The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is the eighteenth story arc in My Hero Academia, as well as the ninth story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga.

After a tip from Hawks and a new source of intel in Tartarus, the Heroes have assembled all of the information they need to confront the Paranormal Liberation Front head-on.


Story Impact

  • Kurogiri is revealed to be a Nomu, created from the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo.
    • Oboro is revealed to be an old friend of Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada. The two manage to briefly make contact with Oboro who helps provide a clue to the villains' whereabouts.
  • It is revealed that the Paranormal Liberation Front have already formed their teams for the upcoming war.
    • Hawks personally keeps a close eye on Twice, knowing him to be the most dangerous threat since overcoming his trauma.
    • Tomura Shigaraki is undergoing the final stages of obtaining ultimate power from Doctor Kyudai Garaki.
  • All Might completes his research on the former users of One For All and passes on the results to Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.
    • He was unable to find any information on the 2nd and 3rd successors.
    • The former user of Blackwhip is revealed to be Daigoro Banjo, also known as Lariat, who was the fifth user of One For All.
    • It is confirmed All For One had fought all of the previous users of One For All.
    • Nana Shimura's Quirk is revealed to be Float.
  • Daruma Ujiko's real name is revealed to be Kyudai Garaki, he is a Chairman of Jaku General Hospital and was reportedly born Quirkless; but in reality, he actually has a longevity Quirk called Life Force.
  • Hawks relays his info to the Hero Public Safety Commission who rally every hero to attack the Paranormal Liberation Front at their home base.
    • Twice informs him of the location of Tomura's experimentation, feeling he can put his trust in him.
  • The heroes are split up into teams.
  • During a battle between Hawks, Twice, and Dabi, Hawks reluctantly kills Twice.
    • Twice's final clone saves Mr. Compress and Himiko Toga from being captured by a hero, before fading away.
    • Dabi reveals he knows Hawks' real name, Keigo Takami, and after seriously burning him, reveals his secret identity, shocking him.
    • Dabi defeats Hawks during their battle and attempts to kill him, but he's saved by Fumikage Tokoyami.
  • The Hospital team are forced to deal with Doctor Garaki's army of Nomu, as well as his 5 remaining High-End Nomu, while he attempts to finish Tomura's experimentation process.
    • Mirko and Present Mic manage to destroy his containment pod and the surrounding equipment, leaving him unconscious at 75% completion. The latter takes Kyudai into custody.
    • Mirko loses an arm and an ear during her battle with the High-Ends.
  • Kyudai reveals that he made a copy of All For One's Quirk. All For One kept the duplicate version of the Quirk and they gave the original version to Tomura.
  • After being awoken by All For One, Tomura uses his Decay Quirk (which has drastically increased in power thanks to his enhancements) to destroy the hospital and the surrounding area.
    • Among the confirmed casualties of this attack are X-Less, Crust (who sacrificed himself to help Eraserhead escape), and Funkman, alongside multiple unnamed Pro Heroes, as well as Woman and the other 4 High-End Nomu who were active at the time.
    • Tomura manages to spare the bullets filled with the Quirk-Destroying Drug created by Kyudai to take for his own use (with only two remaining), and several other Near High-End Nomu which weren't as complete as the previous, that become active under Tomura's orders.
    • He also awakens Gigantomachia, telling him to bring the rest of the League of Villains with him.
  • Endeavor faces off against Tomura, who's very easily able to resist his fire thanks to his new Super Regeneration Quirk.
  • Tomura utilizes his newfound Search Quirk to locate his next objective, obtaining "One For All".
    • Deku receives a vision from One For All warning about Tomura's reawakening, as well as overhearing this from Endeavor, leading to him and Katsuki breaking off from their group to draw him away from the civilians.
  • It is revealed that within the past two months, Deku can now normally use One For All: Full Cowl at 30%, and temporarily at 45%, without breaking his body.
  • Gran Torino saves Deku and Katsuki from being attacked by Tomura.
    • Eraserhead, supported by Manual and Rock Lock, uses Erasure on Tomura to erase his Quirks, while Endeavor and Ryukyu take him on in combat.
  • Despite unable to use his Quirks, Tomura manages to keep up with the onslaught of attacks, with Kyudai's enhancements providing him with near All Might-level strength, similar to the Nomu.
    • When most of the remaining Pro Heroes are preoccupied with the Near High-Ends, Deku and Katsuki join the fight to help protect Eraserhead from Tomura.
  • All For One temporarily tries to take control of Tomura, but he breaks free from him, saying he wants to become better than him.
  • Gigantomachia, with Dabi, Spinner, Himiko, Mr. Compress, and Skeptic on his back, attempts to make his way toward Tomura, but is held back by Mt. Lady and the Pro Heroes not already preoccupied with the rebelling Liberation warriors.
    • Midnight assigns Momo and her team with the task of administering a sedative to stop Gigantomachia when their plan fails.
  • The U.A. students do their best to hold off and defend themselves against Gigantomachia and the League while trying to insert the anaesthetic into his mouth.
    • Mina gets close but freezes up recognizing him from their previous encounter in middle school, while Eijiro arrives in time to both save her and throw her sedative into his mouth.
  • The sedative seemingly has no effect, as Gigantomachia transforms his body and continues his rampage across several cities, leaving the U.A. students behind, with the remaining Pro Heroes in the way ether critically injured or killed.
    • Dr. Garaki also reveals the Nomu were inspired by Gigantomachia.
  • During their battle, Gran Torino is brutally injured by Tomura when the latter punches the elderly hero through the chest.
    • He also wonders to himself if sending Kotaro away was truly the right choice for him and Nana.
  • Tomura attempts to use his two Quirk-Destroying Bullets to erase Eraserhead's Erasure.
    • One is destroyed by Katsuki, while the other successfully hits him, forcing him to cut off his left leg to stop the spread.
  • Shoto arrives to help save Eraserhead and assist the heroes.
    • Eraserhead passes out due to exhaustion, as Tomura regains usage of All For One.
  • Tomura and Deku realize that due to the experimentation process being incomplete, Tomura's body is unable to handle All For One's full power (similar to Deku's experience with One For All), with his Super Regeneration being delayed.
  • In the heat of his confrontation against Tomura, Deku unlocks Float and uses it alongside Blackwhip to rescue everyone from Tomura's attacks.
    • He uses Blackwhip and Float to keep Tomura in the air away from everyone, pounding him with 100% One For All smashes, despite the damage it is doing to his own body.
  • Fearing for Deku's safety, Katsuki thinks back to the past two months, where it's revealed he trained alongside Tsuyu Asui and Hanta Sero, to get a better handle on Blackwhip, and Ochaco Uraraka, to practice for when Float eventually emerges.
    • It is also revealed that All Might had scribbled out some information on the 4th One For All user.
    • Katsuki admits to All Might he bullied Deku because he didn't understand why he put others before himself and ignored his own weakness, with the latter perceiving his assistance in the training is his way of atoning.
  • Katsuki, with assistance from Shoto, throws Endeavor to Tomura to execute one last Prominence Burn attack to finish him off.
  • At the last moment, All For One takes control of Tomura's body, utilizing Rivet Stabs to throw Endeavor off and target Deku.
    • Katsuki, without even thinking, quickly moves in the way of the attack to protect Deku, brutally injuring himself.
  • Gigantomachia continues his rampage through the cities, smelling two of his masters, while the remaining heroes plan to intercept the giant at Tomura's location.
  • Tomura is able to touch Deku's face and attempts to steal One For All.
  • Deku finds himself back in the vestige world of One For All where he sees All For One and Tomura are struggling against one other for control.
    • All For One reveals that he could feel the consciousness of the people he stole Quirks from in his dreams, and that is how the previous successors of One For All have been able to stay alive within the Quirk as spirits.
  • Nana Shimura and All For One's Brother appear to assist Deku and repel against All For One and Tomura
    • Tomura meets his grandmother for the first time, and tells her he still hates her too.
  • Tomura is unable to steal One For All due to his operation being only 75% complete. All For One tells Tomura to retreat and fully complete his development for now.
  • Himiko, distressed over Twice's death, disguises herself as an elderly woman and leads Uravity inside an abandoned house to confront her.
    • After getting her answer, she leaves to return back to the League.
  • Tomura refuses to listen to All For One's command to retreat, and instead continues his rampage, despite the damage to his own body.
    • Nejire Chan and Ingenium arrive to back up Endeavor's team, to find Eraserhead, Ryukyu, and Gran Torino being escorted off the battlefield, and Shoto supporting an unconscious Katsuki, a barely conscious Endeavor, and Deku with completely broken arms and legs.
  • As the war reaches its climax, Gigantomachia finally approaches Tomura's location with Dabi, Mr. Compress, Spinner, and Skeptic on his back.
  • Dabi reveals his identity to be Toya Todoroki, Endeavor's long-lost eldest son who was thought to be dead.
    • With the help of Skeptic, he broadcasts a message all over Japan revealing his identity as Toya, and exposes Endeavor's abusive past and ambitions in order to ruin his life and hero career; some of the viewers consist of Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo Todoroki, as well as longtime Endeavor fan Hiroshi Tameda, who all watch in horror.
    • Dabi then proceeds to incriminate Hawks, showing the footage of Twice being stabbed in the back, edited by Skeptic, revealing he also supposedly killed Best Jeanist, and that his father was a criminal named Takami, who was captured by Endeavor.
    • He also reveals to Shoto and Endeavor he orchestrated the encounters with Starservant and Ending, with the intention of breaking his father and killing his "perfect son."
  • Shoto faces Dabi in battle, while Endeavor remains motionless and speechless.
  • Best Jeanist is revealed to be alive and arrives at the battleground to aid the Heroes and contain Gigantomachia and the League.
  • Tomura briefly manages to summon several of the Near High-Ends to provide the Villains backup.
  • Lemillion arrives on the battlefield to help, fully equipped, revealing that he had received his Quirk back the day before, thanks to Eri's Rewind.
    • Eri had been using this time training her Quirk on insects and lizards.
  • Katsuki reunites with Best Jeanist and declares his official hero name: "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight".
  • Deku, due to all his bones currently broken, utilizes Blackwhip: Froppy Style to intercept in Shoto and Dabi's fight.
  • Gigantomachia temporarily breaks free, but is knocked out by Endeavor, as he starts to get unconscious for good.
    • The anaesthetic from the Villa team finally manages to kick in.
  • It is revealed that Mr. Compress is the great-great-grandson of the infamous villain Oji Harima.
    • He maims his own body allowing Spinner and Tomura to break free and plan their escape.
    • He also compresses Skeptic and Dabi, who leaves Shoto for later since Endeavor's already nearly unconscious.
  • Deku unlocks the Quirk of the 4th One For All user: Danger Sense
  • All For One regains control of Tomura's body, using Radio Waves to command the remaining Near High-End Nomu to allow them, Spinner, and a compressed Skeptic and Dabi to escape the battlefield.
    • Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, and Himiko Toga are left behind on purpose, as All For One wants Tomura to face some losses after being defeated by Deku/One For All and Endeavor.
  • All For One declares that he and Deku will meet again once Tomura's body has been completed.
    • Deku thinks about how, back in the vestige state seeing him being absorbed by All For One, it looked like Tomura needed saving.
  • After the war, over 16,929 villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, including Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, Re-Destro, Trumpet, Geten and Slidin' Go were arrested.
    • Tomura/All For One, Dabi, Spinner, and Skeptic successfully escape thanks to the 10 remaining Near High-End Nomu, with only 3 being defeated by the Heroes.
    • Himiko Toga, as well as 132 Paranormal Liberation Front members, remain at large.
    • The remaining active Heroes, including Uravity and Froppy, assist in cleanup attempting to save as many civilians as possible caught in Gigantomachia's rampage.
  • At least nineteen Pro Heroes perished during the war, including Midnight, Crust, Majestic, X-Less and Native.
    • Additionally, only one villain, who is none other than Twice, perished during the war as well.
  • Thanks to Dabi's confessional, the public starts to voice their doubts and worries regarding Endeavor and how he will respond to this.
  • The All For One possessed Tomura Shigaraki, alongside the remaining Near High-End Nomu, head to Tartarus to free his main body.
    • Tomura once again tries to regain control of his body but All For One's will remains stronger.
    • They successfully break-in, thanks to the combined efforts of All For One inside and outside the facility, allowing the two bodies to reunite.
    • Among the freed prisoners include Muscular, Moonfish, Overhaul, and Stain.
  • The freed prisoners and the Near High-Ends proceed to break into 7 more prisons, allowing All For One/Tomura to easily hide away while the authorities are busy with the chaos.
  • All For One/Tomura prepares to rest until Tomura's body has reached its perfection.
    • Spinner voices doubts about following All For One rather than Tomura.
  • It is revealed at the same time of the Raid, the Hero Public Safety Commission was attacked and demolished by a Re-Destro Double, created by Twice before he died.
  • Over the next several days, all the injured heroes are taken to "Central Hospital" to receive treatment:
    • Katsuki wakes up, with his injuries slowly healing, wondering how everyone else is.
    • Gran Torino is in critical care barely conscious.
    • Eraser Head is slowly recovering, worried about everyone else as well, while Present Mic mourns Midnight.
    • Endeavor is undergoing surgery, while the media and press surround the hospital to ask about his plan going forward.
    • Shoto thinks about how his brother's hatred is similar to how he used to be, and because of that he must be the one to deal with him.
    • Izuku is the only hero who still remains unconscious, with no signs of waking up.
  • It is revealed that Hawks and Best Jeanist faked the latter's death, using the Central Hospital resources to put him into a "death-like state", inspired by the Nomu, with the body being preserved by Dabi, and secretly revived by Hawks shortly before the start of the War.
  • Due to the aftermath and the heavy public criticism, the Hero Public Safety Commission, as well as many Pro Hero agencies, are shut down.
    • The police are also currently busy rounding up the escaped convicts from all the prison breaks.
    • No. 9 Hero: Yoroi Musha announces his retirement, leading to criticism for his cowardice.
    • Many civilians have taken up support items to defend themselves against the escaped convicts, leading to even worse damage due to them being untrained, while the remaining Heroes like Wash receive backlash for arriving too late.
  • Hawks' backstory is revealed:
    • His father became a fugitive after killing a man and was harboured by his wife, Tomie, when Keigo was born.
    • They lived in poverty, where Keigo's father would physically and verbally abuse his son and wife, where Keigo suppresses his feelings while carefully protecting his only possession, an Endeavor doll, believing heroes to just be fantasy.
    • His father is arrested attempting to steal a car by Endeavor, rejuvenating hope in the boy.
    • After Keigo is discovered by the Hero Public Safety Commission, they take him and his mother in, while also severing all ties of the "Takami" name.
  • Dabi learned of Hawks' past from Tomie, after sending men to threaten her to reveal their secrets. She disappears shortly afterwords, leaving behind a letter to Hawks not to be a burden on him anymore.
  • Finally free of the Commission and the shackles of his hidden past, and inspired by Twice's actions, Hawks becomes more driven to help others, and prepares to come clean about his background, and to help out the troubled Endeavor.
  • Hero Society begins to show signs of collapse.
    • An All Might statue has been vandalized with a sign saying "I Am Not Here".
    • The status of Endeavor's career and the meaning of "hero" are both put to the test, involving Stain's ideology finally being realized.
  • The Villains' new hideout is revealed to be a small manor in the middle of the forest, the former residence of the Creature Rejection Clan.
    • Dabi reflects on how his scars have gotten even worse, due to all the burning he did to himself during the War.
  • Endeavor wakes up from his surgery, breaking down in grief and guilt over Dabi's words and his own actions, declaring that "Endeavor is dead".
    • He is approached by the rest of his family, including for the first time in several years, Rei, who prepare to talk to him about Toya.
  • More information about the Todoroki family history is revealed:
    • Rei came from the Himura family who helped arrange the Quirk Marriage with Endeavor.
    • He stopped training Toya after learning about his weakness to fire, but he continued to practice on his own despite everyone telling him to stop for his safety.
    • Endeavor decides to have more kids in his attempt to try and make Toya give up on his obsession.
    • After Shoto's birth, Toya starts to break down even more, leading to more jealously as his father continued training Shoto, and resenting the rest of his family for not defending him more.
    • After turning 13, during his training in the mountains, Toya's body developed exponentially, leading to his fire changing from red to blue.
    • Endeavor chastises Toya for continuing to train and Rei for not stopping him.
    • Shortly afterwards, Toya goes to Sekoto Peak to wait for his dad, where his body engulfs himself and the entire mountains in flames, leading to his supposed "death".
    • As a result of Toya's disappearance, Endeavor put all his remaining energy into salvaging his "work" with Shoto, at the cost of everything else.
    • As his behaviour worsened, so too did Rei's mental state, leading her to see her husband in their children's faces
  • In the present, Rei and the rest of her family admit they all have a responsibility to deal with Dabi, and that Endeavor will have to face him too.
    • Shoto extends his hand to his father, telling him once he's done grieving they'll all go stop Toya together.
    • Hawks and Best Jeanist, having overheard the conversation, offer their assistance to track down Dabi and restore faith in society.
  • The secret of "One For All" starts to slowly be unveiled to the public.
    • Endeavor's mention of "One For All" during the battle with Tomura has spread to the media, with many theorizing about its possible connection to All For One.
    • Hawks investigates its meaning, learning from Endeavor it is related to Deku.
  • All Might senses Izuku converses with the predecessors of One For All within the vestige world.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Float: Nana's Quirk allowed her to suspend herself in mid-air.[1]
  • Rabbit: Mirko's Quirk allows her to do anything a rabbit can do and grants her rabbit-related features.[2]
  • Shield: Crust's Quirk allows him to manifest stone-like shields from his body.[2]
  • Amplivolt: The unnamed PLF commander's Quirk allows him to amplify any electricity he comes into contact with, turning it into a powerful wave of lightning.[3]
  • Liquification: One of Woman's Quirks allows her to transform her body in whole or in part into a fluid form.[4]
  • Rupture: One of Woman's Quirks allows her to cause parts of her body to swell and burst.[4]
  • Laser: X-Less's Quirk allows him to fire energy beams from his right eye.[4]
  • Physical Enhancement: Unknown.[4]
  • Saber: This Quirk allows the user to transform portions of his body into sword-shaped appendages.[4]
  • Life Force: Kyudai Garaki's Quirk allows him to double his lifespan while sacrificing physical mobility.[5]
  • Radio Waves: One of the Quirks Tomura Shigaraki gained access to after acquiring All For One's Quirk, it allows the user to disrupt radio waves and cause communicators to malfunction.[6]
  • Traject: Kido's Quirk allows him to manipulate the trajectory of anything that passes through his bandages.[7]
  • Danger Sense: The fourth user of One For All's Quirk gave him the ability to sense any potential threats in the surrounding area[8]


  • This is the longest arc in the manga to date both in terms of publication time, being published for over 323 days, and the number of chapters released, having over 41 chapters, which was the previous record held by the Shie Hassaikai Arc.


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