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The U.A. P.E. Grounds are an exercise field where Hero Course students can train their Quirks and participate in fitness tests. It is the main setting of the Quirk Apprehension Test Arc.


Katsuki performing the softball throw with his Explosion Quirk.

The P.E. Grounds consist of various locations for various fitness tests.

This includes a running track for the 50-meter dash, a sandpit for the long jump, and a pitching circle for the softball throw.

These locations are each equipped with a robotic proctor that measures a student's success in each test.

As opposed to middle schools, who prohibited the use of Quirks in physical education, Quirks are not only allowed, but required on the U.A. P.E. Grounds.


Shota Aizawa used the P.E. Grounds as the site for his Quirk Apprehension Test on the first day of the school year.


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