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Chris, you’re without a doubt the biggest idiot I know. But since most of the people in this stinking world are irredeemable garbage… you might just be a teeny-tiny bit better in a few small ways. Now and then.
Pamela to Christopher Skyline in "Balloon Soul"

Pamela (パメラ Pamera?) is the former ex-wife of the American Pro Hero Captain Celebrity.


Pamela is a woman of short stature, possessing a rounded face and long blonde hair. Her nose is small and surrounded by freckles. Her eyes are large, but due to her personality, she is usually frowning, presenting a grumpy face, which gives the appearance that she is always in a bad mood.[1]


Pamela is quite unsociable and unfriendly to other persons, having a bad opinion of people in general. She does not hesitate to express her opinions about what she does not like, even if what she says may sound offensive and harsh to others. She gets mad when things are done for her without her permission.

Because of this attitude, she did not have a very good opinion of Christopher at first when she met him in high school, considering him a buffoon and a superficial person. However, Christopher's constant attempts to make her smile and cheer her up manages to take out her kind and affectionate side, falling in love with and marrying him.[2]

Although she has a bit of a soft spot for Chris' sincere but goofy side, Pamela hates his womanizing attitude and grandiose demeanor. In spite of this, she still loves him and says that deep down he has a good heart, but she knows that he has to improve his behavior, which is why she did not tell him she was pregnant.[3]


Pamela and Chris originally met in high school in America. At the time, Chris was extremely popular due to his quirk, though Pamela was seemingly the only person who didn't care for his antics. Intrigued by her attitude, Chris tried to get to know her, which she fervently rejected at every turn, seeing him as little more than an attention-hungry clown.

However, over time Pamela warmed up to Chris, who found himself enamored by her smile and gradually fell in love with her. Eventually, he proposed to her, which she accepted and the two were later married.

Sadly, due to many factors including controversies and Chris's playboy attitude along with several extramarital affairs, they divorced, and Pamela did business with the lawsuits against her ex-husband. Before Christopher went to Japan, she became pregnant with their son.

Shortly before Captain Celebrity arrived in Japan, she became an online friend of Makoto Tsukauchi, whom she asks to keep an eye on Christopher to prevent him from reverting back to his old habits.[4]


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