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The Paranormal Liberation Front ( (ちょう) (じょう) (かい) (ほう) (せん) (せん) Chōjō Kaihō Sensen?) is a large, powerful villain organization formed from the union of the League of Villains and the remnants of the Meta Liberation Army. It is led by the Grand Commander, Tomura Shigaraki.


During the end stages of the Revival Celebration, Re-Destro is defeated by Tomura and loses his legs as a result. Tomura's strength and newly freed soul proved to Re-Destro that he is truly liberated.

Re-Destro speaks to the joint forces of their new alliance.

Trumpet attempts to use his Incite Quirk on his followers to push them to rescue their leader, but Tomura paralyzes them in fear with just a mere glance. As Trumpet tried to wrap his mind around this, Re-Destro calls them off and concedes control of the Meta Liberation Army to his foe. Tomura agrees to merge both organizations and takes advantage of the Detnerat CEO's money.[1]

Skeptic edits all the footage of Deika City and releases a false story that boosts the ideals of free Quirk usage. Re-Destro holds a meeting underground with all his followers and introduces Tomura as the Grand Commander of the newly found Paranormal Liberation Front, preaching that Tomura is truly liberated and it is the will of Destro that he lead them.

The name was meant to cast aside the "Villain" title, and was chosen by Re-Destro and Spinner. Tomura is appointed as the leader, and nine lieutenants are selected to lead regiments tailored to them. These leaders include the top members of the Meta Liberation Army and the elite members of the League of Villains.[2]


The potential destruction the Paranormal Liberation Front could inflict on Japan.

The Paranormal Liberation Front was formed by the union of the two most powerful villain groups in the series; making it a monstrous threat capable of immeasurable devastation.

The Paranormal Liberation Front's forces consist of all six prominent members of the League of Villains that ultimately prevailed in the Revival Party and members of the Meta Liberation Army who survived the battle in Deika City. Working alongside them are the former leaders of the Liberation Army, who each have exceptional abilities and influence. Also the fact that three members of the upper echelon are either the successors or descendants of the three most powerful and infamous villains in history, which makes them quite powerful and influential.

Under the command of the villains are all the remnants of the Liberation Army, thousands of citizens who are dedicated to Destro's will. The former bodyguard of All For One, the hidden underworld leader, Gigantomachia has also chosen to follow his master’s successor Tomura, adding an incredibly strong behemoth that wiped out a large portion of the city to their ranks. In addition, there are several Pro Heroes in their ranks, and they also have the support of Doctor Kyudai Garaki behind the scenes.

Hawks, the No. 2 Hero, genuinely fears that Tomura's new comrades and resources combined with the ferocity of several more High-End Nomu and believes they could contend with all of Hero Society and even possibly possess more power than all the heroes throughout the globe.[2] The No. 1 Hero Endeavor also shows shock at their numbers and resolved to train his interns to have a chance at combating them.

The organization suffered a massive blow with the death of Twice.[3]

In the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, the organization suffered another blow to their strength and numbers with 16,929 soldiers arrested, including Mr. Compress, Gigantomachia, Trumpet, Re-Destro, Geten and Slidin' Go but approximately 132 soldiers and Himiko Toga are still at large. The bases that are scattered around the country have been raided as well and only 7 of the Near High-End Nomu remained, with three of them being brought down.[4]

Despite the lost of the lieutenants and the devastation in their numbers, the organization is proven to be active and alive with remnants of the operatives scattered across the country after the war ended. Skeptic is contacting any operatives that have eluded capture from the authorities to rally what remains of the numbers and recruit new foot soldiers to get ready for another offensive.


The Paranormal Liberation Front is divided into several regiments; each regiment specializing in a different field of warfare and named after a different color. In addition, the Lieutenants of each regiment have three personal Advisers; whom are considered the most capable members of each Regiment next to the Lieutenants themselves.

The Advisers are in charge of various bases throughout the country of Japan and according to Hawks are stronger than the average Pro Hero.[5] The known regiments are:

Image Regiment Color Code Commander(s) Adviser(s)
Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment Violet.png Guerilla
Violet Dabi
Vanguard Action Tactics Regiment Black.png Tactics Black Twice (Formerly)
Vanguard Action Intelligence Regiment Carmine.png Intelligence Carmine Himiko Toga
2nd-ranked adviser
Slidin' Go
Vanguard Action Support Regiment Brown.png Support Brown Spinner
Mr. Compress

Known Members

Paranormal Liberation Front

Battles and Events

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  • The name of the organization is likely a reference to Magneto's villainous organization; the Mutant Liberation Front.
  • The color codes of the regiments are colors associated with their commanders that were originally from the League of Villains:
    • Black is the color of Twice's villain costume.
    • Violet is the color of Dabi's scars.
    • Carmine is the color of Himiko's scarf, and the color of blood which is required to activate her Quirk.
    • Brown is the color of Spinner's belt and Mr. Compress' eyes, hair, and hat.
  • Members of the organization are connected to the most infamous villains mentioned by Gentle Criminal.[6]
    • Tomura Shigaraki being the successor to All For One.
    • Re-Destro being the descendant of Destro.
    • Mr. Compress being the great great grandson of the Peerless Thief.


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