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Otheon Team vs. Humarise is the battle between the Hero team led by Endeavor against the cultists of the Humarise organization that protected their Otheon headquarters.


Otheon team receiving mission data.

After Humarise carried out a terrorist attack using Trigger Bombs, causing numerous civilian casualties, the All-Star World Heroes Association organizes a global raid operation on the 25 branches that the organization has in different countries such as Japan, France, Egypt, USA, etc., with teams made up of heroes from around the world. The goal is to attack all the headquarters in a synchronized way, arresting all their members and requisitioning the devices.

The group led by Endeavor is tasked with storming Humarise's Otheon headquarters via HALO jump. They are divided into two teams: Team A, led by Endeavor himself, will be in charge of searching for the Trigger Bomb, while Team B's main goal is to take control of the facility and apprehend the members and their leader, Flect Turn. Once everyone is ready, the operation begins.[1]


Humarise's acolytes are easily defeated.

When green light is given, the Heroes jump out of the planes, and once they land, they immediately head towards the main entrance. Seeing the heroes, two cult members try to defend the entrance, but Endeavor quickly knocks them out and breaks down the gates with his fire. As soon as the heroes run into the building, Endeavor orders Clair Voyance to locate the bomb with her Voyance Quirk.

Several members of Humarise appear to face the heroes armed with staff, but they are quickly stopped by Shoto, using his Quirk to freeze them. More members of Humarise come out to confront them, and Shoto reminds Katsuki not to be rough with them since most of them are Quirkless. Katsuki uses Stun Grenade to blind them, giving Shoto the opportunity to trap them in ice before they continue with the raid. Meanwhile, a bee themed Brazilian hero uses her stinger Quirk to pin more cultists to the walls, while the Russian hero puts others to sleep with his violin Quirk.

Flect Turn is nowhere to be found.

Clair reports to Endeavor that she is unable to locate the Trigger Bomb, so the Flaming Hero contacts Team B to ask them to capture Flect Turn as soon as possible and get him to tell them the whereabouts of the device. Pankration, alongside several heroes including Izuku, replies back that they are about to reach Flect's private room, but upon entering they find that no one is there. Pankration immediately reports the situation and orders his teammates to search the entire building. Unfortunately, despite their thorough search, they fail to find either the leader of the organization or the bomb.[1]


Hawks reports about Flect Turn and the Trigger Bombs' disappearance.

Around the world, the other hero teams were also successful in their respective raids on the other Humarise bases, capturing more members of the organization, but just like in Otheon, they did not find the Trigger Bombs. Hawks reports to the director of the World Heroes Association that the captured cultists were questioned, however they were completely unaware of the Trigger Bombs' existence. This causes the Winged Hero to deduce that the terrorist attack must had been carried out only by those under the direct control of Flect Turn.

After hearing the report, All Might tells the director about the possibility that Humarise may have moved the bombs to a facility whose location they do not know about. Faced with this possibility, the director orders all the hero teams to stand by in their respective countries and requests for more heroes to find Humarise's secret base.

Meanwhile, a mysterious individual runs through a forest in Otheon, carrying a briefcase, obsessed with delivering it to prevent the destruction of the world.[1]


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