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The Paranormal Liberation War is a Hero operation where the Hero Public Safety Commission and Police Force asked the Heroes and Hero Course Trainees to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front.


The potential destruction the Paranormal Liberation Front could inflict on Japan.

Shortly after the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army joined forces and formed the Paranormal Liberation Front, Tomura Shigaraki contacts Doctor Kyudai Garaki, who agrees to grant him the power he desires.[1] While his followers organize the forces for when he makes his move within four months, Tomura goes to Kyudai's lab for a special operation that not only will grant him the All For One, his master Quirk, but also a perfected and more suitable body to control such power. Daruma warns him that the medical process will last four months of hellish agony, but if he survives it, he will gain a power greater than his master's. Tomura agrees and Kyudai begins the operation.[2]

Despite this imminent threat, neither the Hero Public Safety Commission nor the Police Force remain idle during these months. Thanks to Eraser Head and Present Mic, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi obtains data about the League of Villains from the Nomu Kurogiri.[3] Likewise, the hero Hawks, who works as a spy for the Commission within the MLA, reports them essential information about the Paranormal Liberation Front and when they plan to attack.

The mission to take down the PLF begins!

Thanks to the police investigations, and the information leaked by Hawks, the Commission have enough information about the Paranormal Liberation Front: who are its main leaders, how many heroes are loyal to the villain organization, the location of the hideouts, etc... and most importantly, Tomura's location.[4] He is hidden in a secret area in Jaku General Hospital, whose founder and current board chairman of, Dr. Garaki, is an ally of All For One and also responsible for the creation of the Nomus.[5] Determined to deliver the first blow before the villains put their plans in motion, by the end of March, one month before Tomura's operation ends,[6] the Commission organizes a large assault force made up of heroes and police to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The assault force is divided into three teams:

  • The Hospital Raid Team, led by Endeavor, is in charge of storming the Jaku General Hospital as it is the place where the Nomu are produced, and where Tomura Shigaraki is also apparently located. While one group is tasked with evacuating visitors, staff and inmates, another group will infiltrate secret hospital labs to dismantle Nomu's production, arrest Tomura and Dr. Kyudai Garaki, Tomura and All For One ally.
  • The Villa Raid Team has the mission of storming the Gunga Mountain Villa, the headquarters of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and arresting all of its members. In addition, at their rear they have the Villa Backup Team, a group made up exclusively of trainees whose job it is to catch any villain who slips past the front line.
  • Finally, there is the Evacuation Team, made up mostly of trainees and led by Burnin. The function of this team is to evacuate the inhabitants of the Jaku City, near to Hospital and move them to safety.

Also, although they are not part of any of the three groups, there are also some heroes deployed in different cities to capture the traitorous heroes that have allied with the Paranormal Liberation Front.[4][5] The Commission itself invites Rikiya Yotsubashi, one of the main lieutenants of the PLF, to its headquarters under the pretext of requesting a joint venture into support items in order to arrest him.[7]


Squad Members Allegiance

The Clash

The evacuation team begins to evacuate the citizens of Jaku, the Villa Raid Team heads to storm Gunga Mountain Villa, and the Hospital Raid Team heads into the Jaku General Hospital. While one group of heroes is dedicated to evacuating patients and innocents, another, led by Endeavor, quickly finds Kyudai Garaki and arrests him. However, it turns out to be a Double created by Twice's Quirk, not the real one, and the hospital is soon stormed by numerous Nomu who attack the heroes, turning the hospital into a battlefield.

Mirko runs downstairs, killing a bunch of Nomu who tried to stop her, and breaks down into the secret lab, inadvertently kills Johnny, trapping the real doctor there. Desperate, he releases five unfinished High-End Nomu to take care of her while he runs to activate Tomura. Four High-End face Mirko, while the fifth one block the entrance to prevent more heroes from entering.

Meanwhile, in the Gunga Mountain Villa, the villa team begins the raid. The PLF's soldiers leave immediately to face the heroes, but due to the surprise of the assault, the heroes take the initiative defeating a large number of them. They also manage to close off the passages to the underground lair, trapping more PLF members there.

While all this happens, Hawks isolates Twice in a room to prevent him from interfering. Twice tries to resist and attacks Hawks, but is easily defeated. Dabi arrives to help Twice, starting a battle between the three. Dabi ends up burning Hawks' wings but the latter manages to kill Twice. Before dying, he creates a double of himself that saves Mr. Compress and Himiko Toga from a Hero, before melting into Himiko's arms. Enraged by Twice’s death, Dabi tries to burn Hawks to death, but the Hero is saved at the last minute by Tsukuyomi.

Back at the lab, Mirko decides to prioritize preventing Tomura waking up. Despite being terribly wounded, Mirko manages to partially damage the tank holding Tomura. At that moment, Endeavor, Eraser Head, Present Mic, Crust and a few other heroes arrive at the lab to confront the High-Ends. Present Mic destroys the tank and knocks out the doctor before he can revive Tomura. Then, more heroes storm the laboratory and manage to subdue all the High-End Nomu. Tomura is thrown to the ground from the tank and Pro Hero X-Less confirms he isn't breathing. Kyudai Garaki tearfully says his master's legacy is over.

X-Less destroys a machine that was hidden behind the support pillars of the tank, unaware that a broken cable falls into the liquid surrounding Tomura and restarts his heart. At that moment, despite being in Jaku City, Izuku feels a dreadful sensation inside him and look towards the hospital. Fully conscious, Tomura realizes what’s going on and unleashes a massive wave of Decay. As the lab crumbles, the Nomu and some of the Heroes are caught in the destruction as others try to make their way out as quickly as possible. Tomura's Decay expands far more rapidly than before, and soon the whole hospital is destroyed. Only a few heroes manage to escape. However, the wave of destruction continues to spread, reaching the Jaku City in the span of seconds. Burnin orders everyone to fall back and the Heroes do so while trying to escape with the civilians.

At the center of the destruction, Tomura approaches the machine damaged by X-Less and grabs a few Quirk-Destroying bullets. Then he picks up a communication device and summons Gigantomachia, telling him to bring everyone to him before Endeavor comes to face him. During the fight, Tomura realizes that inheriting All For One also gave him the desire to possess One For All. Endeavor hears this and warns the other Heroes, which Izuku overhears. After locating Deku using Search, Tomura jumps away in his direction. Izuku decides to move away to lure him away from the crowd, being followed by Katsuki.

Tomura finally catches up with Izuku, and tries to steal One For All from him, but he and Katsuki are saved by Gran Torino. Then Endeavor and Ryukyu appear to fight Tomura, while Eraser Head nullifies the villain's Quirks. More heroes head to their position to help defeat Tomura, but he summons several Near High-End Nomus who intercept the reinforcements. When Tomura tries to neutralize Eraser Head, Izuku and Katsuki get into the fight. During the struggle, Tomura refers to Izuku as "little brother", which leaves both of them confused. Tomura realizes that the manifestation of All For One's will is trying to take over him, so he destroys the mental image of his master before continue fighting.

Meanwhile at the Villa, Tomura's command reaches Gigantomachia, prompting him to snatch several of Tomura's lieutenants and run towards him. Several heroes pursue and try to stop Gigantomachia but are defeated and violently pushed aside. One of them is Midnight, who ends up badly injured on the ground. She contacts Momo to inform her how to stop Gigantomachia. Before Momo can ask her what is going on, Midnight is ambushed by several Liberation soldiers. Momo quickly formulates a plan. Each member of the group has a vial with a dose of sedative strong enough to make Gigantomachia pass out, and at least one of them needs to reach his mouth.

Following Momo's lead, the trainees set a trap in which Gigantomachia falls. Not without many difficulties, Eijiro gets the behemoth to swallow a vial. Several Pro Heroes arrive to help in the fight, but Gigantomachia uses his monstrous strength to defeat them, and continues on his way towards his master, rampaging everything in his path. Saved by the hero Majestic, the trainees. watch with complete horror at the destruction left by the monster.

Back in Jaku, Tomura continues fighting the heroes. He moves in to kill Eraser Head, but Gran Torino tries to intervene. However, the Villain brutally injures him before continuing. Katsuki, Endeavor, Ryukyu, and an enraged Izuku move in to stop him from going after Shota. Ryukyu and Izuku manage to restrain Tomura, but he uses the Quirk-destroying bullets, hitting Shota in his crippled leg, forcing him to amputate it to avoid losing his Quirk. However, the pain stunts his Erasure briefly and allows Tomura to blow all the heroes back with his Quirk and go in for the kill. He is stopped by Izuku and the timely arrival of Shoto Todoroki. However, Tomura had managed to wound his face, deactivating Eraser's Quirk. As a result, he heals himself with his Super Regeneration.

Meanwhile, at the evacuation site, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Tenya are worried about their classmates when they are notified that Gigantomachia is heading straight for Jaku, laying waste to the cities he passes through.

Back to Tomura, he prepares to attack again, but then his body starts ripping apart because it could not fully adapt to the power of All For One, due to the Heroes stopping him from perfecting his body. Before Tomura can use his Decay again, Izuku leaps as high as possible, grabs everyone with Blackwhip and activates Nana’s Float for the first time. After placing his allies on the ground, Izuku uses One For All at 100% to use every attack he can think of to defeat Tomura, without caring about injuring himself in the process.

On the ground, everyone is surprised by Izuku's display of power but Katsuki states that he won't be able to continue like this for long. Along Shoto, they launch Endeavor to hold Tomura, and the number one uses Prominence Burn to torch him. While burning alive, the vision of All For One reappears in his mind and tells Tomura to lend him his body, but Tomura seemingly relents. Suddenly "Tomura" activates Rivet Stab from his back and stabs Endeavor with the tendrils, before attacking Deku. However, Katsuki pushes him out of the way and takes the impact himself.

'Tomura' mocks Katsuki’s sacrifice, which snaps Izuku, feeling a strange and painful sensation in his head. Blinded by rage, Izuku goes berserk on 'Tomura', destroying the tendrils on his way. However, this lands him too close to his nemesis, who touches him with his palm in an attempt to steal One For All. Both are then taken to the vestige world of the two Quirks, where they are joined by Nana Shimura, the First Holder, and All For One. They fight one another in a tug of war that All For One eventually loses. The villain himself claims that it was due to the incomplete augmentation, as Izuku and Tomura seem to be fainting in the real world.

Meanwhile, as Gigantomachia continues to lay waste to cities on his way to Tomura, Toga goes off on her own and lures Ochaco into a secluded area and ambushes her. After a brief squabble in which the two discuss their radically opposing views, Ochaco reiterates that if she wants to live doing only what she wants, she has to accept the consequences. Ochaco's words emotionally hurt Himiko, who realizes that she is right and runs away just as Tsuyu comes to help Ochaco.

Back at the battlefield, Shoto prepares to administer first aid to Izuku, Katsuki and his father. To their horror, Tomura is still active. This time, he's thwarted by Nejire Hado, accompanied by Ida, who came to check on his classmates. Shoto tells Ingenium to get the injured out of the area, as he and Nejire try to take down Tomura. Unfortunately, Gigantomachia has finally arrived at Tomura's location, swatting them aside with his giant hand. He retrieves the now unconscious Tomura and places him on his back, where Spinner tries to tend to him.

Dabi emerges, addressing Endeavor and Shoto, revealing he is Toya Todoroki. His proclamation shocked everyone but leaves Endeavor and Shoto horrified to their very core. To add insult to injury, he announces that he's having the story of Endeavor's abuse of his broadcasted on live television, as well as pre-edited footage of Hawks killing Twice framed in a worse light than in reality, and stating that he also killed Best Jeanist while he was recuperating.

When Dabi is about to attack Endeavor with Prominence Burn, Best Jeanist launches himself from a plane with several carbon fibers wires containers, which he uses to ensnare the Lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front along with Gigantomachia and the unconscious Tomura. Spinner desperately tries to reawaken Tomura so he can command Gigantomachia to do something. Nejire attempts to stop him, but Dabi blasts her with his flames while breaking free of Best Jeanist’s fibers and faces his youngest brother. Tomura reawakens and orders Gigantomachia to attack, to which the latter agrees and begins to tear his restrains, forcing Jeanist to struggle.

Not far from there, three of the Near High-End Nomu who are fighting the heroes hear Gigantomachia's call and break away from the other heroes to aid Gigantomachia. As they arrive, the battered Izuku attempts to move in order to help him, but he can't due his body being very badly injured. Suddenly, Mirio Togata arrives, using his Permeation Quirk to punch the Nomu away from Best Jeanist, leaving Izuku shocked. However, even Mirio is overwhelmed by the Near High-End Nomu approaching Best Jeanist. His call for help is answered by Tenya, Nejire and Katsuki.

As the heroes fight the Nomu, Dabi grabs Shoto into a hug and attempts to scorch him to death, while their father watches helplessly. Suddenly, Izuku shoots a Blackwhip tendril from his mouth, separating them. Izuku shouts at Dabi that his father is atoning for his past sins to become a better person, then he finally adds that he is not Endeavor. Izuku feels a strange sensation in his head again, and sees that Gigantomachia is about to break free from Best Jeanist's fibers. It's in this moment that Endeavor leaps into action once again, and uses every bit of strength to strike Gigantomachia, who collapses to the ground and becomes lethargic. Mirio explains the sedative that the backup team managed to forced fed him is finally working.

With Gigantomachia neutralized, Best Jeanist proceeds to tighten his hold on the remaining PLF members hoping to knock them out. Despite being completely restrained by Jeanist's cables, Mr. Compress uses his Quirk to free himself and compress Tomura, Spinner and Skeptic before calling out to Dabi. Dabi effortlessly defeats Shoto before joining Compress. The magician then announces that he's a great-great-grandson of the bandit villain Oji Harima, and releases Tomura and Spinner, leaving Dabi and Skeptic's marbles within the folds of Spinner's scarf

On the ground Izuku wakes up after being briefly knocked unconscious when feels the sharp pain in his head again, and finally figures out that it's the Quirk of the fourth One For All user, "Danger Sense". Up on Machia's back Mirio defeats Mr. Compress, and prepares to strike Spinner too, but the lizard villain manages to wake up Tomura, though All For One's consciousness is in control.

He uses the Radio Waves to blow the heroes away, while also calls all the remaining Near High-Ends for help. The creatures abandon their battle with the heroes and focus their efforts on rescuing Tomura and Spinner. Best Jeanist and the trainees desperately try to stop themselves but they fail. Even Izuku attempts to stop All For One, but the villain easily blasts him away with an air cannon and tells him that when Tomura's body is complete they will meet again.

As "Tomura" and his allies escape the battlefield, the remaining Pro Heroes who survived in the front-line, as well as the Heroes who had finished evacuating civilians, joined together to try and halt Tomura's escape. However, they were only able to take down three Nomu, whereas Tomura and the rest escaped. A few hours later, after being completely in control of Tomura's body, All For One commands his remaining Near High-End Nomus to retrieve his own body from Tartarus.


Destruction is absolute.

The war ended in with multiple indecisive results, but it was a tactical victory for the heroes. The heroes have successfully located and captured more than 16,929 members of the Paranormal Liberation Front, including several key personalities such as Rikiya Yotsubashi, Atsuhiro Sako, Gigantomachia, and other high-ranking members of the PLF. Many of their base of operations were also raided and were attacked by heroes nationwide, rendering combat ineffectiveness of the PLF against the heroes society.

However, it was also a strategic victory for the villains. The war was tremendously costly for heroes, and represents a tremendous crisis for hero society in general. At least 132 members go missing, including Tomura Shigaraki himself, who escaped on his own with a few allies and several Near High-End Nomu.

Dozens of heroes died during the conflict in addition to numerous wounded. Gigantomachia destroyed several cities during his rampage, killing hundreds of civilians. Some heroes are starting to defect due this carnage.[8] The Commission itself was not spared from being attacked either, as the "Rikiya Yotsubashi" they had invited to its headquarters was actually a double created by Twice, who took the opportunity to surprise attack on the building, killing and injuring several members before dissolving away from his injuries.[7]

And as if this were not enough, before anyone could prepare, All For One assaulted the Tartarus prison along with the near High-End Nomu, retrieving his original body and freeing some of the most dangerous criminals of Japan. Then, in order to make it harder for the authorities to track him, he sent his Near High-End Nomus, as well as some of the escaped prisoners to attack other prison, releasing even more villains and criminals.[9]

All this carnage is causing turmoil in the hero society of Japan, as well as generating a lack of confidence in the heroes themselves among citizens. Due to the unwillingness to clean up and fix the mass destruction, the civilian society has stopped trusting both the heroes and law enforcement agencies in the recent events with the war. It has also destroyed the hero status quo, regarding the lack of faith in heroes that remain after the war. Some hero agencies closed up due to increased battles between civilians and villains alike, resulting of collateral damages that are beyond repair, forcing many civilians to obtain support items to defend themselves, making the jobs for both the police and the heroes a lot harder: students and pro heroes alike are now questioning the future of their society.


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