love. He looks at Endeavor, who still has a look of horror on his face, and says that he is excited at the thought that Endeavor is about to see his 'puppet masterpiece' get incinerated by his 'failed experiment'. He asks Shoto what face does he think Endeavor will make once he is dead and prepares to deal Shoto the killing blow.

Izuku uses Blackwhip: Froppy Style.

Suddenly, Blackwhip separates Shoto and Dabi. The villain looks in confusion, as it is revealed that Deku shot his Quirk from his mouth, a technique he dubs Froppy Style. Dabi, however, unleashes a blast of flames to destroy the Blackwhip, yelling that this is a family affair and he shouldn't mess in it. Deku replies that it is his business because Shoto is his dear friend and Endeavor is his mentor who made him stronger. He agrees that the past can never die, but he has seen how much Endeavor wants to become a better person, and how he wants to watch that. He yells to Dabi that he isn't Endeavor, which seems to help break Endeavor out of his trance.

Dabi retorts that it should be obvious and he should at least pity him because he considers himself the result of an agent of justice doing vile things. He yells that justice is losing and evil is thriving, and all he is doing is pointing out who's responsible for all that. He says that in the upcoming future, heroes' lies and lip-service will be driven extinct.

Izuku feels a strange sensation in his head once again, and suddenly notices that Gigantomachia is about to break free from Best Jeanist's fibers. Before he can do anything, Endeavor uses every last bit of strength he has to fly up and knock the giant back, knocking himself out as a result. Suddenly, Gigantomachia starts losing strength, much to the lieutenants' dismay and confusion. Lemillion explains that he got a word from the U.A. students about the sedative force fed into the behemoth. It didn't show any effect before, but now the anesthetic sedatives finally appears to be working, just as those same U.A. students continue to round up the wounded heroes back at the Villa.[41]

...Two Steps Back

As Best Jeanist continues to restrain the Villains, he reflects on his belief that Gigantomachia's final defeat was no mere coincidence, that it was the efforts of all the Heroes who wore him down long enough for the drug to take effect, citing how even the thinnest of threads can weave together a ray of hope, now needing one last final push. Lemillion continues his fight with the Near High-Ends, realizing why the Pros were struggling so much with them because even though they have simple movements, their speed and strength are off the chart. Ingenium yells at Dynamight to retreat because of his injuries, something he is forced to admit to himself, though he and Nejire Chan stand their ground to distract the Nomu from Best Jeanist, who plans to target the League of Villains.

Mr. Compress thinks to himself how due to being all tied up, he's unable to touch the cables to activate his Quirk, and only able to touch his butt. He looks on to see the distressed Tomura and thinks about how, like Spinner said before, everyone, including Dabi and Himiko, who were brought together by him and told to run amok, haven't accomplished any of their goals yet.

Best Jeanist activates his new Super Move, Blackout Bind, to choke the members of the League in his grasp to knock them unconscious. Mr. Compress manages to speak to Spinner, telling him he loved the League, and to help Tomura, who he sees as the key, as he's about to buy them some time. He utilizes his Quirk on his own butt, gouging out his flesh, which gives his arm enough room to quickly escape and compress Tomura and Spinner, jumping his way up Gigantomachia.

Mr. Compress rescues Spinner and Tomura from their captives.

Best Jeanist tries to take control of the fibers on his clothes to slow him down, saying that he has no hope of escaping with wounds that fatal, but Mr. Compress continues to use his Quirk to pop off parts of his body, as well as destroying his clothing. A contained Skeptic cries at Mr. Compress to save him too, which he does by compressing him. He starts to think about Oji Harima, the peerless thief, a criminal from the distant past who targeted the goods from false heroes, preaching reformation while giving back to the people on the streets. He remembers being told that their family is all about exposing injustice, with righteous blood running in their veins.

Shoto tries to execute a Flashfire Fist attack on Dabi, but instead he uses a Jet Burn attack on Shoto to knock him out. Dabi says to his unconscious brother that, since Endeavor is currently unconscious, there's no point with continuing the fight if he isn't fully broken. He calls him a masterpiece once again before reuniting with Mr. Compress, who uses his Quirk on him.

Mr. Compress thinks to himself that he now passes the reformation Oji Harima desired off to his boss to carry on in his stead. He declares that he is the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima, and that the Bandit King's blood runs through him. Throwing off his mask, he cries that he has saved his best trick for last, as the "first and final escape artist performance of Mr. Compress", and releases Spinner and Tomura right in front of Lemillion.[42]

At this same moment, Deku hears a voice telling him to "wake up" when he is suddenly jolted awake, still all battered and bruised. He realizes he was knocked out due to Dabi's attack, looking to see Shoto recuperating on the ground, much to his relief. Suddenly, he starts feeling another sharp pain emerge within his head, figuring out that it is Danger Sense, the Quirk of the fourth One For All user, which he had read about in All Might's notebook. Due to being unprepared for it emerging like this, just like with Blackwhip, his senses start to overload his head.

Lemillion and Best Jeanist's cables charge toward Mr. Compress, as Lemillion strikes him. He thinks to himself how he noticed earlier that the mass of Near High-End Nomu were moving under Tomura's command, and that if they can wake up him he can call them all toward them and turn the tide of battle. Keeping Lemillion busy, he entrusts Spinner with the role of regaining Tomura's consciousness, while hiding the compressed Dabi and Skeptic within his scarf, reasoning that Spinner is the most devoted to Tomura. Spinner recalls Tomura's conversation with Doctor Garaki about how attaching the hands of his family fed his rage, but also kept him at peace, so finding the burnt remains of the remaining hand in his pocket, he places it on Tomura's face right as Lemillion and Best Jeanist's cables are about to grab them.

Tomura finally awakens and uses Radio Waves to blow Lemillion, the cables, and all the other fighting heroes away, while the Near High-Ends turn to face Tomura. However, it turns out to All For One in command of the body, commenting how Tomura found such decent allies and that he considers his hate to be power, and the more he embraces those feelings, the stronger his hold on him becomes, so he can never let those feelings go. He also mentions how it is possible to send detailed signals to the Nomu through Radio Waves, but would be difficult for someone like Tomura, as they proceed to grab ahold of him and Spinner to make their getaway. Spinner tries to question Tomura about leaving Mr. Compress and Gigantomachia behind, as well as Himiko, who hasn't returned yet, but All For One tells him that Tomura has been defeated by Deku/One For All and Endeavor, so he must face those losses for his sake.

Best Jeanist, Nejire Chan, Ingenium, and Lemillion desperately try to fight and chase after the Nomu, while Dynamight, Shoto, and Endeavor are all barely able to stay conscious as the remaining pros led by Endeavor's sidekicks head over. Deku uses Blackwhip Froppy Style to jump into the air to confront Tomura/All For One. All For One tells him they will meet again once his body is perfected, using Radio Waves to send him flying away, as Deku screams out to Tomura.

Deku reflects that everything Tomura has done is unforgivable, but as he sees the Nomu carry Tomura/All For One into the distance, he thinks to himself how when he witnessed him being absorbed by All For One in the vestige world, he recognized his face as one who looked like he needed saving.[43]


The Aftermath

"Tomura" escapes the Heroes.

As All For One/Tomura escaped the battlefield, the remaining Pro Heroes who survived in the front-lines. along with the ones who finished with rescue and evacuation, promptly headed to the front to try and stop him. The Near High-End's distraction tactics ensured that he, Spinner, Dabi, Skeptic, and seven others escaped while three were destroyed. Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress were detained, while back at the Gunga Mountain Villa, Re-Destro, Geten, Trumpet, and the Paranormal Liberation Front members gathered for the meeting below were arrested.

A collective total of 16,929 people were captured, but Gigantomachia's rampage allowed 132 to go missing. The other branches were overpowered and their supporters, such as Slidin' Go, were apprehended. Meanwhile, Ochaco and Tsuyu report that Himiko Toga had escaped, but no one can pursue her because they need to help the injured. The two manage to rescue a child and his sister trapped under debris, as they once again split up to help others.

The aftermath of Gigantomachia's rampage.

Just before she can go, Ochaco sees a severely injured man begging for her to save his wife. She manages to find her and reunite her with him before continuing to help others she can find. As she tries to help another person, she overhears a Pro Hero observing all the carnage, saying how he can't take it anymore and should look for a new line of work, which Ochaco watches in shock.

According to the reports, Tomura had died when Mirko destroyed the capsule designed to resuscitate him, and that it wasn't the electric shock, but the power of All For One as well as his dreams and hatred were what brought him back to life; the result is many Heroes losing their lives in battle, including Native, Crust, Majestic, X-Less, and Midnight, who is being mourned by her students. People all across the country start talking about Dabi's video, with some wondering if it spells the end of Endeavor's Hero career and what will happen next. Some think about leaving the country while others hope for an explanation. Only a few believe everything will be okay.

The students tearfully mourn over the death of Midnight.

That same evening, somewhere deep in the forest, All For One, in command of Tomura's body, states that he won't give anyone a tomorrow or rest because now it is his turn, and it will never end, ordering the Near High-Ends to free his main body in Tartarus.[44]

Shortly afterwards, the Mainland Gate of Tartarus is attacked by the All For One controlled Tomura and his Near High-End Nomus, as the guards, Briareos and Gyges, report in regarding the chaos. Inside the facility, two guards on the lowest level are discussing Gigantomachia's eventual arrival for the following day. They talk about how he can't be killed by guns, and because he's technically human, there's still some ethics for them to follow about blasting him with missiles. One of the guards scoffs at the thought, saying how just like the rest of the inmates in the prison, they are all just dangerous beasts that only this Quirk-based society has allowed to live for this long; the other guard reminds him that they're being recorded and that even the dissolved Hearts and Mind Party could use this to their advantage, but the guard doesn't care.

As the code red reaches the prison, the floors get sealed off with the gate lowered and drones sent out to attack the Nomu. All For One, however, flies over the chaos on a flying Nomu, where Tomura wakes up and attempts to take back control of his body. All For One tells him to rest, due to the Super Regeneration Quirk still needing time to heal the body, but Tomura rebukes saying he told him to rest in the first place, though All For One says he will after he finishes what he came for. He demands his body back again but All For One reminds him that this power is exactly what he wanted to spit at the hand that didn't help him, and now that he has it, what does it really matter. Tomura says he doesn't want to be his pawn, but All For One claims he is wrong, as he will become "the next me".

All For One/Tomura uses Decay to destroy the guard tower, escaping from the attacking robots. He uses Search to find his body located 500 meters below sea level, realizing that even if he decayed the entire building, the water pressure would kill him, not to mention Tomura's body is starting to fall apart faster. He thinks about how even if he had Gigantomachia with him, and even if Tomura's body was complete, it would barely be of any help due to the amount of resources Tartarus has on hand. He figures the best and only way is for a coordinated operation, both inside and out, accomplished through his shared awareness.

As a result, inside the prison, the monitoring system is shut down by an EMP attack, and before the system returns, All For One's original body utilizes another attack within his cell, frying his cell door and unlocking nearly all the others on the floor. Suppression squads immediately head out to deal with the incoming threats, but are easily taken out by the now freed Muscular and Moonfish. An unknown woman recognizes the prison falling apart, and noticing one of the prisoners unable to get out of their cell, opens the door freeing Kai Chisaki, who quickly runs out calling for his boss.

All for One has broken out of Tartarus.

Despite being free, the Villains know that without the bridge they have no way of escaping, and All For One responds saying that if they desire freedom, they must submit to him. As his original body and Tomura's appears before them, All For One states that the impending void era will give rise to a more perfected demon lord, and that this will be the story of how he will become the greatest demon lord of all.[45]

Six hours after the attack, All For One takes command of a series of emergency aircrafts, which he uses to send the Near High-End Nomus, as well as the escaped prisoners from Tartarus, to attack 7 prisons, including the Shian, Bagu, and Kuin prisons. In the process, prisoners from 6 of them manage to escape, allowing them to run loose making it harder for the authorities to track him.

Spinner starts to have second thoughts.

In their new hideout, which used to belong to the Creature Rejection Clan, All For One in Tomura's body asks the remaining PLF members to watch over his body while he rests. Spinner looks on sullenly at All For One, telling him he's not the one he chose to follow, but All For One insists he has the best intentions for Tomura's wishes, and that once his body is perfected, their desires will be achieved.[46]

Fall of the Hero Society

Sometime after the events of Deika City, a Twice Double of Rikiya Yotsubashi continued to live the life as the "President of Detnerat" while the real Rikiya kept up his work with the Paranormal Liberation Front. At the same time as the Jaku Hospital Raid, the Rikiya Double accepted a joint venture with the Hero Public Safety Commission, knowing they were suspicious of him but still couldn't ignore the potential of his products. He uses it as an opportunity for a surprise attack on the building, killing and injuring several members before dissolving away from his injuries, saying that his people desire "order without order", genuine freedom, and that the seeds have already been sown.

Two days later, Katsuki wakes up to see some of his classmates excitingly proclaiming that he's awake, while he yells at them to tell him what happened, where they tell him that nearly every injured hero in the battle was taken to "Central Hospital", which has cutting edge and top notch medical treatment. Katsuki asks them what happened to everyone else he was with during the big battle. Gran Torino is shown to be alive and in critical care, same with Shota Aizawa, with the doctor mentioning that they could've ended up much worse if not for those who prioritized their safety. Present Mic, who is with him, starts to mourn over Midnight when Shota asks how the students are doing.

Meanwhile, Momo, Mezo, Eijiro, and Mina visit Shoto, who sees a huge crowd of people trying to get into the hospital to see his father. His friends try to reassure him, having heard about what happened with Dabi, as people try to get answers regarding Endeavor's relation to Dabi and what he will do next when he wakes up. Shoto thinks back to when Starservant was arrested and how he claimed Endeavor would bring destruction to everyone. He remembered how Dabi was able to overpower him with his flames, realizing they were full of hatred. He also realizes that he had been watching them this entire time, slowly destroying himself and anyone else who got caught up just to bring down their father. In that moment, Shoto realizes Dabi was him before the Sports Festival. He also realizes that Endeavor can't defeat Dabi, he has to. Just then his siblings, Fuyumi and Natsuo come into his room, where Shoto's friends introduce themselves and explain Shoto can't speak due to his throat being burnt. Shoto is then shocked by the appearance of someone else who arrived with his siblings.

Katsuki gets out of his bed and starts running down the hallway to find Izuku, with his friends trying to stop him. He angrily says that he will kill Izuku if he dies, as the others explain that while everyone is conscious, Izuku is not, heavily bandaged with All Might by his bedside, and no clear signs of waking up.[46]

While driving to a destination alongside Best Jeanist, Hawks falls asleep and remembers his distant past. Years ago, his father, Takami, had killed someone over pocket change, and his mother, Tomie, harbored him, eventually resulting in his conception. His father abused Keigo physically and mentally, claiming that if he hadn't relied on his mother's Quirk, he would be a free man and not waste time around some punk child. Keigo understood how broken his parents were, yet he endured all of his emotions to avoid their fate. At one point he was assaulted by his father for going out into town one day, demanding he stay in the house, while his wife attempts to get him to calm down.

One day, Keigo learns from his mother that his father had been arrested trying to steal a car, and the one who caught him was Endeavor, someone who he thought was merely a fantasy like the rest of the Heroes, re-invigorating his feelings of hope. His mother grew fearful that she would get arrested for harboring her husband, so they fled from their house, but she didn't have the strength to support the both of them. Keigo suggests going to the police to help, with his mother telling him to do whatever he can to make money, and make use of his wings for once. After the high-speed incident which caught the Hero Public Safety Commission's attention, they offer comprehensive support for him and his mother, and in exchange they will erase any connection to the Takami name so they can start over.

Hawks re-awakens as Best Jeanist informs him they will reach their destination shortly. Due to his injured vocal cords, Hawks is forced to communicate with him by phone, apologizing for being allowed to sleep while he can't. Best Jeanist admits if it wasn't for Central Hospital's medical achievements, he would be lingering on the line between life and death. He also reveals that Central Hospital had created a procedure that would allow his body to enter a death-like state, inspired by the Nomu, which is something he still is upset at receiving. Hawks apologizes for it saying that he knew he couldn't trick the Paranormal Liberation Front with a cheaper trick, especially with the one responsible for the Nomu behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it was a success, and he brought his supposedly dead body to Dabi, and even after identifying his corpse, he bought the whole deception. Hawks then reveals that Dabi suggested they hang on to his body until it was the perfect time, which led to him being preserved in one of their facilities until Hawks revived him at the right time.

Suddenly, Best Jeanist steers his car to a stop, revealing to Hawks that he has spotted a group of Villains causing trouble at a marketplace. The Glutton God Gang, as they call themselves, is quickly apprehended by Best Jeanist. He asks one of the bystanders where the police and local heroes are, but he tells him that the police are dealing with escaped prisoners, while most of the Pro Heroes have shut down their agencies after all the criticism being lobbed at them. He realizes Dabi's revelation had an even stronger effect to the populace, and decides to have some sidekicks dispatched to the neighborhood while taking note of the mixed response from both the happy and unconvinced civilians.

Hawks reads his mother's letter regarding her departure.

Afterwards, Hawks brings Best Jeanist to his house, wanting to confirm something before showing his face to the public again. He calls his mother who doesn't respond. He finds a letter from her revealing that some men forced her to tell them about their family, and she has chosen to leave to not be a burden to him. She wishes him well and that she is proud of him. After reading the letter, Hawks admits he figured the leak came from his mother. Best Jeanist tries to console him but he tells him that when he abandoned the name ‘Takami', he essentially abandoned her too. He admits he feels relieved all of this has come back to him, and now that the Safety Commission has shut down, there is no one else around to give him orders. That now he is free of his shackles as he takes off his neck brace, while also thinking of the day his mother bought him the Endeavor plushie he held on to for so long, as she tells him to grow up strong like him.

He says to Best Jeanist that when people get backed into a corner or are truly free, that is when they show their true nature, and it is because of that he considered Twice to be such a good person due to his desire to help others, and how he wants to be just like that. He comments that even if what Dabi said about the Todoroki Family is true, he deeply believes things are different now. When Best Jeanist asks what he plans on doing next, Hawks answers that he is going to address his origins to help Endeavor, who he definitely knows is in trouble.[47]

Chaos reigns as the heroes are losing their fight.

All throughout the country, urban areas descend into chaos, as the addition of the escaped villains exacerbate the horrifying destruction from several days ago. Thanks to the prison riots, villains such as the Cider House gang start stealing whatever they can, causing civilians to try and fight back. Wash hears about their presence and races to the scene, but arrives too late. With the people's faith in heroes shaken, they are trying to take matters in their own hands with support items, but due to lacking the proper training, the number of casualties just increased. A civilian hits Wash with a frying pan for arriving too late, saying that they got caught up in the crossfire even though they were in their houses. Though he is annoyed by this treatment, he nonetheless uses his Quirk to create bubbles to disinfect the wounded for transport to the hospital.

At the same time, the Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha who had served as a hero ever since his younger days, announces his sudden retirement, claiming that he has no other choice but to resign due to the constant destruction. In reality, he's quitting because the love and respect he gained as a hero was disappearing, and his decision turned several of his fans and other people against him for his cowardice.

This was ultimately the trigger for several heroes to up and quit, as they believed a peaceful society was being all but assured, but now, the meaning of "hero" was being put to the test, and they are now filtering out. And that now, the people were putting all of the blame on one person: Endeavor. Elsewhere, a freed Stain reclaims his weapons, grinning with glee that his ambition has started to come true.[48]

The Wrong Way To Put Out A Fire

In the hospital, Endeavor awakens with the doctor informing him that his son and the others have recovered, including himself. He tells him he is rooting for him as he leaves the room. Endeavor sees that he is still alive, and says that Dabi knew he would survive because he knew that is the type of man he is. He acknowledges that he froze up again when his son was in danger, and even though Best Jeanist's presence disproved a portion of Dabi's speech, he couldn't deny the truth anymore: He is paying the consequences for his selfish past and tossing Toya aside, and even if he survived, the name of "Endeavor" is dead. Endeavor breaks down in tears and confesses that even though Dabi is a killer, he can't bring himself to fight his own son.

Rei confronts Enji about their son, Toya.

Suddenly, Shoto opens the door but quickly closes it when he sees his father crying. Enji demands he come in and he does, along with Fuyumi and Natsuo, who he asks if they are okay. Natsuo asks why he is crying, and he starts apologizing profusely, saying that his regrets and guilt are too late to matter, but before he can say anything else, Rei comes in to confront him. She tells Enji that she and her children have been bearing those feelings of guilt and regret much more than he has. A surprised Enji asks why she is here, and she answers that she wants to talk about their family, and about Dabi.[48]

Enji asks Rei if she is okay, but she replies that she isn't, but that is why she came. In the League's hideout, Dabi lies on a couch looking at his even more burnt skin and how he can't feel anything. He knew Enji wouldn't die from their fight and he also knew he would have to make some public statement soon too due to his position. He expresses excitement at the look on his face and how long he has waited for it. He tells his family to take a good look at him in the depths of Hell.

The family and Dabi each proceed to reflect on the past that led to this point. When a young Enji Todoroki first met Rei Himura, her family expressed great joy and honor at being reached out to by the man who was said to be the next No. 1 Hero. He explained that the Himura Family was also considered a prestigious family so it was only fitting that a man of his accomplishments would take a Himura woman as a wife. Enji thinks that even though Rei knew this marriage was a Quirk Marriage, she still agreed to it for her family's sake. As the two were walking together, Enji noticed her looking at some flowers, where she tells them that she likes them because of how pretty they are. Enji described Rei as a woman much like ice herself, but she seemed so strong despite possibly melting away at the slightest touch.

Toya demands Enji train him after he refuses.

In his childhood, a young Toya asked his father why he changed his mind about training him, which Enji responded saying it is for his own good, but Toya wasn't pleased. Enji and Rei went to the hospital to discuss their son's condition, where the doctor explains that Toya has inherited an extremely powerful form of Enji's Quirk, but possesses his mother's physical condition, meaning his body is meant to withstand freezing temperature and not fire. The doctor tells them that this method of 'custom children' is taboo in the current Quirk-based society, so he can't advise it. Enji, however, still felt Toya could surpass All Might, whom he desperately wanted to catch up to.

Later, Toya talked with Fuyumi and told her that he can handle any burns that he suffers, claiming he knows his own body better than anyone. Fuyumi tells Toya that she doesn't like to see him get hurt, but Toya yells that she doesn't understand him because she is a girl. She tells him that she is worried about him but he walks off, saying that his father was the one who lit the fire under him to surpass All Might. That night, Rei tries to tell Enji that the choice he wants to make is too cruel, especially since Toya knows what he wants from his children. Enji tells her that no matter what he says he keeps coming home with fresh burns everyday, lamenting that his son also inherited his stubbornness. He tells her it is the only way to make him give up because he will never be able to surpass All Might.

This would ultimately lead to Natsuo's conception, which made Toya start falling into despair while Endeavor's desire to surpass All Might continued to grow. Eventually, Shoto was born, and Toya has reached to the mental breaking point. Toya refused to accept that he would be the one to surpass All Might. Dejected, he tearfully trains in a forest with his fire, telling his father to look at him because of how powerful his flames already are.

Toya's mentality reaches breaking point.

Enji tells Toya to stop because he is covered in burns and tells him to look beyond the world of being a hero and do things like play with his siblings or make friends at school, saying if he can understand that, one day it will all be a distant memory. Toya, however, with tears flowing from his eyes, tells Enji that everyone at school wants to be heroes themselves, and he can't understand what it is like to give up because he has him as a father. He lit the fire in him to surpass All Might and it is not going out, just as he calls him by his hero name rather than "father". He tells him to look at him before he snaps, charging with his flames activated at his mother carrying an infant Shoto.[49]

After Toya's attempted attack on the infant Shoto, Enji chooses to seclude Shoto from his siblings, and since he was going to be busy with work, chooses to hire some help. He also tells Rei to keep her eyes on Toya at all times. Rei tells him that Toya just wants him to notice him, but Enji says that all he can show anyone is the world of heroes. Rei, however, accuses Enji of merely running away.

Five years later, Fuyumi and Natsuo ask Toya to play with them outside. Shoto sees them but Enji pulls him away, telling him that his siblings live in a different world than him. Shoto asks to play with them just once, but Enji refuses, telling him they will work on his output capacity. Outside, Toya overhears them and grows jealous. One night, he vents to a sleeping Natsuo, telling him that he acknowledges it was his fault for attacking Shoto, who did nothing wrong, but he adds that Enji is to blame as well by not paying attention to the three of them because they are "failed creations" and asking if this is what modern day Heroes do with their kids. Natsuo drowsily tells Toya to bother Fuyumi about this stuff, causing Toya to become upset that Natsuo is ignoring him. He tells Natsuo that he chose to talk to him because he believed he was the only one who understood him, calling his mother and sister useless.

Toya gives his mother the cold shoulder.

One day, Rei catches Toya preparing to go out into the mountain and she asks why he won't play with his classmates. Toya declares he doesn't need friends because he lives in a different world than them. Rei asks Toya if he even wants to be a Hero, and as his mother, it looks like to her that he is suffocating because of Enji. She tells him that there are other paths and options for him and to look beyond his father, positive he will become the man he wants to become. Toya angrily asks what she knows and where she got that advice, causing Rei to freeze in shock at his intensity. He tells her that her family was poor, which is why they sold her off to Enji, so to him, she is just as guilty as him for why he was born too.

During the winter season, Toya's body developed, and his fire's color changed from red to blue. He realized his fire is linked to his feelings and gets excited at the thought of Enji seeing him. He starts crying saying he doesn't know why he does when he gets worked up. Shortly afterwards, Toya approaches Enji and tells him to come to Sekoto Peak on his next day off so he can show off his progress to him. Enji suspects something and lifts up his shirt, shocked to see his burn scars, angry that he had been hiding them on purpose. Toya starts tearing up and pulling out his hair, telling Enji that what he can do now is really cool and perhaps he will be as awesome as Shoto and stronger than All Might one day, and then he will have to give him respect and be happy he made him. Frustrated, he hits Rei and yells at her for not stopping Toya, causing Shoto to yell at him to not bully her while his siblings are forced to listen on and Enji tells Shoto to stay out of it. Rei admits internally that she had limited options but she made her choice and walked on it, and as much as she wanted to keep smiling, she couldn't, and she confesses to Enji that she can't stop him.

The "death" of Toya Todoroki.

In the present, Rei asks Enji why he didn't go to Sekoto Peak, and Enji answers that he thought it would only throw fuel onto his fire, then corrects himself and says he didn't know what to say to him. Rei confesses that she didn't know what to say to him either. In the Villain hideout, Dabi thinks back to when he lost control of his fire, engulfing the entirety of himself and the mountains in flames, but he still blames Enji since he only ever taught him how to increase his output.

Enji tells his family that he should have just given up everything that day, but since he felt he killed Toya, he believed he had no choice but to keep moving forward with Shoto, no matter the cost. Rei reveals that he got worse to the point where she couldn't look at him anymore and started to see his face in her children. Fuyumi confesses she knew of their problems but she was too scared to intervene, which is why she tried to fix things just to keep up appearances. Natsuo says Enji is the root of all their problems, but admits that if he had more courage, he could have knocked some sense into Enji to talk with Toya seriously and then Dabi would never have been born and they could have had a more healthy familiar relationship.

Rei tells Enji that he isn't the only one responsible for Toya's fate, that all of them need to take responsibility for what comes next, and even though his heart is broken, they will help him get back on his feet because he has no choice but to fight Dabi. A stunned Enji asks if he is talking to his wife right now, and after a moment of silence, Rei says Shoto had suffered more than them and had every right to resent her, yet he called her "Mom" again. She also says he made friends at U.A. and is saving them, then calls Shoto their family's hero.

Shoto vows that he and Enji will stop Dabi together.

Shoto weakly tells Enji that he talked with his mother before they came to see him because he initially thought he wouldn't be able to fight and that he'd have to do it himself, but he was wrong. He extends his hand to his crying father and tells him to stand up after he finishes grieving because all of them need to stop Dabi together.[50]

Best Jeanist and Hawks walk into Endeavor's hospital room, asking to provide assistance, after overhearing their conversation right outside. Rei gets on her knees and apologizes for what her son did to him, which Hawks anxiously tells her not to worry about, while Best Jeanist apologizes for eavesdropping.

Hawks notes it was a shock to learn the extent to how far Endeavor's obsession went. He approaches Shoto and asks if his burn mark was also his doing, but Rei jumps in to say it was her, which Shoto sullenly looks on in response. Hawks thinks back to his own family situation, and how he never got to face them and chose to give up and leave them behind, telling Shoto he's a "class act".

Hawks proceeds to inform Endeavor about everything that's happened within the past two days; the remaining Paranormal Liberation Front members that are still missing, that over 10,000 convicts were freed from the prisons Tomura and the Nomu broke into, how the Hero Public Safety Commission is currently shut down due to most of its members being dead or in the hospital, that many heroes have retired due to all this, and how citizens taking part in self defense are just wreaking more havoc. He mentions that the government has put in a request aid for Heroes around the world, but due to the Commission's shut down, they're unable to complete the proper paperwork.

After telling him his only option is to fight, Hawks and Best Jeanist gleefully respond that they'll be assisting him as a team-up with the top three, so he and his family don't have to take on the burden alone. Endeavor asks why they would, with Hawks thinking about how he knows things are different now regarding him, and that he wants to lend his full support to anyone trying to do better. Endeavor tearfully accepts their proposal and this new resolve to move forward. Natsuo mentions this is only until they stop Toya, which he agrees.[51]

The Truth of One For All

Hawks gets right down to business, mentioning how due to Dabi's accusation they'll need to put out a statement to the public which he's been working on. However, he mentions one point he's unsure about and wants to learn first, asking Endeavor, "What is One For All?" Fuyumi recalls that when she, Natsuo, and Rei were first entering the hospital, they heard from the surrounding media asking about a mysterious phrase that Endeavor muttered during the battle referencing "One For All", and wondering if it is connected to All For One. As Hawks tells Endeavor he wants to know what it is, he thinks back to the fight with Tomura and how he said he was looking for One For All, remembering Deku saying that Tomura was targeting him, and suggests that he might know.

Katsuki continues to freak out that Izuku is still unconscious and he's awake, forcing him to be carried off by his classmates. Tenya and Ochaco reflect on how things are back to normal for Katsuki, as Tenya feared for the worst due to his injuries, and Ochaco adding that he's noisier than ever. Kyoka arrives to tell Tenya about Fumikage and Denki being cleared for release, and then asks if Izuku's body is okay at least. Ochaco says that's what the doctors said while staring at Izuku's door, feeling worried.

Toshinori watches over the comatose Izuku.

Hawks and Best Jeanist arrive in front of Izuku's room, with the latter exclaiming that Katsuki is all right, and the former asking to speak to Izuku. Tenya mentions that All Might asked to be alone with him for now, causing Hawks to ponder. Inside, All Might sits over the unconscious Izuku, thinking about how he can feel the version of him inside One For All, and that right now, he knows he's talking to the predecessors.[51]

Izuku re-emerges in the vestige world, where most of the One For All users are sitting on chairs ready to talk with him, with the second and third users facing the wall behind them. All For One's brother, the first user, mentions how originally they were only able to interact with Izuku during specific instances within his consciousness, but that in the last four months, the power has been growing exponentially, and has reached the point that the vestiges are now able to more freely communicate with each other, even more so after All For One's attempt to steal One For All.

Daigoro Banjo reassures Izuku his privacy is safe, but then remembers he still doesn't have a mouth. However, Izuku realizes that his mouth has been slowly manifesting, and finds a way to communicate with the users through muffled speech. He is then approached by the fourth user, Hikage Shinomori, who mentions being shocked at Izuku's sudden emergence of his Quirk, Danger Sense. Daigoro pokes fun at Hikage for being a hermit who shunned society and lived alone, after which Hikage asks Izuku about his age and cause of death. Izuku recalls that he was forty and that All Might had scratched out his cause of death in the notebook, which Hikage reveals was "old age".

Hikage reveals that through All Might and his research, he realized that One For All is no longer able to be held by an "ordinary person". He continues that other than All Might, he possessed One For All the longest out of everyone, and that for eighteen years he evaded All For One while training his power in secret, knowing that he would never be able to beat him in his state, and just had to nurture it until someone else could. However, it was in his final years that the Quirk started to break his body. At first he believed it was some sort of disease, but after All Might rediscovered his medical history and autopsy, he realized the truth, that possessing multiple Quirks ate away at his life.

Izuku reacts in shock, but is confused considering how much longer All Might has held One For All for, and how much stronger it became for him. The first user adds that All Might realized this as well, and since there wasn't much to compare to other than himself, as all the other users died young and in battle, All Might wrongly suspected that One for All had some hidden limit that users of the Quirk could take before dying. The discrepancy with All Might led Hikage to wonder if there was something that All Might had that he didn't, Izuku realizes what the difference between Hikage and All Might was: All Might was Quirkless.

The first user explains that while All Might still lives, everything he learned was passed onto the other users through All Might's vestige, and it was through the encounter with All For One that their theories were confirmed. While they initially believed that the spirits of the predecessors resided within One For All, in truth, it was a result of the Quirk Factors of the second to seventh successors, with All Might being the sole exception due to being imbued with One For All as a true piece of his consciousness, as his only Quirk.

He continues that a vessel with an existing Quirk could not receive One For All without it warping and spilling over, and attempting to force it results in a shortened lifespan, like what happened with Hikage, and that All Might managed to hold onto One For All for forty years because it perfectly fit his previously empty vessel, and became his Quirk.

Izuku could possibly be the last successor of One For All.

They conclude that due to these circumstances, the true value of the power can only be wielded by those who lacked power to begin with, with Izuku following up that especially now that the previous user's Quirks have started manifesting, One For All can not be given to someone with a Quirk. The first user says that due to Quirkless individuals vanishing rapidly after each generation, it was fate that Izuku managed to be the one who was bestowed the power, and that if they had a way to contact him sooner, they could've prevented people from dying. Daigoro adds that because of this, Izuku may end up being the last successor of One For All.[52]

After Izuku's contemplation of this revelation, Nana turns to him, asking if he can kill Tomura Shigaraki, clarifying it isn't a request, but a question of his resolve. She reminds him of their last interaction and that since all of the inheritor's are connected to his emotions, they could sense that he saw him as someone who needed saving. Daigoro says that he and the other users don't feel the same way, and that even if Tomura is suffering under All For One, that doesn't necessarily mean he would want their help, since even they could see his eyes were still filled with hate.

The first user says that his older brother purposefully raised Tomura this way, and now that All For One has taken over his body and mind, he believes this is part of another plan to claim One For All. Daigoro reveals that All For One had attempted to steal One For All from him and his successor, En, twice, but failed, and that one must have an incredibly strong will and overbearing emotions in order to override the basic principle of One For All, which means All For One is using Tomura's hatred to complete the job. The inheritors tell Izuku that One For All was itself a powerful will meant to resist All For One, and that they have been cultivating it for the specific purpose of destroying him, which All Might succeeded in, but despite all that, he managed to return through Tomura.

Nana confronts Izuku, confirming to him that Tomura is her grandson, and that the reason he became this way is because she left his father at a young age to fight All For One, feeling all this is her fault. She knows how unfair it is to force this burden onto a young boy, but reminds him that if ‘that thing' ever reaches its potential and becomes the ultimate evil, no one will be able to stop him. She says that it won't be enough to forgive and understand him because some people cannot be saved, and that if Tomura is one of them, a person who looks like they need saving but can't, does he have the resolve to stop him at all cost?

After a moment of silence, Izuku says that when Tomura's conscience manifested in One For All, he felt what he was feeling when he was told to think about his aspirations, and in the deepest part of his mind, he could feel and see the image of Tomura, as Tenko, crying. Izuku admits he has fought many people so far, and it was unavoidable because they never backed down, however also mentioning he never pinpointed what drove them to becoming Villains, and wonders that if he did, maybe things could have been different and their fights could have been resolved another way.

Despite the heinous crimes, Izuku resolves to save Tomura Shigaraki.

He knows that countless people died and many of his friends were hurt because of Tomura, but he stands his ground believing that One For All is a Quirk meant to save lives, not kill; that All Might taught him that, and that he and all the other users who have helped grow and cultivate the power, have in the process saved and brought hope to countless people. He understands that while its origins were to destroy All For One, because all of them have risked their lives to maintain the power, its purpose has changed and morphed all this time. He accepts the real possibility that Tomura can only be stopped by killing him, and he doesn't know how he will deal with everything exactly yet, but he still wants to try and save "that little boy", all the while briefly transforming into his child self.

The first user happily accepts Izuku's answer, telling him that he and the others will be there for him, and that he's grateful that he and All Might inherited their power, as he comforts the crying vestige of All Might. He then comforts Nana as she apologizes for testing him like this, telling him to give her best to Gran Torino when he wakes up, admitting that while they made the wrong choice, their successors are determined to make things right. The first user then looks towards the second and third inheritors and asks them to play nice and cooperate with Izuku, as he'll need their help to unleash the Quirk's full power.[53]

All Might continues to sense Izuku's conversation within One For All, when he is approached by Hawks and Best Jeanist. He tells them Izuku will be up soon as the three go to chat while some of the classmates check in on him. Hawks questions All Might about the connection between One For All and Izuku, because several of the heroes who retired had overheard the name during the battle, mentioned it to the media who has begun spreading it around, and that Endeavor told him that Tomura was targeting Izuku.

He continues that he wants to know the truth before things get worse, as they now need to worry about fighting both villains and society's expectations of them. All Might, recognizing they can't keep the secret to prevent mass panic anymore, takes them somewhere to tell them everything. Elsewhere at U.A. High School, Principal Nezu sorts out a request for government assistance.[54]

The Beginning of the End

Three days later, as people continue to feel uneasy, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist put on a press conference to address the public. Endeavor reveals the full truth behind Dabi's confessional of his and his family's past, to mixed results from viewers. Hawks proceeds to clarify to the confused press that despite Best Jeanist's death being faked so he could infiltrate the League of Villains as a spy, all of the rest of the allegations are true. He apologizes for concealing the connection to his criminal father, while also saying he felt he had no other choice but to kill Twice as his Double Quirk would've been too dangerous if left unchecked, and he felt ashamed he wasn't able to properly stop him.

A member of the press confronts the heroes, mentioning how her mother was severely injured in Gigantomachia's rampage, and how so many people have lost their homes and lives because of everything, berating them for not doing more to ease the panic and taking responsibility. Endeavor responds that he knows it is the only way he can properly atone. Best Jeanist adds that due to the significant amount of heroes resigning, it's become harder to protect the public so they have started a plan for help protecting the civilians.

He reveals that U.A. High, and other hero programs, will utilize their campuses as evacuation shelters for civilians in need, as the parents' of the U.A. students have already started moving in. The press question whether just living in shelters with no path forward will be of any use, but Endeavor pipes in that it is because of the uncertainty that they must do this, and that everyone's worries should be directed at him, ending with his declaration to "Just watch me."

Izuku leaves his hero academy.

Despite the ever decreasing amount of heroes, many of them still remained strong ready to stand up and fight, all the while Dabi laughs about how he didn't go "far enough". The press then proceed to ask about what One For All is, which Endeavor simply says he doesn't know, so to protect Izuku and All Might. Back at Heights Alliance, all the members of Class 1-A are surprised by personalized letters from Izuku, confessing the truth behind One For All, how All For One and Tomura are after him, and that he must leave because of it. His class reacts in confusion, while Ochaco reacts in uneasiness.

In April, in an unknown city, a lone and dejected Izuku, wearing braces on his arms and Gran Torino's scarf over his neck, unenthusiastically notices a big villain attacking.[54]

Story Impact

  • Kurogiri is revealed to be a Nomu, created from the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo.
    • Oboro is revealed to be an old friend of Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada. The two manage to briefly make contact with Oboro who helps provide a clue to the villains' whereabouts.
  • It is revealed that the Paranormal Liberation Front have already formed their teams for the upcoming war.
    • Hawks personally keeps a close eye on Twice, knowing him to be the most dangerous threat since overcoming his trauma.
    • Tomura Shigaraki is undergoing the final stages of obtaining ultimate power from Doctor Kyudai Garaki.
  • All Might completes his research on the former users of One For All and passes on the results to Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.
    • He was unable to find any information on the second and third successors.
    • The former user of Blackwhip is revealed to be Daigoro Banjo, also known as Lariat, who was the fifth user of One For All.
    • It is confirmed All For One had fought all of the previous users of One For All.
    • Nana Shimura's Quirk is revealed to be Float.
  • Daruma Ujiko's real name is revealed to be Kyudai Garaki, he is a Chairman of Jaku General Hospital and was reportedly born Quirkless; but in reality, he actually has a longevity Quirk called Life Force.
  • Hawks relays his info to the Hero Public Safety Commission who rally every hero to attack the Paranormal Liberation Front at their home base.
    • Twice informs him of the location of Tomura's experimentation, feeling he can put his trust in him.
  • The heroes are split up into teams.
  • During a battle between Hawks, Twice, and Dabi, Hawks reluctantly kills Twice.
    • Twice's final clone saves Mr. Compress and Himiko Toga from being captured by a hero, before fading away.
    • Dabi reveals he knows Hawks' real name, Keigo Takami, and after seriously burning him, reveals his secret identity, shocking him.
    • Dabi defeats Hawks during their battle and attempts to kill him, but he's saved by Fumikage.
  • The Hospital team are forced to deal with Doctor Garaki's army of Nomu, as well as his five remaining High-End Nomu, while he attempts to finish Tomura's experimentation process.
    • Mirko and Present Mic manage to destroy his containment pod and the surrounding equipment, leaving him unconscious at 75% completion. The latter takes Kyudai into custody.
    • Mirko loses an arm and an ear during her battle with the High-Ends.
  • Kyudai reveals that he made a copy of All For One's Quirk. All For One kept the duplicate version of the Quirk and they gave the original version to Tomura.
  • After being awoken by All For One, Tomura uses his Decay Quirk (which has drastically increased in power thanks to his enhancements) to destroy the hospital and the surrounding area.
    • Among the confirmed casualties of this attack are X-Less, Crust (who sacrificed himself to help Eraser Head escape), and Funkman, alongside multiple unnamed Pro Heroes, as well as Woman and the other 4 High-End Nomu who were active at the time.
    • Tomura manages to spare the bullets filled with the Quirk-Destroying Drug created by Kyudai to take for his own use (with only two remaining), and several other Near High-End Nomu which weren't as complete as the previous, that become active under Tomura's orders.
    • He also awakens Gigantomachia, telling him to bring the rest of the League of Villains with him.
  • Endeavor faces off against Tomura, who's very easily able to resist his fire thanks to his new Super Regeneration Quirk.
  • Tomura utilizes his newfound Search Quirk to locate his next objective, obtaining "One For All".
    • Deku receives a vision from One For All warning about Tomura's reawakening, as well as overhearing this from Endeavor, leading to him and Katsuki breaking off from their group to draw him away from the civilians.
  • It is revealed that within the past two months, Deku can now normally use One For All: Full Cowl at 30%, and temporarily at 45%, without breaking his body.
  • Gran Torino saves Deku and Katsuki from being attacked by Tomura.
    • Eraser Head, supported by Manual and Rock Lock, uses Erasure on Tomura to erase his Quirks, while Endeavor and Ryukyu take him on in combat.
  • Despite unable to use his Quirks, Tomura manages to keep up with the onslaught of attacks, with Kyudai's enhancements providing him with near All Might-level strength, similar to the Nomu.
    • When most of the remaining Pro Heroes are preoccupied with the Near High-Ends, Deku and Katsuki join the fight to help protect Eraser Head from Tomura.
  • All For One temporarily tries to take control of Tomura, but he breaks free from him, saying he wants to become better than him.
  • Gigantomachia, with Dabi, Spinner, Himiko, Mr. Compress, and Skeptic on his back, attempts to make his way toward Tomura, but is held back by Mt. Lady and the Pro Heroes not already preoccupied with the rebelling Liberation warriors.
    • Midnight assigns Momo and her team with the task of administering a sedative to stop Gigantomachia when their plan fails.
  • The U.A. students do their best to hold off and defend themselves against Gigantomachia and the League while trying to insert the anesthetic into his mouth.
    • Mina gets close but freezes up recognizing him from their previous encounter in middle school, while Eijiro arrives in time to both save her and throw her sedative into his mouth.
  • The sedative seemingly has no effect, as Gigantomachia transforms his body and continues his rampage across several cities, leaving the U.A. students behind, with the remaining Pro Heroes in the way ether critically injured or killed.
    • Dr. Garaki also reveals the Nomu were inspired by Gigantomachia.
  • During their battle, Gran Torino is brutally injured by Tomura when the latter punches the elderly hero through the chest.
    • He also wonders to himself if sending Kotaro away was truly the right choice for him and Nana.
  • Tomura attempts to use his two Quirk-Destroying Bullets to erase Eraser Head's Erasure.
    • One is destroyed by Katsuki, while the other successfully hits him, forcing him to cut off his right leg to stop the spread.
  • Shoto arrives to help save Eraser Head and assist the heroes.
    • Eraser Head passes out due to exhaustion, as Tomura regains usage of All For One.
  • Tomura and Deku realize that due to the experimentation process being incomplete, Tomura's body is unable to handle All For One's full power (similar to Deku's experience with One For All), with his Super Regeneration being delayed.
  • In the heat of his confrontation against Tomura, Deku unlocks Float and uses it alongside Blackwhip to rescue everyone from Tomura's attacks.
    • He uses Blackwhip and Float to keep Tomura in the air away from everyone, pounding him with 100% One For All smashes, despite the damage it is doing to his own body.
  • Fearing for Deku's safety, Katsuki thinks back to the past two months, where it's revealed he trained alongside Tsuyu Asui and Hanta Sero, to get a better handle on Blackwhip, and Ochaco Uraraka, to practice for when Float eventually emerges.
    • It is also revealed that All Might had scribbled out some information on the fourth One For All user.
    • Katsuki admits to All Might he bullied Deku because he didn't understand why he put others before himself and ignored his own weakness, with the latter perceiving his assistance in the training is his way of atoning.
  • Katsuki, with assistance from Shoto, throws Endeavor to Tomura to execute one last Prominence Burn attack to finish him off.
  • At the last moment, All For One takes control of Tomura's body, utilizing Rivet Stabs to throw Endeavor off and target Deku.
    • Katsuki, without even thinking, quickly moves in the way of the attack to protect Deku, brutally injuring himself.
  • Gigantomachia continues his rampage through the cities, smelling two of his masters, while the remaining heroes plan to intercept the giant at Tomura's location.
  • Tomura is able to touch Deku's face and attempts to steal One For All.
  • Deku finds himself back in the vestige world of One For All where he sees All For One and Tomura are struggling against one other for control.
    • All For One reveals that he could feel the consciousness of the people he stole Quirks from in his dreams, and that is how the previous successors of One For All have been able to stay alive within the Quirk as spirits.
  • Nana Shimura and All For One's Brother appear to assist Deku and repel against All For One and Tomura
    • Tomura meets his grandmother for the first time, and tells her he still hates her too.
  • Tomura is unable to steal One For All due to his operation being only 75% complete. All For One tells Tomura to retreat and fully complete his development for now.
  • Himiko, distressed over Twice's death, disguises herself as an elderly woman and leads Uravity inside an abandoned house to confront her.
    • After getting her answer, she leaves to return back to the League.
  • Tomura refuses to listen to All For One's command to retreat, and instead continues his rampage, despite the damage to his own body.
    • Nejire Chan and Ingenium arrive to back up Endeavor's team, to find Eraser Head, Ryukyu, and Gran Torino being escorted off the battlefield, and Shoto supporting an unconscious Katsuki, a barely conscious Endeavor, and Deku with completely broken arms and legs.
  • As the war reaches its climax, Gigantomachia finally approaches Tomura's location with Dabi, Mr. Compress, Spinner, and Skeptic on his back.
  • Dabi reveals his identity to be Toya Todoroki, Endeavor's long-lost eldest son who was thought to be dead.
    • With the help of Skeptic, he broadcasts a message all over Japan revealing his identity as Toya, and exposes Endeavor's abusive past and ambitions in order to ruin his life and hero career, some of the viewers consist of Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo Todoroki, as well as longtime Endeavor fan Hiroshi Tameda, who all watch in horror.
    • Dabi then proceeds to incriminate Hawks, showing the footage of Twice being stabbed in the back, edited by Skeptic, revealing he also supposedly killed Best Jeanist, and that his father was a criminal named Takami, who was captured by Endeavor.
    • He also reveals to Shoto and Endeavor he orchestrated the encounters with Starservant and Ending, with the intention of breaking his father and killing his "perfect son."
  • Shoto faces Dabi in battle, while Endeavor remains motionless and speechless.
  • Best Jeanist is revealed to be alive and arrives at the battleground to aid the Heroes and contain Gigantomachia and the League.
  • Tomura briefly manages to summon several of the Near High-Ends to provide the Villains backup.
  • Lemillion arrives on the battlefield to help, fully equipped, revealing that he had received his Quirk back the day before, thanks to Eri's Rewind.
    • Eri had been using this time training her Quirk on insects and lizards.
  • Katsuki reunites with Best Jeanist and declares his official hero name: "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight".
  • Deku, due to all his bones currently broken, utilizes Blackwhip: Froppy Style to intercept in Shoto and Dabi's fight.
  • Gigantomachia temporarily breaks free, but is knocked out by Endeavor, as he starts to get unconscious for good.
    • The anaesthetic from the Villa team finally manages to kick in.
  • It is revealed that Mr. Compress is the great-great-grandson of the infamous villain Oji Harima.
    • He maims his own body allowing Spinner and Tomura to break free and plan their escape.
    • He also compresses Skeptic and Dabi, who leaves Shoto for later since Endeavor's already nearly unconscious.
  • Deku unlocks the Quirk of the fourth One For All user: Danger Sense.
  • All For One regains control of Tomura's body, using Radio Waves to command the remaining Near High-End Nomu to allow them, Spinner, and a compressed Skeptic and Dabi to escape the battlefield.
    • Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, and Himiko Toga are left behind on purpose, as All For One wants Tomura to face some losses after being defeated by Deku/One For All and Endeavor.
  • All For One declares that he and Deku will meet again once Tomura's body has been completed.
    • Deku thinks about how, back in the vestige state seeing him being absorbed by All For One, it looked like Tomura needed saving.
  • After the war, over 16,929 villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, including Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, Re-Destro, Trumpet, Geten and Slidin' Go were arrested.
    • Tomura/All For One, Dabi, Spinner, and Skeptic successfully escape thanks to the ten remaining Near High-End Nomu, with only 3 being defeated by the Heroes.
    • Himiko Toga, as well as 132 Paranormal Liberation Front members, remain at large.
    • The remaining active Heroes, including Uravity and Froppy, assist in cleanup attempting to save as many civilians as possible caught in Gigantomachia's rampage.
  • At least nineteen Pro Heroes perished during the war, including Midnight, Crust, Majestic, X-Less, Native, and Eel Boy.
    • Additionally, only one villain, who is none other than Twice, perished during the war as well.
  • Thanks to Dabi's confessional, the public starts to voice their doubts and worries regarding Endeavor and how he will respond to this.
  • The All For One possessed Tomura Shigaraki, alongside the remaining Near High-End Nomu, head to Tartarus to free his main body.
    • Tomura once again tries to regain control of his body but All For One's will remains stronger.
    • They successfully break-in, thanks to the combined efforts of All For One inside and outside the facility, allowing the two bodies to reunite.
    • Among the freed prisoners include Muscular, Moonfish, Overhaul, and Stain.
  • The freed prisoners and the Near High-Ends proceed to break into 7 more prisons, allowing All For One/Tomura to easily hide away while the authorities are busy with the chaos.
  • All For One/Tomura prepares to rest until Tomura's body has reached its perfection.
    • Spinner voices doubts about following All For One rather than Tomura.
  • It is revealed at the same time of the Raid, the Hero Public Safety Commission was attacked and demolished by a Re-Destro Double, created by Twice before he died.
  • Over the next several days, all the injured heroes are taken to "Central Hospital" to receive treatment:
    • Katsuki wakes up, with his injuries slowly healing, wondering how everyone else is.
    • Gran Torino is in critical care barely conscious.
    • Eraser Head is slowly recovering, worried about everyone else as well, while Present Mic mourns Midnight.
    • Endeavor is undergoing surgery, while the media and press surround the hospital to ask about his plan going forward.
    • Shoto thinks about how his brother's hatred is similar to how he used to be, and because of that he must be the one to deal with him.
    • Izuku is the only hero who still remains unconscious, with no signs of waking up.
  • It is revealed that Hawks and Best Jeanist faked the latter's death, using the Central Hospital resources to put him into a "death-like state", inspired by the Nomu, with the body being preserved by Dabi, and secretly revived by Hawks shortly before the start of the War.
  • Due to the aftermath and the heavy public criticism, many Pro Hero agencies, are shut down.
  • The Hero Public Safety Commission has shut down due to many higher ups ending up dead or hospitalized by Re-Destro Double.
    • The police are also currently busy rounding up the escaped convicts from all the prison breaks.
    • No. 9 Hero: Yoroi Musha announces his retirement, leading to criticism for his cowardice.
    • Many civilians have taken up support items to defend themselves against the escaped convicts, leading to even worse damage due to them being untrained, while the remaining Heroes like Wash receive backlash for arriving too late.
  • Hawks' backstory is revealed:
    • His father became a fugitive after killing a man and was harbored by his wife, Tomie, when Keigo was born.
    • They lived in poverty, where Keigo's father would physically and verbally abuse his son and wife, where Keigo suppresses his feelings while carefully protecting his only possession, an Endeavor doll, believing heroes to just be fantasy.
    • His father is arrested attempting to steal a car by Endeavor, rejuvenating hope in the boy.
    • After Keigo is discovered by the Hero Public Safety Commission, they take him and his mother in, while also severing all ties of the "Takami" name.
  • Dabi learned of Hawks' past from Tomie, after sending men to threaten her to reveal their secrets. She disappears shortly afterwards, leaving behind a letter to Hawks not to be a burden on him anymore.
  • Finally free of the Commission and the shackles of his hidden past, and inspired by Twice's actions, Hawks becomes more driven to help others, and prepares to come clean about his background, and to help out the troubled Endeavor.
  • Hero Society begins to show signs of collapse.
    • An All Might statue has been vandalized with a sign saying "I Am Not Here".
    • The status of Endeavor's career and the meaning of "hero" are both put to the test, involving Stain's ideology finally being realized.
  • The Villains' new hideout is revealed to be a small manor in the middle of the forest, the former residence of the Creature Rejection Clan.
    • Dabi reflects on how his scars have gotten even worse, due to all the burning he did to himself during the War.
  • Endeavor wakes up from his surgery, breaking down in grief and guilt over Dabi's words and his own actions, declaring that "Endeavor is dead".
    • He is approached by the rest of his family, including for the first time in several years, Rei, who prepare to talk to him about Toya.
  • More information about the Todoroki family history is revealed:
    • Rei came from the Himura family who helped arrange the Quirk Marriage with Endeavor.
    • He stopped training Toya after learning about his weakness to fire, but he continued to practice on his own despite everyone telling him to stop for his safety.
    • Endeavor decides to have more kids in his attempt to try and make Toya give up on his obsession.
    • After Shoto's birth, Toya starts to break down even more, leading to more jealously as his father continued training Shoto, and resenting the rest of his family for not defending him more.
    • After turning thirteen, during his training in the mountains, Toya's body developed exponentially, leading to his fire changing from red to blue.
    • Endeavor chastises Toya for continuing to train and Rei for not stopping him.
    • Shortly afterwards, Toya goes to Sekoto Peak to wait for his dad, where his body engulfs himself and the entire mountains in flames, leading to his supposed "death".
    • As a result of Toya's disappearance, Endeavor put all his remaining energy into salvaging his "work" with Shoto, at the cost of everything else.
    • As his behavior worsened, so too did Rei's mental state, leading her to see her husband in their children's faces
  • In the present, Rei and the rest of her family admit they all have a responsibility to deal with Dabi, and that Endeavor will have to face him too.
    • Shoto extends his hand to his father, telling him once he's done grieving they'll all go stop Toya together.
    • Hawks and Best Jeanist, having overheard the conversation, offer their assistance to track down Dabi and restore faith in society.
  • The secret of "One For All" starts to slowly be unveiled to the public.
    • Endeavor's mention of "One For All" during the battle with Tomura has spread to the media, with many theorizing about its possible connection to All For One.
    • Hawks investigates its meaning, learning from Endeavor it is related to Deku.
  • Izuku converses with the predecessors of One For All within the vestige world.
    • The power of One For All has grown to the point that the consciousnesses of the predecessors can now freely communicate with each other, including the vestige of All Might.
    • The fourth user, and original wielder of Danger Sense, is revealed to be named Hikage Shinomori.
      • He possessed One For All the second longest out of all the users, for 18 years.
      • He lived alone, hiding from All For One, to train and nurture the power for the next user, only to die at the age of 40 due to "old age" (the information All Might scratched out of his note book).
    • The users realize that One For All is too powerful for someone who already possesses a Quirk to handle, and that All Might being Quirkless allowed him to hold onto it for 40 years, and execute the full strength of the power without straining his body.
    • They believe that due to the in-frequency of new Quirkless people in the world, Izuku may end up being the last successor of One For All.
    • Nana Shimura asks Izuku if he can kill Tomura as a means of questioning his will, due to how far gone he may already be.
    • It is revealed that One For All's will can be overridden by someone with strong negative emotions.
      • The users believe All For One has been grooming Tomura's hatred and body with the intention of using that to steal One For All.
      • Daigoro reveals that All For One attempted to steal One For All from him and the sixth user, En, twice and failed both times.
    • Izuku stands his ground saying that despite all the damage he's done, he can sense the "scared little boy" deep down within Tomura and wants to try and save him.
      • Nana and the first user thank him for sticking with his principles.
    • The second & third users make their first appearance un-silhouetted.
  • All Might tells Hawks and Jeanist about the secret of One For All.
  • Endeavor, Hawks and Jeanist admit to the reporters about their actions, involving the death of Jin Bubaigawara.
  • The government and the Pro-Heroes have made the decision of making U.A. High as an evacuation center, where as the remaining heroes will stand up and fight against the villains again.
  • Izuku leaves U.A. High, after leaving several notes to all of his friends about keeping his Quirk a secret to them.
    • The rest of Class 1-A finally knows the secret of One For All.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Float: Nana's Quirk allowed her to suspend herself in mid-air.[55]
  • Rabbit: Mirko's Quirk allows her to do anything a rabbit can do and grants her rabbit-related features.[10]
  • Shield: Crust's Quirk allows him to manifest stone-like shields from his body.[10]
  • Amplivolt: The unnamed PLF commander's Quirk allows him to amplify any electricity he comes into contact with, turning it into a powerful wave of lightning.[11]
  • Liquification: One of Woman's Quirks allows her to transform her body in whole or in part into a fluid form.[17]
  • Rupture: One of Woman's Quirks allows her to cause parts of her body to swell and burst.[17]
  • Laser: X-Less's Quirk allows him to fire energy beams from his right eye.[17]
  • Physical Enhancement: Unknown.[17]
  • Saber: This Quirk allows the user to transform portions of his body into sword-shaped appendages.[17]
  • Life Force: Kyudai Garaki's Quirk allows him to double his lifespan while sacrificing physical mobility.[19]
  • Radio Waves: One of the Quirks Tomura Shigaraki gained access to after acquiring All For One's Quirk, it allows the user to disrupt radio waves and cause communicators to malfunction.[23]
  • Traject: Kido's Quirk allows him to manipulate the trajectory of anything that passes through his bandages.[24]
  • Danger Sense: The fourth user of One For All's Quirk gave him the ability to sense any potential threats in the surrounding area[43]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • This is the longest arc in the manga to date both in terms of publication time, being published for 469 days, and the number of chapters released, having 54 chapters. The previous record was held by the Shie Hassaikai Arc.


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